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A Witch's Secret Letter. How Absurd Claims Have Made History.

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posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 04:36 AM
I am not of the opinion that religion has ever caused killing, torture, and the like, but rather belief (as well as non-belief) has been used and still is used as a tool to promote collectivist conformity and destroy individualism. Anyone who blames such atrocities solely on religion (while bashing those who do not conform to their non-belief) is clearly either incapable of seeing the larger picture or part of the movement to destroy the individualist drive within humanity.

When one understands the tools a society has at its disposal to cause members of that society to conform (governance, morality/religion, education/science, the arts, and economics, etc.) I am fully confident that they can see past blaming the tools and see that it is something much deeper which is at work - "man-herding".

If I wanted people to conform to my "way" I would use all of the tools at my disposal including turning a peaceful movement of individualism (such a Christianity) into a farce and later claiming it always had "socialist" leanings. For example, it is often claimed that Christianity was meant to be collectivist because it required people to turn over their property and share it with everyone, which is patently false. Christianity REQUIRED nothing (like socialism does), but rather ASKED the individual to volunteer via their own love and kindness to share with others. It didn't run ads, it didn't get government backing - it went to the human heart, on an individual level, and said "If you believe in this philosophical mindset, then put your money where your mouth is and voluntarily prove it IN YOUR WAY."

Christianity's founder, Jesus Christ, laid down the philosophy and made only ONE requirement: If you believe in Him (in other words, His way), then the rest will naturally follow in its own good time - seek and you will find. There is nothing FORCED and state mandated or even economic about that. How can a TOOL be a philosophy?

And how can one claim those who kill and torture under the disguise of such a name are true believers in such and so the original philosophy should be condemned? They could only do so if they know nothing of the philosophy and certainly do not volunteer to love their fellow man, but rather have their own or rather collective interests at heart. To be capable of understanding that the collective is made up of individuals (which means if it is true individualism it must be voluntary and not forced) is precisely how the last portion of my last sentence can make sense. True collectivism cannot be forced, but must be 100% voluntary and from the spirit and not manipulated into manifesting via "tools", but rather simply discovered in the heart. True collectivism is not mandatory conformity, but rather has the appearance of such because it is the collective realization of the individual truth, which is the absolute truth of God - it is simply where you arrive at through rigid and unashamed individualism, but individualism with HEART and respect for other individuals brought about by rational and emotional maturity (enlightenment) as to the fact that in order to guard one's individuality it behooves you to zealously guard the right of the individuality of others.

posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 06:20 AM
reply to post by korathin

Check the first two articles in the Code of Hammurabi...

...which was written in something like the 18th century BCE...compared to Rome 1700 +/- years later.

And sadly I also must point out that witch hunts are NOT a thing of the past....something which we've smugly but perhaps prematurely put to false rest in our minds by denying it's continued existence...much like what they did when they discontinued mandatory smallpox vaccines or left all those lifeboats off the Titanic for aesthetic reasons...

‘Nearly 200 women killed every year after being branded witches'
Tanzania arrests 'witch killers'
Mob burns to death 11 Kenyan "witches"
Congo witch-hunt's child victims
The Gambia: Hundreds accused of “witchcraft” and poisoned in government campaign
Increasing sorcery-related killings in Papua New Guinea

And then there are the more allegorical type witch hunts such as McCarthyism and all the rest since then...the reason Orwell's Animal Farm is a classic is the same reason humans have a propensity or perhaps even a fetish for midnight torchlit activities best described somewhere between a lynch mob and a costume party with a scavenger hunt thrown in.

It doesn't matter if we are actually taking an active part in such festivities or choosing to tell ourselves those things don't go on anymore in our so-called advanced modern society...or even standing around in silence, watching it go on...everyone but the victims legitimately shares a part of the accountability.

You know the one that ends "And then they came for me."

Across race, nation, culture, religion, and gender...all it boils down to is FEAR getting the best of everyone one way or another....

posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 04:24 PM

Originally posted by korathin

Two cents from a prejudicial person aren't worth that much. Then again your bias is the result of not learning women's contributions to history(it is complicated, but suffice to say that Feminist's in the know, and Traditionalist's in the know want women's history excluded so they can rewrite it to suite their ideological needs).

Prejudicial indeed. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough, but when I say "men" I mean mankind, not just the one gender. Please believe I am fully aware that women are as capable of evil as men do. It's a human condition.

Sorry if I caused any confusion.

posted on Apr, 16 2012 @ 02:24 AM
How ironic that we killed one another for a faith that says dont cause harm to others, sad day.

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