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A Fiction Piece I wrote about Sasquatch, involving conspiracy and philosophy

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posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 04:18 PM
Here is a fiction piece I wrote under the name of "Nasa Shill." It is linked below on the "Deviant Art" site. (Note to moderators, I make *NO* profit from this story. It is a story I wrote that I share freely) Consider the name "Nasa Shill" a kind of joke. If you believe we went to the moon, you are a "Nasa Shill" so I might as well call myself Nasa Shill as a kind of humorous badge of pride.

The story is entitled "Sasquatch and the Masters of the Planet." In any case, this story is about a government scientist who encounters the descendant of the hybridization of an early Hominid and a Gigantopithecus. This species survived the onslaught of modern man in isolated pockets around the globe. Here on the Turtle Continent, this mysterious human-animal liminal chimera is known as "Sasquatch."

The story is more complicated than that. It is also a story about the government scientist re-discovering himself. It is about the reawakening of the human spirit, about the spirit of rewilding, about the revival of the Pleistocene and what truly makes us human as opposed to machines. The scientist has to face the fact that his own work demands that he bring the Sasquatch in to advance the need for human-ape supersoldiers. Does he follow orders like a good technocrat? Or, does he see in the creature something that humankind lost with the transition to the neolithic and agriculture? Find out.


Don knew that the hike would have to be rounded out. This was government land, and he knew very well that any movement could not last long without being accounted for. Don took to a convenient view, a vista with a beautiful view, and turned around to walk back to Base. It was at that moment that something happened that was not simply unexpected. What happened could not happen in Don’s worldview. It therefore Did Not Happen. No such event occurred. Yet, there it was, a huge creature from out of time, an extinct Gigantopithecus standing there right on the trail. Gigantopithecus went extinct around a hundred thousand years ago, in Asia. There was no logical reason to find one on the North American Continent in the twenty-first century. Don paused. He then put special emphasis on the “twenty-first century” part of that self-thought statement. A fossil in North America would be a great discovery that could put his scientific career on the map. One still living would mean a loss of tenure and a trip to a psychiatric institution.
The two hominoids starred at one another quizzically. The term “Bigfoot” came right to Don’s mind, with all of its pseudo-scientific and paranormal implications. Perhaps the Base was doing some kind of psyop on him. Psyops were illegal on American citizens, however ironic it was for Don to invoke that thought, but then again Gigantopithecus was presumably extinct. Whichever scenario he chose, truth was more complicated than what was allowed either by Congress or in a scientific world-view. What Don could not deny was that this creature was real, starring back at him. Was this a Gigantopithecus? If so, then he was closer to the Orangutan than to a human. It was also possible that he was looking at a branch of the Homo genus that simply looked like a Gigantopithecus through convergent evolution. He could also be looking at Captain Granger in an ape suit. It was a good gag. The creature did not yell, “Surprise!” Instead, he ran off.
Don had a sudden realization of The Real once the creature ran off. He also knew that The Real could threaten security clearances. end of excerpt
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posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 05:20 PM
Samsquanch you say?

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 06:51 PM
reply to post by Samsquanch

My story is a work of fiction, not necessarily and endorsement of a particular view of Sasquatch.

I did not watch the link so I cannot comment...

posted on Apr, 19 2012 @ 12:05 PM
Also, if you like, a poem I wrote involving extinct animals coming back and rewilding the planet. They had to face off against the Vampire, symbolic of exploitative capitalism and the State. Again, no profit motive since I make nothing off any hits:


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