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Your earliest memories come from which age? How old were you in the first moments you can remember?

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posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 02:03 AM
Only 2 memories that I can identify by the age of three.
My oldest memory was sitting in the lap of my father while he was driving under an over-pass (he was letting me steer), I had to be about 1. The other was when I was almost 3. I was running around horse-playing in an airport terminal in D.C., when I accidently knocked over an ashtray. I got my ass whooped for that (parents could get away with spanking their kids in public in those days, early 80's). One was extremely positive (steering the car was awesome), while the other totally sucked (first real spanking?). Not sure why I only remember those, but I do hold on to them. Cool thread.

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 02:08 AM
I won't tell of my #1 earliest memory because it changes a lot of things I and/or the world believe and take for granted ... plus, some jerk will say "pics or it didn't happen".

So, I'll start with my Mother's first memory ... she was sitting on her sisters lap in an automobile and everybody was talking about her (the baby) and she wasn't old enough to talk yet but understood every word they said. Her thoughts were formed as words though. She thought something to the effect of ... "They think I don't know what they are saying. ... (skipping rude baby thoughts here.)"

Myself, I have many post birth, pre-four year old memories. The memories come from different homes we lived in before the one they bought when I was 4.

Sitting in a high chair - choking on wax from a milk carton. (skipping very long story here.)
Crawling under a bed and finding Dad's empty "Old Spice" cologne bottle.
My "monkey" (stuffed toy).
My monkey with his face all cracked up (Dad had run over it with the car and they hid the "dead" monkey from me. I found it behind the couch when we moved some time later. (I remember the moving too.) Back then, our stuffed (plushy) toys had a hardened plastic face; so, the cracked face was traumatic.
My siblings coming home from being born.
Two tragic tricycle accidents (skipping long story here that could get off-topic easily).
Telephone on a telephone stand in the hall. (many 1-sided conversations I heard).
Sitting under the ironing board as Mom ironed and wishing I could do that.
My train ( 4 wooden painted train parts connected by a sting that a toddler pulls.)
My "popper" - another toy you are supposed to push but I preferred to pull it.
My imaginery friend whom this nickname is after.
The "vacuum cleaner" - and no - it was NOT electrical.

and lots more ...

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posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 02:09 AM

Originally posted by GLontra
I'm interested in check how far people can remember their early childhood.

That's because I really can't remember anything that happened to me before I was 4 years old.

It's like if I didn't exist before that age.

People here can remember something prior to the age of 4 years old?

Anyone remember any experience at the age of 2, or at the age of 3?

I really can't remember anything...

My first memories were before the age of one...I am not sure how many months but I remember being in one of those old SELF ROCKERS in our back yard. I remember learning how to get out of my crib by Hand Standing and vaulting out. I also remeber many memories from then on till the age of two when my Parents built a new home and I was taken for a ride on a buldozer pushing top soil in our new back yard.
Split Infinity

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 02:15 AM
My earliest memories are from when I was between 2 & 3. I went through 12 foster homes in a year so I started to associate "man in suit" with "tomorrow I'll wake up in a strange house with new 'parents'"...scared the poop out of me when the home insurance guy came around to talk to my adoptive parents
The 2nd earliest would be when I was 3 at a zoo and I threw a massive temper tantrum because I wanted to stay and keep patting the Wallabys

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 02:35 AM
I know it sounds crazy, but I think I can remember my own birth. It is a faint memory, but I remember suddenly "awakening" (I guess you could say) in a dimly lit room with a bunch of people bustling around. Someone grabbed me in their arms and placed me in some kind of small baby bed near the window in the room.

The strangest part of the memory is the nurse, or doctor... or whichever profession she was...
I can remember that she had spiked hair and glasses. I overheard her name was Kiki, and I remember thinking it was weird that, as a woman, she had spiked hair.

Even stranger, my parents have a video of my birth. In the video, you can clearly hear someone talking to a person named Kiki!

Ever since I saw the video, I've wondered how in the heck I knew that women didn't normally have spiked hair. I was born late in the term, and was already pretty heavy, so perhaps I somehow figured this out from inside my mom before I was actually born... Or maybe my mind assembled this memory in childhood somehow from disconnected pieces of things I actually experienced... I have no idea.

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 03:15 AM
I can remember my granmother in law's funeral from when I was two and I can remember her a little bit from before then, I can even slightly remember not knowing how to talk. I probabaly have better memory than most though as I have many strong memories going back nearly that far. My mom says I used to be able to remember my own birth.
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posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 03:36 AM
I can remember the day I was born.. very painful.. I recall there was a thread started a while back on the same subject. I added to that thread a great deal of my past memories.. When I mention those times my mother to this day fines it to hard to believe..

As most people as well... but it's true.


posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 03:53 AM
I still remember my 1st birthday as if it was just yesterday however I have no memories of my 2nd but from 3rd onwards

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 03:59 AM
reply to post by hypergoof

Welcome aboard. Ironic isn't it? Your first post is about your first memory. Did you plan this?

Anyway, I starred you for that because I wanted to be the one to pop your ATS cherry
Hope it didn't hurt too much and I WILL respect you in the morning.

My first memory I was still in diapers. Maybe 3 or 4, I don't remember exactly and I forgot to ask at the time. But I remember standing by the front door with a crayon in my hand thinking to myself, in baby talk I guess, "I can write....I can do this". Seriously. So I took the crayon and proceeded to do my scribble scrabble thing across the wall, a good 6 or 8 feet maybe, just scribbling what I really thought were letters to beat the band. If that wasn't odd enough, I remember going from right to left with it aIl.

