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Washington Post Suggests Bilderberg Group To Pick Romney’s Running Mate

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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 03:03 AM

A story in today’s Washington Post written by veteran columnist Al Kamen suggests that the Bilderberg Group may have a decisive role to play in picking Mitt Romney’s running mate, continuing a recent trend in which the secretive cabal has had a direct influence on the U.S. presidential election. Kamen has been writing for the Washington Post for over three decades and also worked with Watergate icons Woodward and Bernstein, suggesting the title of his column, “In the loop,” has some meaning behind it. Kamen remarks on how both President Obama and Hillary Clinton are heading to the Summit of the Americas this weekend in Cartagena, Colombia to meet with over 30 other heads of state. They will be joined by Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), who has been touted as a potential VP having endorsed Mitt Romney last month. “Curiously, not many senators seem to be going. In fact, it may be that the only one going from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), a possible vice presidential pick, who we’re told is flying commercial to attend,” writes Kamen, adding that Rubio’s presence could “help boost his foreign-policy chops” just as a visit with the clandestine Bilderberg Group was key in John Edwards being picked as John Kerry’s number two in 2004. “Reminds us of a foreign jaunt made by another potential vice presidential pick back in 2004. That would be John Edwards , whose criminal trial is set to begin Thursday in Greensboro, N.C. Edwards gave a speech in June 2004 at the Bilderberg conference that was widely credited as one reason John Kerry chose him,” writes Kamen. Indeed, despite the fact that Edwards was in hot competition against around two dozen other serious contenders for the number two spot at the time, Bilderberg’s approval of his policies after his impressive display swung the decision. Edwards was picked in a last minute change of decision after it appeared as though Dick Gephardt was going to secure the position. The New York Post even reported that Gephardt had been chosen and “Kerry-Gephardt” stickers were being placed on campaign vehicles before being removed when Edwards was announced as Kerry’s number two. In May 2008 it was reported that Former Fannie Mae CEO and Bilderberg member Jim Johnson had been asked by Obama to select his running mate. Johnson was also central in picking Edwards after his Bilderberg speech in 2004. During the June 2008 Bilderberg meeting in Northern Virginia, the press lost track of the whereabouts of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Reports subsequently suggested that the two had got together for a “private meeting” in Northern Virginia, which almost certainly meant they had both attended that year’s Bilderberg confab. A year later at the 2009 Bilderberg meeting in Greece, Obama officials delivered private briefings to Bilderberg elitists, reported Politico’s Ken Vogel. Bilderberg’s hand in deciding Vice-Presidential candidates for three U.S. elections running for both Democrats and Republicans underscores the fact that the group’s influence stretches beyond the partisan divide. The location and date of the 2012 Bilderberg conference, an annual secret confab which involves around 200 global power brokers from government, industry, banking, media and academia, has yet to be uncovered. The meeting usually takes place in May or June in Europe or North America. With Bilderberg having not held a conference in the United States since 2008, many speculate that this year’s get together will take place in America or Canada. As we have exhaustively documented, despite the fact that the establishment media, many titans of which are Bilderberg members, routinely plays down the weight of the group’s influence on world affairs, in a 2010 radio interview former NATO Secretary-General and Bilderberg member Willy Claes admitted that Bilderberg attendees are mandated to implement decisions that are formulated during the annual conference of power brokers. Claes said that Bilderberg guests are normally given around 10 minutes of talk time, after which a report is compiled of their presentation. “The participants are then obviously considered to use this report in setting their policies in the environments in which they affect,” stated Claes, according to the translated text

What? Yeah right! There's no way that the Bilderberg group would even be interested in such a thing... pshhh.

Nothing to see here, move along.

Hope yall are ready for a mouth full of Rubio as he will apparently be shoved down our throats for the next 6 months.

"OMG they have a delicious Reuben for today's special, but it has nothing on the Rubio!"

Link to story:

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 03:24 AM
If this is being put in front of us, and it is still gone through with, I would assume it is them seeing how America would react to someone choosing our candidates for us.

See it as, trying it out with someone that "doesn't matter" like a VP, before moving on to bigger things.

I could see it happening... A group chooses two candidates and tells the public, "It's ok, you get to choose which one wins!"

Oh, wait, that's already happening.

Ok, I can see them saying, "Well if we were right about the VP, we'll do just as good of a job picking the president! So why not let us pay for his campaign to win!"

Nope, already happens.

Oh, how about this. They are putting a VP in place that way if "something happens" to the president, they get their man in office...

Actually I think that one has already happened also.

I would say this is just par for the course. Like I said, it may just be their way of warming up the public to the way they run things...

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 04:28 AM
the old books i read make it seem like this group is apart of a power structure used by the rock to enforce the white power structure system globally.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 05:44 AM

Just a couple of years ago or so, we were called crazy for even saying the Bilderberg group exists, now they are openly flouting it. This enforces our position, but the bilderbergs are sheer tyrants and most of them are probably pedos.

I wonder if the likes of Iran and other countries in the cross fire know about this group?

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