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NWO, New Madrid and Homeland Security's 450M bullets

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posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 02:55 AM
Are these issues connected? Well; let’s see, let’s put 2 and 2 together and see what we come up with.
Let’s suppose the NWO stuff is real which means the claimed depopulation agenda might also be true, and we have all heard of the ‘de-population agenda’ haven’t we, the 450 million hollow point bullets points towards that.
Let’s just suppose that the new Madrid or the San Andreas fault line gives way and a couple of million Americans die. Let’s just suppose the new world order then decides to capitalise on a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity and add a couple score of millions more to the pile within this window of opportunity.

Who might they select as suitable candidates? Well we have heard some social commentators and the odd politician or two refer to some people as useless eaters so I think they could be a safe bet.

So who might these useless eaters be? Well let’s see; some suitable candidates might be:
1. The old
2. The sick
3. The infirm
4. The disabled
5. The unemployed
6. The homeless
7. The unskilled, the low skilled and the not-so-bright who will inevitability require government assistance at sometime in their life,
8. The un-talented
9. The industrial grindstone feedstock and;
10. Those of undesired colour or race. I don’t think they’ll care too much about religion.

But won’t it take too long to round them all up and wont ‘somebody’ make a noise about it?

Well; it seems like there are many electronic gadgets on the market these days that sends relationship connection tracking data back to a central analysis point and it seems like they can now draw connections between people on social media websites so, by putting all this together there is a good chance that if they wanted to know who was who and where to find them it wouldn’t be that difficult to quickly locate them. Moreover; this technology will shorten the time it takes to round them up and take them to a collection point and it will also reduce the risk taking the wrong person, somebody who is a somebody or is closely connected to a somebody.

After all, what official would want to be on the receiving end of a fit of rage on the part of someone who wants plausible deniability, being embarrassed.

Now; it wouldn’t be difficult to take all those earmarked for depopulation off to the FEMA camps now would it? They could use these for staging posts couldn’t they?

So how are they going to get them to the ‘glory fields’? Well; perhaps that’s why, after the fault lines go down, or up, whichever way they are going to go, there might be a lot of militarily vehicles about, trains with covered wagons or, perhaps there might be plenty of cops, people in uniforms most people have never seen before, perhaps even police/soldier types who are of Asian appearance when you pull their ski masks off, all over the place, ‘peaces officers’ if you like. All these vehicles and busses will commandeered by the ‘authorities’ and used to transport the ‘depopulatee’s’ to the glory fields.

It wouldn’t be difficult for the media to run stories of lawlessness and widespread looting etc would it? After all we have been trained to accept and believe that now haven’t we, after all it does happen? Perhaps this is where the 450 million hollow point bullets come in that Homeland Security has purchased recently, they can justify quite a few depopulated’s like that cant they? Perhaps the purpose of the hollow point bullets is make sure no one gets away or if they do they won’t go far or won’t tell lies.

So when they get all these “to-be-depopulated souls’ to the glory fields well; then; perhaps it can be organised for them to loot, steal, kill etc.

What do you reckon?

posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 03:29 AM
The 450 million bullets aren't evidence of anything because they don't exist. That is a maximum number over five years. A number that would probably push ATK to the absolute edge of production capability.

As I explained in another thread. . .

450 million is a maximum order over five years. The minimum number is less than 1 million, if I remember correctly.

The minimum isn't really very high if you consider each agent in the field carries between 36 and 45 rounds at all times. Those rounds are fired off once a year for qualifying and replaced. They are required to fire either a 50 or 100 round day qualifer and an equal number of shots for night qualifications. This is required semi-anually or anually depending on the department. Plus, the department usually offers the officers 200 - 400 rounds for practice on a monthly basis. As you see, the amount of ammo a department uses can climb quickly even when they are not using them in confrontational situations.

The reason they use hollow point ammunition for target practice is to insure that agents are familliar with the ballistics of a round. It is important that you are use to the recoil and performance of a round. It develops muscle memory and works towards improved accuracy during a real confrontation. It is more expensive, but it is necessary when you are tasked with protecting innocent lives while stopping a criminal.

The bullets they are talking about do not explode or do anything sinister. They enter flesh and open up. This helps prevent over penetration and protects innocent lives. It also opens a larger cavitity and leads to more rapid blood loss. That means the confrontations end more quickly. Again it protects innocent bystanders by limiting the amount of time required to stop the confrontation. (Over 70% of people shot with guns survive. Hollow points are not intended to cause more deaths or anything of that nature.)

The reason the bullets must pass through bariers is, most shoot outs involve criminals using cars, doors, or other intermediate barriers for concealment.

I know a local department that has about 250 - 275 officers. They go through 25,000 rounds a year in qualification and practice. How many officers do you think are in the Coast Guard, ICE, Border Patrol, Secret Service, and the Federal Protective Services? I would say more than enough to need nearly at least half million rounds a year.

After some more research it turns out that the ATK contract is a one year contract with four optional years. The 450 million is a maximum order amount if the government options all five years and decides to buy that many. As it stands right now ATK only has a 1 year contract with an indefinite minimum. In other words the government could buy as few as one bullet and honor the contract. This is basically just a way of keeping the existing supplier in the chain because they like the product and service.

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posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 03:41 AM
we are around 4.55% of the total world population... well under 500 million even with canada

word around here is most of us are brainwashed, would be a huge waste of money and time to kill us all before using us try to enslave/kill 6 billion people

think about it. if they are trying to make guns illegal, they want to sell us illegal guns so they can put us in jail for owning them for being scared and buying them. just like.. drumroll please! harmless illegal drugs!


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