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Southern Poverty Law Centers Tentacles Run Deep, Really Deep

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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 11:04 PM
Everything from Black Panthers, to Neo Nazis. (none of which they seem to be prosecuting) Trayvon Martin to Zimmerman. LGBTQ rights and everything left.

The Southern Poverty Law Group has it's tentacles deep in the government and the United States, Really deep.

Right now I am doing a Google NEWS search on the SPLC, I am on page 20 and haven't even scratched the surface yet and they are buried in every domestic and social issue imaginable. Heres the thing though, while they seem to target hate groups they also don't seem to be prosecuting these groups, instead they are using indents like Trayvon Martin to pass legislation in DC. The google news results are never ending. They are involved in every case imaginable.

This map shows where they have dubbed certain hate groups.. It also shows where they have advocate agent provocoteurs nation wide.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 11:34 PM
Here are some of the headlines...

Hate and Extremism | Southern Poverty Law Center

Group offers 'therapy' for LDS members with same-sex attraction‎
Fox 13 Now - Salt Lake City - 1 day ago

Southern Poverty Law Center condemns pepper spray use in Bessemer ...‎ (blog) - 2 days ago

Mich. teacher: I was fired over Trayvon fundraiser‎
Albany Times Union - 2 days ago

Southern Poverty Law Center says feds probing discrimination of ...‎
Rome News Tribune - Apr 5, 2012

Alabama Moves to Revise Immigration Measure‎
Wall Street Journal - Apr 5, 2012

Fox Station Calls Neo-Nazi Group 'Civil Rights' Group, Backtracks ...‎
Huffington Post - 3 days ago

Tulsa Shooting Could Be a Hate Crime; Hate Groups Are on the Rise‎
BET - 1 day ago

Symposium to feature hate group researcher‎
Topeka Capital Journal - Apr 3, 2012

AIM says conservatives need to avoid liberal trap‎
Greeley Gazette - 6 hours ago

Neo-Nazi group allowed to gather in Ky.‎ - 1 day ago

National Civil Rights Group Recognizes Seneca Valley Middle School ...‎ - 4 days ago

Loudoun Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio's advocacy organization ...‎
Washington Post (blog) - Mar 26, 2012

Group says children were mistreated at Fla. jail‎ - Mar 21, 2012
The Southern Poverty Law Center filed suit on behalf of the parents of seven youths, ages 15 to 17, who claimed they suffered as a result of being subject ...

Jail child abuse? Southern Poverty Law Center sues Polk County ...‎ - Mar 22, 2012

Hate Group Formation Associated with Big-box Stores‎
Gant Daily - 18 hours ago

Gay-Rights Groups Hit Back At Anti-Gay Fliers In Maryland Schools‎
ThinkProgress - 2 days ago

Delgaudio responds to 'hate group' designation: 'I have to take it ...‎
Washington Post (blog) - Mar 27, 2012

Civil Rights Groups File Briefs Opposing Anti-Immigrant Law‎
India West - 1 day ago

Bentley aides: HB56 changes improve law's legal, humanitarian aspects‎
Montgomery Advertiser - Apr 6, 2012

Voter fraud and illegal immigration work brings Kansas Secretary ...‎
Kansas City Star - 4 days ago

'Ex-Gay' Leader Retracts Controversial Study‎
EDGE Boston - 6 hours ago

'Secure the Border': The Sonic Barrier Consensus‎
NACLA (blog) - 11 hours ago

case stirs extremists, groups say‎
CNN International - Mar 30, 2012

Trayvon Martin case stirs extremists, groups say‎
CNN - Apr 1, 2012

In New South, same old attitudes‎
Dallas Voice - Mar 22, 2012

Kan. civil rights symposium scheduled‎
El Dorado Times - Apr 4, 2012

Researcher of hate groups to speak at US attorney's annual civil ...‎
The Republic - Apr 4, 2012

Justice Department to look into discrimination against students ...‎
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog) - Apr 6, 2012

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How does one group get involved in so many cases?

Do the actual Google News Search for "Southern Poverty Law Center" to read more.

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