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I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 11:13 AM
reply to post by Germanicus

That moment when you realize the son of Hitler still hasn't updated us on his attempt to make his father slip into his polar bear pin...

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 11:35 AM

Originally posted by UnlimitedSky
reply to post by trjack35

Your eyes are open very wide, dear trjack, and for that I flag you!

I want to point out to you, that there are some of us who can see the unbelievable insanity of human way of life here on this planet. Whilst you say that you do not agree that people are waking up, I want to contradict you, because YOU are evidence of people waking up. People who are comfortably numb do not find anything wrong with this corrupt way of being.

Once your level of consciousness rises, you find that you become more critical of your own behaviour, more aware of the horrors of this world and more frustrated at the daunting task to try and change it. It is not that these horrors did not exist before, it is that your eyes are now open, and you can see them.

I agree with you wholehartedly. Once you actually understand how rediculous the entire code of human life has become, you will see that it is actually total insanity. There are not very many who are aware of this, so count yourself as one of few. And being one of few can feel like extreme loneliness.

I would go so far as to say that 90% of the food we eat on this planet is formulated in such a way as to do the body harm, 95% of images exposed to the brain via MSM has its intent on stimulating violence, greed, pride and hate. Where is the love/truth/kindness/necesity in any of that? Who benefits at all from that? Nobody. Nobody at all! They say trying the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result every time is a form of insanity. I feel that is part of what is happening here.
Have we ever reached peace through war?
Have we ever healed our bodies through drugs?
Have we ever become a kinder specie through violent movies?
Have we ever become richer within by gathering outwardly?
Have we ever become wiser by being discrimitating?
Have we ever solved poverty by stimulating materialism?
Have we ever become more efficient by producing things that break?
Have we ever become closer to each other by degrading the sacred sexual act?

Insanity, It tell you!

What a bad choice to stimulate the negative! And keep doing it, thinking the result will be different!

Common ways of thinking serve to widen the gap between humans instead of uniting us; seperating ourselves from each other and enhancing the illusion that we are individuals that can only be winners if we tramp on others to get to the 'top'. (Of course, the 'top' is only a brief illusion... because when you leave this world none of the material gain can accompany you, and up there there is no 'top' in the criteria that 'they' created. We are born naked and leave naked... only the soul's gain will accompany you. Yet, how little is truly done to stimulate and encouraged us to grow spiritually?) Such a shame. A total waste of life.

So, my friend, here is a word of encouragement to you: be like Dory in the movie Nemo: Just keep swimming! Swimming! Swimming! Do your best, count your blessing of awareness, and grow spiritually for infinity!

The sky is not the limit!

Thank you so very much for your beautiful, relaxing comment because it is good to see people who truly understands what I'm suffering from. The questions you have asked are the questions those cause me having hard times understanding how much of a mess we humans made globally. I just want to see people really embracing each other, if only I knew that organisations that are promoting one world government and being united had no bad intentions or causes, I would be happier but seeing that even people who have the idea of getting masses together having bad intentions at the end of it, just makes me sick. I know sky is never the limit, there's more the knowledge of everything than just being sad about how #ed up the earth is, but I need to always know that there's hope. Hell, this whole thing is very ironic actually because my name means hope in turkish
thanks for your beautiful comment again. Have the best weekend.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 11:42 AM

Originally posted by Mufcutcakeyumyum
Hi, I think I understand what you mean, due to the fact that I have felt a similar way, but maybe not for exactly the same reasons.
If this is supposed to be a time of awakening, then is it as a collective as is lead to be suggested? If so, I can definately see how this causes at the very least frustration, when you feel you are awakening, even maybe just a little, and so many others around you are not.
I don't watch the main news channels at all, but even so I am aware that there have been better times in Turkey, as with so many other places on the planet. The state of a nation is easily reflected in an individual, even unintentionally.
I agree with what some of our peers have said, those with thousands of posts on ATS, who say take a break, search for something, however small and simple that makes you happier. It's a rubbish example but I stopped on my walk to work today and looked at a tree in full blossom; have walked past it every day for weeks but never took the time. It set me up for the day.
In my opinion, being active on this site, as well as doing "research" externally tends to raise more questions than answers, and this is most probably the case for you in the subject of empathy, sharing, caring etc you mention. Having the power of mind to absorb these dilemmas and store them safely rather than let them get a grab hold on you is really important: In the words of plenty of other users "hold tight and try to enjoy the ride"
You say that you want some answers; this will just put yourself under pressure. Think David Icke says something like, "stand back, take a deep breath, and look at it again"
I sincerely hope you feel more positive soon. Take care

