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Young People Aren't Generally The Future Just Another Generation Of Mediocrity

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posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 12:07 PM

Originally posted by s12345
Has anyone noticed we are supposed to buy this," We are the future", bit about young people, when ever they want something. It all seems to be that anyone older than 22 (I am 37) should be screwed over so they can have what they want. Is it not bloody obvious that even those that get into uni, will end up in some dead end job eventually become a middle manager complaining about their pension, who has about as much impact upon the world as a wet fart. Most have no disadvantages which of cause would take them out of the argument totally ( working class, or disabled kids do not get anything). It seems if your family are pretty well off then a life of screwing over the populace is assured.
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I see your point, but I disagree to a point.

If we don't teach our children that "they can" make a difference....then no change will EVER come.

That is not a lie or a false hope. IF they gather together, IF they focus, IF they have a plan....they can effect change....But what change would that be? Can they change the world? Hell yes they can!

I am proud of my girls. They are both in college now and both are clever little ladies. One is kinda snubs the whole idea of the institution(my youngest)....and I have allowed her that because she....not looking at her mother and I....has chosen to see the institution as a trapping and not an advantage....her choice. Her boyfriend is a soldier....her opinion may change but I allow her the freedom to make those choices for herself. I told her "If you don't ever want to get married and have kids...that is just do what you think is best for and I will help you as much as we can"

IF the youngest adults (just turned 18-20) really get aware....they might have a chance now. They are SO much better connected than we ever were....and we used to think we were a tight group (I'm 46).

I have hope for our clever little computer geeks. This generation is extraordinarily clever and they are like sponges....they seek knowledge but the system of modern education...has let them down. I teach my girls to "go to the library and look it up for yourself...never trust what you see and hear on TV or see in the papers....they bend the facts and sometimes outright deceive"

I have hope. If not for humanity as a least for my clever girls...I would not want to be someone going up against them....they might hurt more than one way.

posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 12:48 PM
I see people who want a better life to be given to them. They rioted in London, it is the first riot ever done there because they wanted more stuff: that says everything.

posted on Mar, 2 2013 @ 10:56 AM
The young people are not the future because they don't really want to change anything. They want things to stay the same: except for fees for students. They want the class system to stay the same, social immobility to stay the same: even those that are on the wrong side of it. Without wanting to change things, there can be no progress.

posted on Mar, 3 2013 @ 02:56 PM
It took you 37 years to realize the entitlement generation (like the last couple generations, yours included, ironically enough) is futilely wondering why they can't be part of the rat race?

posted on Mar, 5 2013 @ 05:05 PM
You seem to have made many assumptions about me. However you seem to agree with my main points. I do think we should look at how best to get the most out of everyone: getting people to the best of their ability. We are far from this. I suppose historically the fittest societies have been those that had a warrior culture: obviously there are obvious down sides to this. The internet has heralded in an age where info is readily available, and this is obviously for the good.

Maybe if we could harness the internet more for self improvement. During ww2 in the UK they used to publish leaflets and books that were distributed to everyone. They were about how to fight etc, gardening. But what better way to improve the population than if each person thought that it was their duty to learn from books such as these. Although an email would be more useful. Not indoctrination but knowledge: yes I know that the difference is sometimes small. Imagine a innitiative to publish the old ww2 fighting manuals to get people fit, or inform people with info the country needs people to have. Everyone could have a knowledge of nutrition, business.. ect whatever was required.

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posted on Jun, 25 2013 @ 12:08 PM
It must be remembered that many old people have lived their lives and lie to themselves about their success, or lack there of. People only see the lies that people younger say to themselves.

posted on Jun, 25 2013 @ 01:21 PM
Older generations are just totally ignorant of the world we live in, younger people know the world we live in.

Older generations still think they are living in the 70s. My parents and my friend's parents, and everyone I know of that generation, none of them went to college, they just worked regular low-end jobs. Those low end jobs (of the time) allowed my father to work, and support the entire household, and buy a nice house.

Today? That's impossible. Working low-end jobs will never afford you a house, never afford you a family, it will afford you a small apartment (with room mates) and that's if you are lucky.

Older generations could be successful being mediocre. Younger generations do not have that luxury. The only way for them to succeed is to be extraordinary.

That's a horribly unfair comparison you are making, since today's generation has it MUCH harder as far as being financially and socially stable.

You older generations didn't have to put in one tenth of the effort the younger generations have to in order to succeed. I know you will probably disagree, but tell me how millions of Americans bought houses, lived comfortable lives with one parent working and the mother staying at home, raised kids, ALL on the salary of a gas station worker, or a warehouse worker, etc etc. That is impossible today.

You older generations had far more opportunities than younger generations. If you had to start out at 18 years old in today's world you'd probably fail harder than a homeless crackhead.

It's easy to sit there after a life experienced in the "good times" where jobs were plentiful and payed a good living wage, and judge the younger generations who grew up in a world with few opportunities for success, and far more opportunities for failure.

You're out of touch, and wrong. You say you bought your kid a car for a graduation present? Then you wonder why he feels entitled? Why don't you blame yourself for how you raised him? I think I got like $400 total from all my family members when I graduated high school. Your son got a 20 thousand dollar car just from you, who knows what else family members gave him. Three grand a quarter? Is that including tuition or are you paying him three grand for spending money?

There are definitely spoiled kids these days, they are spoiled because of their parents. But they are not the majority, because the majority of kids these days are not being raised by people who can afford to support them in that way. It's hard to spoil a child when you can barely afford food or keep the electricity on.

The younger generation is growing up in a SCREWED UP world today, and guess who screwed it up? YOU GUYS. Sorry us younger people aren't too happy about this awful world you all built for us.

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