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Ron Paul will be president..... Because if the Democrats votes!!!!

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posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 12:10 AM
Pretty sure Obama is on the ballot.

RP, likely not.

If he is though, he will get my vote.

Looking for an update on this....not finding anything final. 0410/NJNEWS10/304100037/Obama-ballot-challenge-weighed-by-NJ-judge

Attorney Mario Apuzzo, representing two state residents who challenged Obama’s spot in the June primary, tried a bevy of arguments in the course of a three-hour hearing Tuesday, ranging from a study of Colonial-era attorney St. George Tucker to whether the last name used on Obama’s kindergarten registration in Indonesia casts doubts on his identity.

Masin said he would consider whether Obama must do more to prove to the Division of Elections he qualifies to run for president but that he would not consider the authenticity of the birth certificate Obama put online to try to quiet skeptics.

“Basically, the citizens have to prove a negative. The citizens have to prove that the person doesn’t qualify. How do you do that?” said attorney William Baer.

Obama’s campaign sent a lawyer to the hearing, which it hasn’t done in other similar instances. 4/new-jersey-obama-ballot-challenge-not.html

Judge Masin will be contacting counsel today or tomorrow morning either by telephone or email as to his decision, stating “yes” or “no” on both issues. He will then provide his written decision to the Secretary of State no later than Wednesday, April 11, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. Counsel will be able to object to Judge Masin’s initial decision. The Secretary of State will make the final decision. After her decision, the parties can then appeal to the New Jersey Appellate Division and then to the New Jersey Supreme Court. After that, the parties can appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

New Jersey News

New Jersey Secretary of State Office

Contact Info:


Per the Elections Division

The petition challenge deadline is within 4 days of the filing deadline. The Secretary of State must make her final determination of petition challenges for candidates 10 days after the last day for filing nomination petitions. 2012-official-primary-challenges-to-petitions-0412-134.pdf

2012 Primary Election
Challenges to Petition Nomination
District        Petitioner      Respondent     Result
Presidential        Mario Apuzzo, Esq.    Barack Obama     On Ballot
Presidential        Patrick Galasso    Barack Obama     On Ballot
Presidential        Albert J. Alvarez    Randall Terry      Off Ballot
At‐Large Delegates/Alternates Donna Ward      Newt Gingrich     On Ballot

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posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 12:34 PM
My point being that there are lots of Democrats that will not be voting obama this year... they have had enough of his lies and tricks... he is a thug and they know it

Of course there will be those that will vote for him no matter what... he could go shoot a white teen and they wouldn't care.. probably laugh and support him more.

However those democrats that don't want obama... they definitely dont want romney...

Those are the ones that will vote for Paul... and Paul has already won the Independents... and has completely split the GOP.... so with the delagate he has won already from the GOP and the Independents he will take and those democrats that will swing his way...

Ron Paul has the best chance no matter what the Establishement government wants you to believe

posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 12:54 PM
reply to post by Doalrite

Ok...let's point out the false information.

In light of the fact that Obama's own lawyer has come out with the admission that his birth certificate is fake. He will not be allowed on the BALLOTS.

Um fell for a hoax. This information is 100% false.

Strike 1.

So who will be in the race then.... Hillary?? Will the democrat party throw someone up there?? After all this BS they have done.. yes they will but it won't matter.

Ron Paul has won so much support from both sides and most of all the Independents, you know those crazy people that don't trust either republican or democrats like myself, that all he will need is a small minority of pissed off democrats to vote for him during the election.

Paul has around 10-15% support...most of that comes from previous Paul supporters from 2008. The rest are a combination of anti-Romney Republicans and anti-Obama Independents.

In Open Primary states...there isn't a cross-over vote for Paul from the just isn't happening.

Strike 2.

I hope Ron Pauls camp will infiltrate the democrat party and win those delagates so they can vote for him too.

Obama has already clinched the Democratic nomination...Paul is on zero Democratic ballots. It appears you don't know how the process works.

Strike 3.

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