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Nearing The Throne Room Of God

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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 01:13 AM
This is an addition to another thread that was previous started titled 'The Throne Room of God'.

Which can be found here:

Visiting the link will provide sustenance towards the premise that is the short story started by WarriorOfLight96.
This addition, falls into the middle of the story, and any future additions to be made by me can be found on this thread.

*Spoiler Alert* I had already written the ending, which can be found in my post on the other thread, which I will revise and sooner than later place in this one.

MODS: If you would prefer that I place these additions with in the original thread, that is no problem. I choose to start my own, for I feel that I might end up straying a little from the original story line. Although I intend not to, but is the nature of the beast.

Chapter - _?_ Nearing The Throne Room of God

"At last, the sun has risen once again!" they screamed,
for it had been a couple days and one since they had
last seen the light that brought forth their very
being. The sounds of jubilation poured through the
streets, for many had thought that being witness to
this event equated to have endured the greatest of
hardships one could bear, and that salvation surely was
of fondness for their flavor. This would soon be
reiterated by coming events, though vanity was the
means of misleading thoughts and would undoubtedly prove
many wrong in their vain assumptions.
While many where celebrating their having survived what
was assumed the greatest of triumphs. Their cheers and
narcissism were cut short, shorter than the mound of
rubble from the tower of babel in which their words
reverberated by a echoing pulse of what appeared to be
the sound of a trumpet.
As the crowds gathered in dismay over the tone impeding
them from carrying on, a bright blue light seemingly
broke through the atmosphere from the east. The faces
of the people light up in astonishment, not knowing
what was to come. For many rejected or remained
ignorant to the words of their elders from times long
forgotten. With out ceasing, and void of any hopes for
these events to vanish, the strangest of feelings came
over the masses for the Earth had undoubtedly became
Spiteful words from the righteous filled the air in
claims of coming condemnation, and pierced many as if
they were golden spears. "Justice shall heal the wounds
inflicted by acts of sin, and the wicked shall burn for
all of eternity!" screamed the self appointed
guardians of dogma. The whole of humanity was once
again a mixed bag of emotions, with a majority once
again contemplating every move that they were to make.
Once again, to come to terms with justifying the laws
and doctrines that governed their abode.

There are many references in this section, which I hope many enjoy.. As far as the part in which I mention their flavor, I am still considering working in a reference towards Wormwood and bitterness, but I'm conflicted with applying that to when the Red light enters from the East(Kachina reference)

I'm thinking this should be composed with three acts, this current addition being a part of the 2nd. Any ideas, thoughts, or opinions? The direction I would like to take this, is to include many aspects of prophecies from various parts of the world, but also to include many conspiratorial topics that WarriorOfLight96 had laid out in the relating thread.

I think it would be awesome if someone where to add sections to the story, as I quickly become board with such undertakings. Either way, let me know what ATS thinks.


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