Thank you very much for your comment, you are very right about taking time to realise things that are beautiful, which is actually something I've been doing my whole life. And yeah, again you're right, Turkey had better times, especially brighter times considering that -sad to say but- my people kind of seem to evolve backwards, may I say. I know sounds terrible, and I feel terrible too saying it, but it is the truth. Then again, who am I to judge them, their motivation to act so is the religious majority. And the so called religious party that come to power. Again, If you search their symbol, you can see the symbolism. That is a clear explaination of why the Turkey has had better times, but now is just a t(f)ool. Thanks very much for your comment.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 11:59 AM

Originally posted by Silcone Synapse
reply to post by trjack35

If you can,take yourself on a week or two camping trip to the wilderness.
Leave behind all technology(except for maybe a camera).
Take plenty of good healthy food,and meditate on the positive... CONT

Thank you for your comment. Camping. Turkey. Camping... Turkey. Well, that sounds like something possible
If I'd go to the nearest woods and start hanging out, they'd shoot me thinking I'm a bear or something. Because I would not set a fire and something moving in the bushes at night would probably be a reason to start killing for my people. LOL but believe me if I had to chance to actually go camping, I definitely would and, if I live the rest of my life in the place I want to, I will probably go out camping no matter how old I'll be that time
it helps really. An open sky is always helping...

Originally posted by Balkan
People never like what I have to say on this subject, but here goes:
Sorry, my answers aren't very 'positive' or what you wanted to hear probably. My ideas can be hard to swallow, especially for those who never question anything they are told about themselves.

Thank you very much for your comment. No, your answers are neither what I wanted to hear nor the things I did not want to hear, because I do not have any kind of expectations from anyone about their comments. Unless someone comes up and defends the inequality which is something not so possible, than it would be hard to swallow. I completely understand you and every single thing you wrote as a response to my sentences. I think you're saying the truth, you just gave me answers that are the facts which are the reasons why I feel mentally disturbed and again the reason why I wanted to spit them out here, to see I'm not really the only one. Getting responses really made my day. Again, thank you very much. Have the best weekend

Originally posted by Germanicus
Wow I filled that up. Maybe I should shut up.

You sound like a very nice person. You can control that.

And I find comfort when I can relate to another person that feels the same kinda way.

It makes me happy to know there are people like you that care in the world.

Dont be sad. Dont be depressed.
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Thank you very much for telling the political side of this truth. I know the US, is a great power and it affects the world more than anyone can imagine. The mainstream media is theirs, and this is something I always say, if there a one world society appers one day, the language is already ready, english. Hell, I'm and many of the young here are like a perfect prototype of the one world citizens. I'm only 18 and I see that we really are in a living hell. I just hope, the alternative realities like Aliens coming to bring order etc. somehow becomes real so that we could actually have peace without anymore suffering.

Originally posted by FenderWolf
reply to post by trjack35

Hey, Im sorry It was unintended to be viewed the way you did, and I apologize for how it made you feel. Seriously dude, im sorry

That's okay, really.

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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 01:34 PM
I know how you feel when I see an hear people like Bono the richest rockstar on the planet preaching to us about saveing the Earth.Dressed from head to toe in leather an wearing snakeskin boots it makes me sick.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 02:12 PM
I can understand your feelings, I am also sad for the world. It does get frustrating when you see the total disregard of compassion and empathy. When I start to feel this way there is always one thought that brings me back, it could be worse. Everyone faces struggles, some of us worse then others, but the beauty in the struggle is the lesson that is learned. What we need is a change of perspective, to look for the beauty in the ugliness of any situation. Some people, not all, immediately go to the negative effect that unsavory circumstances cause, but the outcome of this way of thinking results in only bringing them down even lower, and the further a person descends the harder it is to pull themselves out. Negativity snowballs and becomes overwhelming, resulting in the positive to be smothered. Even in the most dire of positions there is a ray of light, it is all about taking the blinders off and finding it. It is important to remember that if these unpleasant situations and people did not exist we would never know how to truly appreciate what we as individuals have or how amazing life really is.


posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 02:42 PM
reply to post by trjack35

The truth is that if you research older books and documents, you realize that human beings have always been this way...well, to be honest, those human beings that affect the most people and get noticed the most, have always been this way. And that's a distinction worth examining.

