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It Is Your Time To Decide [WRC]

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posted on Apr, 16 2012 @ 07:28 AM

We have answered your call. Yes, after many, many milennia, after we first set you upon that little green and blue gem, we heard your call.

Are we to take it now you did not wish to have our presence? To have your every myth, every prophecy and every belief you cling so dearly to, shattered like cheap glass?

You see, foolish beings, we created you. In our image. Your church got that part right. We gave you the intelligence to evolve, to create, to grow. We showed you the benefit of agriculture, masonry, technology. And then we left. To see what our newly created race of beings would do with our wisdom.

We figured a thousand years at the most would give you the idea that there is more out there than just yourselves in this vast, unimaginable universe. That your five senses are just the beginning of a wondorus journey. Your universe is just one of many, we might add. A few of your more open minds sometimes see into the endless creation of worlds and times beyond your own. You belittle them. Call them freaks. Weirdos. Fringe people.

So what do you do with this newfound wisdom? You build machines of war. You kill each other indiscriminately. Men, women, children. The old. The young. Your disregard for the amount of worth a human soul has is what sickens us the most. As soon as you could pick up a stick or a stone, you went to war with each other. The sword, the gun, the warplane, the nuclear bomb. All your wisdom has gone into destroying each other. And for what? So that a few can control the many? So the masses can be blinded and crushed into submission? That the world can drown in false profit?

It amuses us that you as a people have reached to us finally, despite your unreadiness for our wisdom. That your own uneducated minds could comprehend what you could become. That when we appeared in your skies, returning after so many eons, we found you still fighting among each other. While some gorge, others starve. While some live in opulence, others wallow in squalor. Do you not see the inbalance in your world? That you could feed the starving with what you throw in the bin each day? That you could all exist in the same space, were you not so blind to the simple concept of sharing? We created you all to be brothers and sisters. And what have you become? A society of have and have nots. Of black versus white, countrymen versus countrymen, deity versus deity. And for what? That the victor may stand upon the piles of the dead, atop the greatest massacre in human history, and declare themselves what? Ruler of nothing?

We have watched you since your magical birth. Indeed we have seen greatness among your people, those who would sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Yet we see much more darkness in our return to your world than we had anticipated. A great tide of unrest and hatred, simmering just below the surface. You have the capacity to acheive great things in your time, in this magical age where one and all are connected like never before. The question is, will you? The human race has reached out across space and time to bring home it’s creators. Needless to say we are not impressed.

So now we deliberate your fate. Whether our experiment is a failure, or is just in the throes of a great change. We cannot undo our presence here, we are still undecided if this is a good or a bad thing. Perhaps showing just how minscule you are in the scope of the universe will prompt you to put down your weapons, open your doors and embrace each other as family, instead of taking up arms and slaughtering each other mercilessly. Already we hear the stirrings of your governments speaking about their attacks on us. We can assure you, in a single heartbeat your world would be turned to dust, along with every living creature upon it. Such is our power.

And we offer it to you. The people. Not as governments ruling over the commoners, not as soldiers killing each other, not as race or colour or creed. As one. As a people. For you see, that which destroys, also has the power to create, to heal. And your world and it’s people, our creation, is dying. We offer you the unlimited power of the universe, that you may become all that you were meant to be. But you will lay down your arms, your gods and even your borders before us first, before such a proposition is to be considered.

You have one cycle of your planet’s rotation to deliver these demands unto us.

It is your time to decide.

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posted on Apr, 16 2012 @ 07:58 AM

'false profit'

'false prophet'

Also, this is very good. I'll take it to heart.
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posted on Apr, 16 2012 @ 08:01 AM
reply to post by awakendhybrid

Was wondering if someone would notice that one...

Well done.


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