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The 1% [WRC]

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posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 12:20 AM
A discussion between Donner Connery and Anthony Clifton. Taking place in the library of Donner's Summer home located somewhere in the American Midwest.

Donner: "It's dark."

Clifton: "Actually it's pretty light out."

Donner: "No, I mean it's rather dark, the human existence."

Clifton:"Nothing about life is dark, it's a ballet of experience and joy. You have always had a bleak outlook on things and I could never find out why. Especially considering that you come from such an established family."

Donner: "Nothing an no one is established, they are just privileged from the crimes of their forefathers. And I lived off those crimes and have committed them myself, so I am equally as guilty. I do not try to cover the motif of my life in sweet cherries while feeding the ones I love poison. I do really feel that I am a honest soul. You on the other hand Clifton, feed yourself the sweetest cherry that is full of poison found in the bitter almond. You lie to yourself, and because of that you could never love yourself"

Clifton: "Here we go again... I don't know why you resent yourself and your family so much; for that matter, why you resent all the people around you. You realize that I worked very hard all my life and if it were not for the influence of the good people around you I would have gotten no where. They taught me all that I needed to succeed and instilled the good morals and ethnics that you so easily dismiss -as if you are from a line of bandits robbing the poor after they collect their rations."

Donner: "...but we are a line of bandits."

Clifton: "I can barely listen to you anymore. I heard from your uncle that your health hadn't been well as of late, but I never thought you had deteriorated to your current state. I can't even..."

Donner: "Where are you going?"

Clifton: "To see your uncle!"

Donner: "To suckle on his nipple?"

Clifton: "You know Donner, you ought to relax for a moment. Your family sent me here you should know. The great Donner Connery, Business Mogul and Financial Banker... One of the most influential people in the world, sitting in misery on an overgrown vacation home ready for senility to eat away all that would be left of the man. You are lucky they don't have you committed!"

Donner: "They are lucky I let them hold onto what they hold dear unto themselves."

Clifton: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Donner: "They sent you here to see if you could earn my trust. Because we grew up together. Because you are cut from tattered cloth and they thought your modest upbringing might make me trust you. I'm sick, and they are wondering who is going to inherit my estate."

Clifton: "They care about you."

Donner sighs

Donner: "Sometimes I wonder if you believe the tripe that leaves your mouth Clifton."

Clifton sighs

Clifton: "Why is it that you can't see any good in your family?"

Donner: "Name someone that's good."

Clifton: "Your uncle Morgan. A modern day pioneer. Rich on his own accord from speculating on energy-"

Donner: "-Rich on my accord as he used inside information I provided and asked me to help lobby his competitor out of business."

Clifton: "Your aunt Deborah, she has six charities and spends most of her time volunteering in the third world."

Donner laughs... and laughs... and laughs...

Donner: "She has six charities because I asked her to start them. She hadn't even learned to sign her name before then - but she needed to learn quick - because of all the money we dumped in those charities to fend of taxes and pay out our other family members as 'employees'."

Clifton: "If Deborah heard you speak....

Donner: "Ah ha! But she can't. As you said she is volunteering in the third world. Have you ever been on a trip to the third world with her Clifton?"

Clifton: "...well I..."

Donner: "No, you haven't. In fact, she spends most of her time at the resorts my great uncle Mort built. Usually found chumming about in the Casino. Only during the times she isn't carted off into town to take advantage of the assembly factories my companies have there. You know that we only pay our workers a few dollars a day? She likes to take samples of the merchandise for her personal collections."

Clifton: "Well, I'm sure a few dollars a day is higher than most people make in some of those places-"

Donner: "Yes! It is... it is because we pay off the governments to quash any type of unionization that could ever form. You know that I once had mercenaries walk into an entire village and-"

Clifton: "Stop! This is nonsense Donner. I don't want to hear about things that you have done. But to be honest, your family has been closer to me than my own, and I won't let you bring them down with you. If you really have done something terrible with your life, you can go confess to the world. I will book you a press conference."

Donner sighs once again.

Donner: "You know Clifton. I could never tell if you were really smart or really stupid."

Clifton: "I'm leaving Donner. I can't take this diatribe from you."

Donner: "...I mean it Clifton. Do you really believe you are good? That all my family and myself are the pinnacle of morality and ethics. That we have amassed all our influence because we are just that much better than everyone else?"

Clifton walks towards the door

Donner: "We do tell ourselves that Clifton, I mean we must if we are to portray it to the rest of the world. But deep down we know it isn't so. The only people that we really wish to believe it are the ants under our feet. And none in my family would look at me as a bug does. That's why they haven't come themselves to speak to me. Because they know I step on bugs, and they could never talk to me as an equal, for they could never win. So just tell me Clifton, do you really believe in us. Or are you just a crafty bugger?"

The door slams and Clifton exits.

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posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 12:38 AM
reply to post by boncho
Well done.
-beezzer Connery.

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 12:39 AM

Originally posted by beezzer
reply to post by boncho
Well done.
-beezzer Connery.

We may be related. I'm Sean.

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 12:41 AM
reply to post by boncho


This story could have been on a whole other level,if it included a Hologram of John Jacob Astor IV,holding the secret map,to Sam Walton's buried treasure.

Seriously,you have a knack for writing, B.

Well Done.

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 12:44 AM
reply to post by sonnny1

Thanks Sonny. I hope your not just saying that because your always kind comments force me to keep spitting out more of this trash.

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 12:56 AM

Originally posted by boncho
reply to post by sonnny1

Thanks Sonny. I hope your not just saying that because your always kind comments force me to keep spitting out more of this trash.

Never trash,always treasure.

I am the 1%. We love to gloat,without revealing too much. We also love your writing skills (Huge sum of cash,to be sent to your account). We also like to talk,in third person. Sometimes,your writing skills do get a little too close for comfort . Please insert the names "beezzer" or "Springer" if you must name names . That is all.

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 01:00 AM
reply to post by sonnny1

We also love your writing skills (Huge sum of cash,to be sent to your account).


My Bank account is: 00█18-9174███-█840███-93██43 Branch No. ██ Transit No. █0██8█

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What's with the censorship ATS!!!

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