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(You Are) Owned & Operated : new documentary

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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 03:56 PM

Originally posted by Klassified

The answer is, the same sciences being used to produce a modicum of technological advancement for the masses to play with, are also using social engineering to guide society in the opposite direction of its advancements. From failure to failure, and crisis to crisis, a corrupt and perverted form of Hegel's dialectic is being used daily to maintain archaic belief systems and paradigms. Groupthink and reality consensus, along with the aforementioned dialectic are the tools of those without conscience in this world.

Cultural lag is engineered, and it's only going to get worse, not better. The answer isn't in our sciences. It lies within us. It always has. Until you rid this world of the social engineers, and/or break their hold on society, things can only progress(read regress) in the direction they are going.

I understand what you're saying, but addressing the symptoms alone won't get us anywhere beyond recognition of the problem. We have to address the true nature and cause of the infirmity. And to do that, we need to look to the folks who make war, famine, and chaos a reality in our lives. No common man wages war. And no common man chooses to allow millions of people to starve daily.

If there is any hope for us, we will have to purge ourselves of the parasites that engineered our dystopian existence.

I am sorry but you confuse the symptoms for the source and vice versa. You can cut those heads you talk about and they will be replaced overnight, guaranteed. What we need to do is render them useless, irrelevant to mankind, and move forward. We have to propose an alternative and start to build it little by little. Those "evil" people you talk about are just the products of the social environment in which they have been born in, just like you, or me, or the guy who chose to believe for example that the 911 official theory is the only truth and everyone saying otherwise is suspect. We are all products of the environment, all victims of it.

The root cause are the values that are being supported by the social environment, the semantic landscape, that touch everyone and shape us all, the same values that make someone scream "communism !" the second you start to talk about voluntary and intelligent cooperation between human beings, the same values that make you believe that it's through being able to buy things that your well being and worth as a human being will improve, the same values also that come from the so called "human nature", which make you believe that being in competition over survival is the only and best system for human beings, and so on .. If you don't change that, whatever you will be doing will just be like a drop in the ocean.

The first step could be for example to render intellectual property obsolete, outdated, useless by introducing into the public area alternatives, just like the open source movement in software, but with all kinds of tools and needed stuff, automation, 3d printing, AI, food growing in vertical farms for local communities. That is the future, and not useless bloodshed and more hatred and more laws and less freedom.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 04:23 PM
The movie was very powerful and thought provoking, and certainly contained alot of truth, however I have a few concerns after watching it, especially the end that seemed to very much endorse the Zeitgeist movement.

Of course most would agree that cleaner energy, ending poverty and bringing about world peace should absolutely be our goal as human beings, on behalf of our Earth and everything that lives here, and it's shameful that so much suffering could end relatively quickly if we can manage to "stand-up", with help from the military and arrest the criminals, take them out to sea with no lawyers and throw thier azzs overboard.

I think as people become more "awakened" at first glance the Zeitgeist movement "seems" really wonderful, what's not to like? One World where everyone is free, happy and peaceful, living in harmony...beautiful right?

But...listen to how they believe we get there.....

- No Borders ( so no more countries? why can't we all still live peacefully and still mantain our cultures and nationality? I'm all for open borders, and I wish I could go and experience all the different countries in a peaceful world where "diversity" and culture is celebrated.)

-No Religion ( there's a BIG difference between "using" relgion to "create" war, and condeming people of faith, spirituality is between a person and God, and IMHO a human right. Keep in mind TPTB very much believe in Satan, and would like nothing better then to get the people of the world to abandon thier "faith", so be weary of any plan that seeks to do this)

-Technology takes over the work of humans ( hmmm, gotta think about that one more, while I can see some useful applications possibly, I think many humans enjoy "hands on" work , but maybe my thinking is "old school" on that issue? )

More than likely the majority of people that support the Zeitgiest movement "sincerly" believe they are moving toward a better ,more enlighted world, but I think caution is prudent here because the "vision" they seek is perhaps a carefully planned "soft sell" of the NWO's "vision" , these are diabolical "monsters" and the masters of "bait and switch" )

Anyways, interesting thread, I'm gonna post a link to a thread I created a few days ago about a very knowledgeable man named Eustace Mullins, he spent his life researching the Federal Reserve, Illumanati, Politics, secret societies, and he is very interesting and breaks things down in a way I had never heard before, great history lesson for any interested.......

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 04:30 PM

Here's the link, lot's of information you may not have heard before, I know I just learned about Eustace Mullins, and was amazed at what he has to share.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by gosseyn

I think we can definitely agree on some things, and agree to disagree on others. But either way, I like the direction you're thinking is headed.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 06:43 PM
You are right OP


We work our asses to the bone to earn worthless paper or even more worthless digital "credit" to buy stuff we do not need that is made by people who are in more bondage than us with resources that are dwindling minute by minute which only REALLY benefits the very few in this world..

We are morons

We allow it and propagate it and even make it the norm.. We elevate youngsters with no experience in life to celebrity status and reward stupidity and denigrate our olders and betters.. We stagnate as a species because of the universal religion of greed..

We do not deserve a new dawn.. We kill each other at the bequest of the money hoarders who enslave our kids with debt.. WE ACTUALLY ALLOW THIS!!

How about we just stop??

Stop feeding this crap?

Be bold?

Bring humanity out of the dark and into a bright future...

We CAN... As Obama said

But he is just a shill and puppet of the system..

We do not need a leader... We just all need to STOP..

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 08:16 PM

Originally posted by Klassified
Put the blame where it belongs. It isn't our species as a whole that is "retarded". It is a select few who have worked tirelessly to bring the masses to this point in time. We have been used, abused, deceived, trained instead of educated, fleeced, scammed, and our basic human rights trampled upon.
And it has all been done by a select group of people with the knowledge, the power, the resources, and the technology to pull it off.

I think this is basically part of the mass programming. Believe we're stupid, wrong, filled with problems and guilt, etc, instead of looking at the select few who've caused so many problems throughout our history. It could be one of their tactics to condition us into thinking that after all, and maybe it is.

Of course we have problems and have to work on them, but thinking we're happily going along with this situation when those few are conditioning millions every day, well, it kind of makes you realise that some seem happy to perpetuate the problems instead of helping solve them, and that if we had the chance to sort things out without that influence on us so much we'd all be a lot better off.
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posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 11:51 AM
reply to post by JaneC

I like what you said but you need to take it a step further Jane. Tell people what will happen when they stop. The main thing,IMO, that will happen when we stop is that we better be able to get along with each other because we're going to need each more than ever in that case.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make that happen? I like what you said because you're one of the few that will not just take two paragraphs to agree with the OP. You'll actually want to find an answer and that's a good start.

posted on Jul, 1 2012 @ 04:18 PM
Just wanted to update this thread, because the trailer has been deleted, to add a link to the full movie on youtube and to the website of its creators, as I can't edit the OP.

Originally posted by JaneC

We work our asses to the bone to earn worthless paper or even more worthless digital "credit" to buy stuff we do not need that is made by people who are in more bondage than us with resources that are dwindling minute by minute which only REALLY benefits the very few in this world..

I could not have said it better.

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