I could write words alright, I just didn't have a good sense of direction is all. The story of my life right?

Anyway, I remember trying really hard to get it right and, in my mind, I really thought I did. I got done when I almost reached the other wall and my mom came in the room. I said "Look mommy, words.... or the 3 year old equivalent at least, and she said "Yes ____, you did good" in that condescending yet loving manner that only mothers and ____ can get away with.

And then it was time for a diaper change I think.

Anyway, that's my first memory and off to bed. Sick as a dog and have to throw up some bad food.


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posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 04:05 AM
Strangely enough, I can't really remember anything specific before age 3-4, but I can clearly remember 2recurring dreams (more like nightmares) I had when I was about 2 years old.
One dream is about being trapped in a big box with a small opening on the top, but not able to reach it to get out. At the same time, there was some wild beast somewhere outside the box, coming for me in the box.
Another dream is more challenging to describe.

I feel like I must've been a little older when I had those dreams, but my parents assure me that my nightmares stopped when I turned 3 years old.

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 04:21 AM
I remember lying in a baby buggy with my mom and grandma pushing it down the street. They both had their hair in beehives and the trees were huge with lots of orange leaves (maple trees) and I had a blue and white wavy knitted blanket on, and underneath I was bundled up so good I couldn't even move. LoL

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 04:29 AM
The first clear 100% set of memories I have are my grandfathers funeral.
He died on my 1st birthday.
I remember the hospital bed, the teddy bear he gave me.
The days are fuzzy, I can't remember if I got the present early or on the day of his death.
After that I remember his funeral, everyone was sad and they had my cousin watching me.
I kept picking his pocket and stealing his wallet and other peoples wallets.
I just remember not knowing why everyone was so sad, and they kept hugging me(didn't like hugs).
So I kept stealing wallets and getting yelled at, till they put me on my cousins shoulders and I couldn't pick pocket.

Before that I have a memory or two but really abstract me sitting with my grandfather on his motorcycle.
Me in a swing he made.

I remember everything after one year old, I was abused and that sort of thing makes the memories sick with you.

Some might say we can't remember that far back and we only form memories around stories we hear about our youth, but my family avoids talking about my grandfathers death.
I was the one that told them these memories not them telling me.

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 04:47 AM
2 years old , sittin in the high chair my granny n granda gave me my first chocolate bar "milky bar white chocolate" lol i was a wierd kid aparently. i was walking at 6 months and used to "follow" an invisible fly about the house... my mum and dads words haha

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 05:13 AM
I can remember yesterday morning if I try really hard lol

Seriously - I don't have any childhood memories hardly and I often wonder if there's a correlation between people who have very early memories and Alzheimers disease.

They say you are given a certain number of heart beats and when they're up they're up and off you go. Maybe memory is the same - it last for so many years and that's it.

I don't use up my heart beats and I don't use up my memory - I live in the NOW as much as possible.

Yesterday is History and Tomorrow is a Mystery - so enjoy today.

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 05:34 AM
I have a very vivid memory in which I can completely describe my nursery in an apartment my parents moved out of when I was 8 months old....

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 06:59 AM
My earliest memory would be 2 months after turning 1. I have a photo from that time and I remember what led up to that photo like a video. I also remember dreams from my early childhood.

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 07:58 AM
This has been fun to read through and see how early people actually remember.

As for myself: I have 2 very clear memories from before the time I was one. The first was from around the time I was around 4 or 5 months old. I was in my crib while my mom was in the shower. I was supposed to be napping, so the room was dark. Suddenly, the dark became rather oppressive, and I was sure that there was something down the hall that was going to come and get me. I tried to lie quietly (if I didn't make any noise, it wouldn't know I was there). My infant mind got the best of me and I needed my mommy NOW! I started screaming bloody-murder, shaking the sides of the crib, etc. It felt like eternity before my mom came out of the shower to get me. For years I thought it was just a nightmare until my mother confirmed the exact details of the incident.

The second memory is from about 9-10 months old, when I went to Germany with my mother. We were there for a couple weeks, but I really only remember one day. We were with my aunt, and went to some sort of museum. My favorite part was the wooden train set - I couldn't get enough of it! Afterwards, we went to lunch, and I was offered a french fry. Now, I must have had them before, because I knew it was going to be yummy! It turns out I was not so much a fan of Mayo, which was a popular condiment for those otherwise tasty fries.

After that, it's just flashes and vague memories until I was in the range of 3 when I started preschool. If I concentrate, and let the memories flow, some things are clearer than others - like sitting on the porch eating a popsicle in summer when I was 2.

Someone mentioned it earlier, but I also wonder if there is any correlation between your early memories and brain function later in life. Food for thought.

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 08:03 AM
I can still remember stuff from when I was 2 years old
when I was 2 years old, there was this ''entity'', something was following me, there was this thing that always looked at me, very hard to describe. It appeared in various objects and it always pulled me to him. I had this many times till I was about 4 when It stopped. Now I don't know if it was something paranormal or just my fantasy.
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posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 08:08 AM
reply to post by GLontra

I think the earliest memory I can recall is when my Mum and Dad split up, I was around 4-5 years old - I can still still the events being played over in my head.

I can remember the emotions in the room where extremely high, Mum was extremely upset and I remember my brother and sister holding/comforting me.

I also remember the washing basket being thrown at my Father - and that's about it for that memory..

I can also remember the first time I flew our family kite (in the shape of a dragonfly) on the moors behind my old house.

Unsure whether it was before or after the first memory.


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posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 08:12 AM
reply to post by GLontra

I can remember a lil bit i was 3 , and i remembered asking my moms for eggs lol.

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