When a person spins around in a crowd of people, he or she is the one person that is noticed by the others that are not spinning or acting out in any way. That one person draws the attention. If the crowd is large - 1,000 people - and only one person spins, then it's not seen as significant. But if 100 people suddenly start spinning, the entire moment of time, and the entire crowd itself, is defined by the 100 people who suddenly started spinning. And yet, it was only 100 out of 1,000 people in that crowd (10%) who actually engaged in spinning. If an observer was close to a large percentage of the spinners, they'd suggest that the entire crowd was spinning, and from his/her perspective, the entire crowd was spinning.

Most people are not haters. Most people do not hurt other people. Most people would refuse to purposely hurt a stranger if directed to do so by a third stranger. We live in a period of human history when a single individual can spin and millions of other people can be affected by that person's spinning. When 100 such people spin - and do so by way of the powerful communication tools that are available to nearly everyone in the modern world - then it can easily seem as if the entire world is spinning. But it's not. There are only 100 people spinning. Everyone else is just watching and believing that the whole human race (except them, of course) is spinning.

Turkey is probably a pretty dynamic society these days, but when you start thinking that the whole human race is gorging on each other in frantic malevolence, take a look outside your window to your neighborhood, and notice how quiet it actually is. Take a walk to the corner grocer and see that people are being honest and respectful with one another. This can help you regain some perspective after focusing on the window that your computer gives you to the worst possible instances of terrible human behavior, that are scattered in tiny pockets across the entire planet. It'll help you to realize that for every square inch of hell, there are thousands of square miles of peace and boring-as-all-hell tranquility.

You'll be leaving this planet eventually, and as the time approaches, you'll be amazed at how quick your stay here flew by. By then, you won't be feeling as if you were stranded here longer than you could bear. It'll seem as if you were hardly here for any time at all.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 02:49 PM
Focusing on, and railing against all the sins and evils of the world, serves no purpose and accomplishes nothing, except to bring one's self and others down. It is the apathetic cynical view of the world which is as much a problem as anything, and it's not even a sane and rational response to the world as we find it.

Good luck to all who sink into this morass of negativity, I only wish I could lend you a hand to pull you out, but most don't even want to, because it's the easier, softer way, to bitch and moan and complain. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I've had about enough of this POV, which I've become convinced isn't even based in reality as it really is.

"The kingdom of heaven is spread out upon the earth, but men do not (refuse to) see it."

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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 02:58 PM
Once it is restore this next december
you will change your mind

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 03:17 PM
We are here, we shall remain here as long as we live. I have problems but look towards the good in life. Friends and family are necessities. You don't need a hundred friends, just a couple of good friends. Find a hobby. I found a need to study ways to heal people. I'm not exactly satisfied with the medical fields healing policy. I would rather find causes of sickness and treatments that heal people permanently. I have to study pharmacology to find the half truths it contains. It gives me something to do and a purpose in life. I will never get accredited but I don't care.

Leaving before our time is not an acceptable solution. We are here to learn. We are here to experience life. If we waste our life chasing others dreams we will not accomplish ours If we spend our time admiring others life we will think ours is lousy. I prefer to want what I need and occasionally treat myself. If you eat ribeye steak all the time it becomes normal everyday needs and there is no up to the situation. Eating lesser quality cuts most of the time gives you a sense of great feeling when you occasionally eat the ribeye. We can't set our normal too high so that the treat becomes unreachable. Enjoy what you have, set your goals to reasonable levels, and enjoy the experience that has been given to us. We don't have to be rich and famous to be great, we just have to like ourselves and find friends like we deep down desire to be. A friend doesn't have to be perfect to be a friend, if they are too much like yourself than it could get boring spending time with them

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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 03:18 PM
reply to post by NorEaster

Tell me, how the starvation of millions in Africa, the suffer that racism, sexism and other extremist idealogies have been causing for many decades, the unbelievable inequality between the rich and poor, the truth about secret evil organisations, unending wars between nations, are just things that are "the internet's ", "the media's" exaggeration. Or my assumption of a few bad experiences I've had with my life. Oh god...

