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If Money is the root of all evil

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posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 02:55 PM

Originally posted by autowrench
I suppose the Christin obsession with money stems from their Holy Book:
How many times is money mentioned in the Bible?
110 times in the Old, and New Testament. Although there are many kinds of other forms of money, or types of payments of debt made. One example is King David paying Araunah fifty shekels of silver for the threshing floor and the oxen. You will find this in (2 Samuel 24:24)
In the King James version:
The word money is mentioned 140 times
The word shekels is mentioned 96 times
The word talents is mentioned 51 times
The word shekel is mentioned 43 times
The word talent is mentioned 14 times
The word moneychangers is mentioned 2 times

Faith and Finance: How Religious People Use Their Money

Wow, are you serious?
You make it sound like the verses read, "God wants money", "Give God your shekels", crap like this. Hell, have you never heard the Parable of the Talents? I guess not. The "moneychangers" are talked about as basically being the worst, like the tax-collectors. Get real, bro.

Your post is clearly aimed to misinform. Try again.

posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 10:07 PM
reply to post by Lionhearte

posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 10:26 AM
reply to post by Lionhearte

Double standards? Please explain. Christians are hypocrites no doubt,

This video has a few good examples.

and if they truly are a Christian, they'll work it out.

what is a true christian really ? I see so many sects , that everyone seems to believe their version is the right one. You see , this is evidence of a wrong path , when you have so many contradictions in the same religion . With various sects. It shows everyone picks and chooses what they want to believe , and disgards the rest . Cherry picking , double standards , etc etc.

Uhh. I suppose. I don't think a real Christian actually cares about material goods like that. Though, if you needed the money, God will provide it. As he did with my family.

A real christian again . Yet we don't know the standards of a true christians , because of the all the contradictions in the bible , that allows for multiple sects. When you cherry pick a bible you can make your own version of christianity like many people do . I can make a cool version if i really wanted , then dismiss you as a false christian ? :p would that be productive ?

Actually, yes. If everyone in the world believed in Christ and followed him, that kinda WOULD solve all of the world's problems.

Jesus can't even solve the christians problems , how will he solve the worlds ? Don't you think if your path was the right one , it would be self evident ? You know like your prayers working ? instead of the 50/50 roll of the dice , like everyone elses prayers ?

Could you tell me how many prayers does it take for a amputee to get a limb back please?

I don't know about any euphoric high.. I mean, I guess if you consider feeling loved is a euphoric high, but that isn't the point

You do know it , but you just label it as something else , like spirtual , or grace , salvation , or doing the lords good work etc. Its all just feel good chemicals based on your actions , you persue it because you enjoy that cocktail of chemicals the brain produces when you think about it ;0

Hope of reward once we die? I don't really care about any reward, I mean, I know I'll get a reward, but I'm giving it back to Jesus anyways.

You do care , and you just showed me in your own statement sir. You said you know you will get a reward , its already confirmed in your mind. If i was confirmed i would not think about it either , because i know its already there.

Like a runner in a marathon knows he will win the race , but acts casual during the race . He is already thinking about what he will do with his reward , while others mind set is on getting the reward.

You will give it back to jesus ? Do you really think he would need it ? or cares? ...

You already assumed your gonna get a reward .

You assume you will just give it back to jesus .

All without any merit except your euphoric high , leading you to those conclusions. ..

But what if jesus is not whom you thought he was ?

Churches DON'T NEED money to operate.

oh no?

utilities, mortgage, missions commitments, vehicle payments, staff payroll, insurance, etc?

don't go to the building of church anymore, I go outside my room and talk to my dad and brother about Christ - that is Church

Then why not rally around your area , with your fellow christians , and tell them to come to your backyard or basement for church ?

Kinda selfish for you to let them to go a charity church , while you enjoy the freebees of doing it all at the comfort of your home no ?

Don't christians help each other like that ? Or screw them ? they get what they deserve ? lol

talk to your brother and dad who are stuck on the same indoctrination as you ? to fuel more of your ignorance , with silly euphoric highs masked as faith ?

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