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Study finds Conservative views linked to "low effort" thinking

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posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 06:56 AM
We all pretty much know and accept that the more pressure one is under to make a choice, the more likely they are to do so, with the easiest and quickest information and thought processes possible, right? That is the whole reason behind using "ultimatums", or getting in someones face and pushing them to "answer me- NOW!"

Conservatism has the attractive aspect of embracing tradition and already established ideas and systems-
So that which is traditional, and already well known and habit is going to be the quickest thing to come to mind!
(quicker than newer or more creative forms not already established)

Also, Conservatism attracts those who are uncomfortable with ambiguity- it tends to split things into black and white, and not integrate polarities into a "grey area" solution which calls for more complex creativity and cooperation between individuals, longer period of thought and exchange.

It appeals to those who are "doers" or action oriented.... those who feel uncomfortable with hesitation and trust their force and instinctive reaction more than their mental skills of response choice.
(the "thinkers" feeling uncomfortable with acting without taking time to think first, trusting response more than reaction)

In the end, I think both of these sorts of thinking/acting are valuable, sometimes instinctive reaction is the most effective, sometimes willed response is, depending upon the circumstances.

But whenever you put people under pressure to make a quick decision, they will be more likely to be conservative, whether that is their usual tendancy or not.
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posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 09:51 AM
reply to post by phishyblankwaters

I guess you didn't bother reading the link you are talking about, if you did you would of noticed that I said

I am as guilty as anyone else and have been a "part of the problem" more than I would care to admit.

So I am not exactly preaching to anybody, rather I see the problem that exist and am hoping to tone down the insults that get thrown around. Like I said though, I am as guilty as anybody else. Before you write an entire post about a thread I wrote, it might serve you well to actually read it.

But your right, something that I could of said that better represents my thoughts would of been "a conservative over the OP any day of the week". I admit, the divisive crap that the OP posted hit a nerve because I am so tired of the BS and insults. Went ahead and put one back at them.

Two wrongs don't make a right but to be honest with you sometimes I just don't care. I am certainly not pretending to be an angel over here. When somebody hits me, I hit them back. My thread that you didn't read but made the focus of your post was more about not taking the first shot, it was not about ignoring people when they create an entire thread for no other reason than to insult a group of people.

The fact that you are condemning me and not the OP I think says a lot about you.

just like you assuming everyone with "liberal" views is an idiot.

Now you are just putting words into my mouth. Even with my admittedly regrettable statement one can't draw the conclusion that I think liberals are idiots. I never said they would score low on an IQ test, simply lower than a conservative. Anyhow it is a moot point as honestly my statement was directed at the OP and not all liberals though I also admit, with that nerve being struck i went ahead and said what I said. That is regrettable.

P.S. google "liberalism" read the wiki on it, then reflect on your conservative views. You, my friend, outside of the US of A are a liberal. Only in the US is it a slur, republicans stand more towards liberalism than the democrats do.

So now you are assuming that I don't know something. Should I assume that you think I am an idiot?

Yes, thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately I already know this. Actually I sometimes will refer to myself as a liberal when I want to bring attention to the fact that people that hold views such as mine were the original liberals in the USA. Despite your snap judgement of me, I am actually well read enough to know that the terms liberal or conservative are constantly changing throughout history as time progresses.

Conservative politics tends to dip towards low effort thinking. Don't take my word for it, put on ANY conservative radio host, tv host, news caster, and just listen to them for a few minutes.

That actually sounds a lot more like an opinion than any sort of provable fact... don't you think? Who makes the judgement as to what is low effort thinking and if a statement made by somebody was the result of low effort thinking?

Saying that Conservatives have their views as a result of low effort thinking is simply another way of saying Conservatives are idiots that don't think about the views that they hold. Is what you said somehow not as bad as what I said? Go ahead and pat yourself on the back for being such a deep thinker. My guess is you are talking about people such as Rush Limbaugh. Well for every Limbaugh who I would say hardly represents me or conservatives I associate with their is a Tom Woods a person who you would have a hard time making the argument that he employs any amount of low effort thinking.

Can you really not see how what you said is a direct insult? How about the post made by the OP? So I retaliated against my better judgement... I can't believe I had the audacity to stand up for myself after being insulted. Give me a break... what a load of BS.

My thread was about trying to understand each other not turn the other cheek when somebody insults you. Two different matters there entirely.

But hey, you'd have to analyze the facts, and that requires "effort thinking" you game bro?

There you go with the insults again, proving once again how much better you are than me. Your response is such a good example of effort thinking huh? You want to bother having the slightest clue who I am, what I think and what I have read before you assume things about me? Is that not part of effort thinking? Well, you game bro?
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posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 10:21 AM
Some of my views have become more conservative over time. The reason for this shift is that the liberal approach to many issues doesn't work.

If you look at welfare, it's been one of the worst things to happen to poor people. Welfare has created a permanent underclass by funding out of wedlock birth, failure in school, etc. Since LBJs great society in the mid 1960s to today, welfare has done little to improve peoples lives but rather it has mired the poor in poverty. Every step forward a poor person on welfare makes, they are penalized by the welfare system.

You can also look at education. We spend more and more money per student yet the liberals cry for more. They are still seeking the magic bullet that will make low performing students come up to snuff. But they never consider that statistically have the children in the school system are below average. How about a curriculum that recognizes that many children will not continue on to college(especially in this challenging economic times) and helps to equip them with the life skills they will need to succeed. You could even consider a trade school option in high school so kids who are not college bound are ready to work in a trade when they graduate.

It is not through lack of thought that I've come to some of my more conservative trains of thought but rather through thought. It is the epitome of stupidity to expect different results when you continue to do the same things. You have to make changes in your procedures in order to get different outcomes.

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