It is sad that you've read my post and assumed that my problem could only be as big as something like kids growing up problems, "I hate everyoneeee X(", well, trust me it is not

I am talking about how rich stupid people are living the life when, poor wise guys have to struggle to become someone, how when in many moslim countiries men get to have a few dozens of wives when a gay guy is killed, because somehow it is not moral enough. I am talking about how it is #ed up that when one baby is born into a gold piece of cloth in a developed country, when other borns into the cracked hands of an old woman in afica. Again, the starvation, dehydration. How come people let that happen? Just dont come up to me with all your logical words telling me that I am upset because I can't see the whole picture as it really is. I think I do, and you are looking at the wrong picture. It's not about how I could not buy an iphone and my friend got two. It's about how my friend gets two iphones and a kids hands are chopped off in a middle east country because he stole a piece of bread.

Thanks for your comment anyways. Have a good weekend.

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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 03:32 PM
no offense to the posters in this thread, but I think we are starting to repeat ourselves a little.

it's called insanity, OP, and the human race is suffering it's full effects on all sides of the spectrum.

there are enough people in this thread alone to FORCE the change on their surroundings,
doubt clouds our judgements and in turn, inaction takes grasp.

personally I live in my own little world, it's highly advanced and peaceful, little to worries about anything.
when I do go out and converse with others, I make sure to be courteous and polite, friendly and full of humour, hoping that they in turn, share their same qualities with another who will do the same.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 04:15 PM
Hi Trjack,
Your post touched me deeply for many reasons.
Firstly, because I too have felt the same despair at the same questions. Seeking the truth can be a truly lonely & isolating path, more so, when we look around our daily lives & feel we are the only one searching/questioning.
It takes courage to look past the seemingly 'perfect lifestyle' the media portray as a necessity , & face what seems the ugly truth. Who wants to be there???
But for those that seek the truth this isn't an option. Once the seeking has begun, we are continually driven towards it, whether we like it or not. This takes us through some very dark places that we all want to cry "Enough, I want to go back!". Again, this isn't an option. We can only continue the journey, learn the lessons & experience the ugliness, so that when we are faced with goodness & light, we are able to recognize it & be truly grateful & humbled.

My beliefs that I have arrived at through my own searching, is that before we are born, we decide what lessons/experiences we will have in this lifetime to help us evolve spiritually to be able to return fully to God.
(Again, these are my own personal beliefs that I have come to, & that satisfy my questions at this time.Please don't feel as though I'm preaching these to you!) When I have this as a perspective, I am able to 'look' for the lessons in each experience. I see it as a challenge rather than situations I can do little about. This restores my hope & will. (Both of which are vital)

I think you are a wonderful example of humanity. As lost & hopeless as you may feel now, there is light at the end of the tunnel, & you are well on your way.
I'll end by sending you a huge ,loving hug, & letting you know you are not alone.
There are many that feel as you do.
Much love to you.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 06:52 PM
Hey, man (or lady). Don't let other people ruin your good time.

This planet is beautiful. I dare say it is the most beautiful planet in our galaxy. Sure, it's inhabitants may not be very much good at the moment but that is no reason to let them run you off!

You could try for the moon, or maybe even mars but I doubt they would have the same waterfalls that we have. Instead of leaving this planet, why don't you simply try and get everyone else to leave? That way you can still enjoy the planet and its beauty.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 06:52 PM

Originally posted by trjack35
I mean we are all one, right?

I don't really know where this idea came from. Most of the available evidence seems to point back to Marxism, as far as the whole "universal unity," meme is concerned.

I personally really do not like unity as a concept. That does not mean that I think that everyone should be at war with each other; but everyone seems to think that it can only be one or the other. World War 3, or one world government. Supposedly there is no middle ground, and to be honest, I think that's rubbish. I don't want to make war on everyone, or hate them. I just think it's insane to think that we can also all be lumped together in a single, global group. It is an emotive, feel-good concept that does not hold up under rational scrutiny.

I don't want a single, giant scenario where we are all under the rule of a single government. If you study any available example in Nature, that does not exist anywhere. No animal which forms a group, ever sees itself as being part of a single group that extends all over the planet. They always exist in seperate colonies or families. They don't have the literal brain capacity to be able to recognise, remember, and have relationships with literally every other member of their kind on the planet, and neither do we. Apart from anything else, we simply don't have that much time.

So we have to have seperate families, communities, neighbourhoods, workplaces etc. I do believe that racism should stop. We don't need to hate each other, and I don't think we should. At the same time though, refraining from hating each other, is not the same thing as saying that we should all be put into a single global group.

A baby borns with no meat on his or her body. I mean isn't this complete lack of tolerance for others, lack of empathy, care?

We live in a society that has been designed, and is governed by psychopaths. So, yes; it's true that they don't care, and the design of society, and its' infrastructure etc, will all reflect that.

If we really want to change the world for the better, are we not supposed to start with equality in every level?

Advocating equality in general terms, comes across as Marxist mind control. Saying that doesn't necessarily mean, that I'm also saying that equality is a bad thing; but you do need to define your context a little more. What does equality mean to you? Does it mean, for example, that everyone is supposed to be able to eat enough to avoid starving? If so, that's fine, but we then need to talk about how you're going to bring that about. I'm not saying, either, that I think it can't be done...but we would need to plan it out somehow.

What do these people lack? I believe it is empathy.

The psychopaths have trained the non-psychopathic majority to do two things.

a] To believe that empathy and compassion are fundamentally self-defeating; because supposedly, if someone else gets what they need, you won't get what you need, because there supposedly isn't enough for you both.

b] To spend all of their time chasing social acceptance. What's happening on Facebook, whether they've watched all the current shows that everyone else is talking about...what they need to do in order to feel as though they belong, and that someone loves them.

I've been doing everything I could, I am always sharing my food and whatever I have with others. I feed the cats and dogs on my street.

Keep doing that. Believe me when I say that if you never do anything that seems like it is more important in your life, (or really more dramatic) that that is ok, and that it doesn't matter. If you are a light in the darkness...even only once a month, or once a anyone in the current're doing more good than most. That is all you need to do. Give someone else whatever you can, that will help ensure that they get through the next 24 hours.

If only I had money, I would do many great things that would save many peoples lives, instead of "#ing bitches" or "getting ice" like rappers, and many other so called musicians that affect millions of people from kids to adults, suggest us to do so.

You don't want money. Money will destroy you. That is all money does.

They say we're in the awakening times. I think it's more like falling asleep even more times. I see many new age # suggesting people to "accept" the life as it is. No god damnit! Life is not about accepting, it's changing for the better.

It's getting better in the sense that more people are realising that something needs to change. It's not necessarily getting better in terms of people ceasing to be cowardly. Most people still aren't willing to really put their own head on the block, in order to make a difference.

posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 01:26 AM

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posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 01:48 AM
You really need to get a grip. This is a forever changing world, and there is great good as well as great evil to be found everywhere. That will never change. Your job is to seek the good and contribute to it's evolution mainly for yourself, but also for everyone else on this orb.

I would start by taking a personal vacation. in the US, I would suggest a trip to Arizona and Utah. Seek out the grand staircase and take the trips to the most peaceful and spiritually uplifting places on this planet. After that, find someone that is in serious need, and help them. You will re-invent yourself.

I would not look to religion to solve your woe's. Belief in God, or a creator is essential, for what ever God may be, there is a fundamental force behind the universe and all life. Religion itself, however, has become a means of control and sadly is responsible for more human suffering than just about anything else. We have enough to deal with from our environment, which we can do little about, however it does not seem like any other planet we know of comes even close to good old mother Earth.

posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 04:01 AM
You don't have to live on this planet, you can overcome the world just like Jesus did.
The world is supposed to be insane, it is like this so you look for the sanity. The sanity will not be found in 'the world', it is hidden.
Peace is where 'the world' is seen from. Peace is right here and right now.
There is no more than what is appearing presently but the human mind makes stories, stories about 'the world' and how horrible it is.

There is nothing wrong with right now until thought tells you there is.
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posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 11:07 AM
reply to post by trjack35

u r the problem more then others u mean, it is clear to me i dunno how everyone is seeing a wonderful sensitive person when it is obvious lie

back to serious justifications, the problem is what u think, that knowing what is wrong make the change, this is total false belief of lies that liars free wills buy

knowledge in essence is the problem bc it imposes its existence while stepping on what exist before knowing any

technically, knowing is to stop, what stop cant be justified but if it moves back, while what is forward keep going more existing

knowing is about what is known n what is known is about what is absolutely existing so knowing is nothing to objective that exist

what exist is not creative, the more it is truly existing the more it is really its fact only, that is why with best intentions u cant do anything else then what u always do

so again i repeat the problem is u, that seek all ways to exist by meaning objective not existing or inferior thing that u must rule

the key of right existence, is exclusively one thing, the realisation of objective superiority right, in concept and in fact reality, while that cant be done but from individual freedoms that could then also realize themselves out of objective superiority as individual true freedom that are superiority rights too to get a steady reality like objective to themselves individualities while they would keep meaning objective superiority right as the existing stable fact

noone want to admit that what exist is superior thing so what is objective is always superior fact free that belong to noone, while everyone want to consider being objective reasons for what it means its own superiority to be positive thing without doing anything really

when noone can even admit objective freedom and realize it clearly as else superiority right, then noone consider others even existing, when others are behind objective freedom existing, then u cant mean existing urself when u cant recognize objectively how others individuals exist

truth existence is out of two absolute facts that are very hard to realize while it is the easiest stable stand bc it is a fact existing as the fundament of all constant realities

how positive is superior from individual free positive sense
and how superior is positive from objective stable positive realisations

so u r superior in recognizing objective being positive present free thing
n u r positive in realizing objective superiority as existing thing

everyone can do that as any, but noone will bc there is no subjective profits, it is simply to truth rights where individual freedom rights is also bc of truth existence
it is simply about being true, while any is only relative to truth so never the truth
noone wants to be true for the sake of truth superiority rights, in the name of respect to objective rights in constant terms

posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 03:10 AM
The following may seem harsh, but it may help if you ponder a few of these points….

For starters, intelligent or not humans are basically just another species of animal. As such most in society still operate on a baseline, reactionary level not too far above any other species of animal. It’s just that our natural instincts have been warped by the artificial complexities within our society’s and cultures and what you may mistake for materialism are basically just our inbuilt needs for food shelter and sex warped to produce the world which you see around you today. Most people cannot see beyond their own day to day problems, and most people do not have a clear perspective about what really matters in life. They focus on things such as money and career and material goods assuming these will make them happy when in fact it is their very pursuit of such things to the exclusion of anything else which is causing all the problems.

But despite what you seem to be focusing on, the world still abounds with so much beauty, kindness and empathy, at least on a small scale. The trouble is converting that to a global scale, and to do that humans must abandon their natural pack mentality (e.g patriotism, racism, etc which are a basically just a manifestation of our conscious and unconscious fears) and start thinking and operating at a higher level.

But to be realistic about it, what good is your depression over the suffering of others? How will that solve anything? You think the people you see as suffering feel as depressed as you do about their situation? I doubt it. Having visited many third world countries in my time I can personally attest that these people are quite often far happier than many of those I know who have seemingly ‘got it all’. Why? Because they have learnt to appreciate the small things in life. As long as they can actually manage to get food in their bellies and a shelter over their head they are content. Their basic needs are met and they do not worry about stupid things such as getting fat or wrinkles or how nice their front lawn looks.

Read the list of countries by suicide rate on wikipedia. This is probably the best indicator of which countries are the unhappiest in the world. Not a single 3rd world country in the top 10. Africa doesn't make to the list until number 20. The top of the list is dominated by 2nd world countries who want to have more. The next largest chunk is 1st world countries who have it all but obviously that's not enough.

Time to get over yourself buddy. When was the last time you shared a meal with a homeless guy? How many kids in Africa are you currently sponsoring? How many clothes in your wardrobe? Don’t you think there are those who need them more than you?

If you really want things to change then do something about it. Your depression helps nobody, least of all yourself. To quote (as done so already by a previous poster) Ghandi:

Be the change you wish to see in the world

You want things to be different, then start changing yourself. Start thinking at a higher level. To throw in another cliche - think globally but start acting locally. And yes it will be hard because you yourself are only one individual and like all of us suffer from your own hangups and insecurities. But theirs no point being empathetic if all it does is make you feel bad. Empathy for your fellow man is an amazing thing to have, but only if you act on it. This is why so many poeple don't. they have switched off their empathy to concentrate on the insticual materialistic lives they live because its just easier that way.....
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