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Billionare spends millions in Campaign donations to poison the Ogallala Aquifer with nuclear waste

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posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 10:20 PM

Originally posted by grubblesnert

Originally posted by speculativeoptimist
reply to post by mossme89

I wonder if Mr. Simmons has any family in that area? My bet would be no! Also, doesn't T Boone Pickens own the Texas part of that aquifer? I wonder what his thoughts on this are? There is great money to be made by states that provide such waste storage, but man, me thinks a conflict of interest may be going on here.
Maybe but maybe not, Pickens is responsible for ruining countless waterwells and other water sources in many partsof the US with the practice of "fracking". He is also accredited for being the "largest owner of water in the United States" according to a source on fracking I was reading.
It might help to figure out if Simmons and Pickins are at odds or of like mind with their endeavors by checking into their political playmates. Who do both men back and contribute to. What wheels do they grease? Same wheels or different. That 's going to be my next bit of research, barring any ADHD driven distractions

Nothing makes me sicker than watching Pickens try to pitch himself as some sort of environmentalist. I love his idea of running cars on natural gas...of course the "fuel of the future" would have to be something you had to drill for...wouldn't it?


posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 10:32 PM

Do you seriously think I am that stupid??

short answer...


Well put.

Going off the evidence you have presented in this thread.
People like you make me want to punch things. It blows my mind your even attempting to defend this garbage. WHO CARES if it sounds like propaganda? If that is what it takes to stop this insanity then I am all for it.

PLEASE MAKE MORE "PROPAGANDA" to stop this asinine self serving greedy puke from polluting our country and the people in it. Reading your post has made my blood boil. Not because of the nonsense your trying to spread, but because I realize, sadly, there are PLENTY more mental midgets out there just like you that are more then willing to sail you and your neighbors down a river as long as there is profit to me made.

All is fair is a free market right? That's why America kicks ass, cause we're the only country that really knows how to treat the market right and give it the love it deserves. Who cares about the long term health, well being, and happiness of your fellow countrymen and women! They have the freedom to move somewhere if their tap water starts glowing right? If they all get cancer and die, well that's their own fault for being stupid and not moving. Cause nobody would have stopped em! Cause that'd be communism! Restrictin movement and such...

Your right AwakeinNM! We should all be ASHAMED of ourselves for trying to slime this guy's good name! He is just trying to run a business and earn some money! That's what America is all about!

Yep...don't you remember? Ann Coulter informed us all that radiation was actually good for us because it's "natural" last year when Fukushima melted down. Sort of like Michele Bachman made the bold claim last year that we actually need MORE CO2 in the air to help the plants grow...turns out CO2 is also "all natural".

Nah...there's no "war on science", is there? Radiation poisoning is "just a theory", right? Everybody knows that the real estate values around the Chernobyl area really skyrocketed after that "all natural" gamma-ray bath they took in the '80's, right?

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 11:06 PM
reply to post by Mistyrae1248

I agree with a part of your comment. The problem is that some people that are financially rich are not necessarily the people with the best minds to know how to use the money in the best way possible.

posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 11:13 AM

Originally posted by Indigo5

Originally posted by AwakeinNM
Okay, not that I am for this nuclear waste dump, but let's be a little sane for a moment.

How will this place contaminate an entire aquifer, exactly? Someone please explain how a nuclear waste storage facility is designed so that it deliberately pollutes an aquifer, which is basically the assertion of the propaganda presented, and the OP, for that matter.

Please - I'm listening.

Because Sh*& happens.

We can't predict how or when, but let's not create a Nuclear dump site next to an Aquafier that supplies a third of the country with water.

Sh*& happens..

Radioactive-waste leak at Hanford worst in years

Radioactive waste leaking into Champagne Water Supply

Water leaking from mound of radioactive waste near Port Manatee

Radioactive waste leaks at S.C. plant

Radioactive Tritium Has Leaked From Three-Quarters Of U.S. Nuclear Plants: AP Investigation

This kind of news and informations is mostly junk. What knowledgeable people look for in these incidents of levels recorded of the spill. They do not look for what is the acceptable limite or what could or would happen if.......

What you seldom here verses fear mongering is the actual levels of the spill..What do the radiation techs record on their documentation.

This absence leaves the media to constantly pluck the emotional puppet string of people who know next to nothnig but fear and insecurity.

What are the levels and what has been done to reduce the radiation and contamination?? Do you see this in any of the articles??

Most of you peoples have no idea what kind of nasty/deadly stuff is being transported through your towns and cities daily. And I mean..."DAILY"

You have no idea concerning by what kind and how often you are being radiated by various stuff which is said to causes injury to your bodies.

These are fear articles designed to put you folks on the political puppet strings and thus support certain political parties. You are being jerked off by your fears.

Enjoy the ride.


posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 11:37 AM

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posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 07:06 AM

Originally posted by orangetom1999

What you seldom here verses fear mongering is the actual levels of the spill..What do the radiation techs record on their documentation.

This absence leaves the media to constantly pluck the emotional puppet string of people who know next to nothnig but fear and insecurity.

I agree the actual levels are what matter.

We also have to consider the length of time this material will be dangerous and plan for all eventualities during that timeframe.

The media try to grab our attention for a moment with sensational reporting.

The nuclear waste produced over the last few decades is going to be newsworthy for countless generations.

posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 01:58 PM

Originally posted by podnus
reply to post by whisperindave

A few years ago, I was Googling for info on disposing of nuclear waste in the sun. Found a site where a scientist figured the cost, and decided there's not a nation on earth that could afford it. (Wish I bookmarked it. Remember searching again later, and couldn't find it). Some of the other solutions that were represented would leave the future clueless.

It doesn't "cost" anything to send all of our nuclear waste to the sun.

The currency we are using to "purchase" things is 100% imaginary, backed by nothing, and exists only as abstract binary code on hard drives. Seriously...we only even bother to print just a scant 3% of the currency that is actually in circulation.

We can do anything we want to do.

posted on Apr, 17 2012 @ 04:24 AM
Hello everyone,

I am new to the site and am not from the usa. Still many articles here are meant for eye's and ears around the globe and fascinate me. I found it hard to pick a side here, because i did not know much about nuclear waste dump sites. After reading up, i must say i strongly agree with not creating a dump on or near a Aquifer, if they look at history it shows nothing good can come of this.

Here is some history showing nuclear waste used to be dumped right in the sea. Seeing there is much debate on how things actually work on a waste dump, this vid shows people fighting the first war against illegal dumping of toxic waste, how nuclear waste is able to sink to the bottom of supposedly save dump site, or site that use to be only temporary are used even to this day.

Hope you enjoy.

Title: "Nightmare Nuclear Waste" NUKE DUMPING !

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posted on Jan, 27 2013 @ 04:41 PM
All of this brought to you by the corrupt politics of the great state of TEXAS! (and Harold Simmons, of course)

2003: Texas Legislature privatizes low-level radioactive waste disposal in Texas
2004: Waste Control is the only company to file an application for a disposal license
August 2007: Team of geologists and engineers at TCEQ unanimously recommend that the license be denied, contending that the Andrews site is in the “immediate vicinity” of two water tables
Late 2007: Then-executive director Glenn Shankle orders the license issued anyway
June 2008: Shankle resigns from TCEQ
August 2008: Draft license issued January
2009: Shankle goes to work for Waste Control as a lobbyist, collecting between $100,000 and $150,000
September 2009: Final license issued to Waste Control. The license contains numerous requirements that the company perform additional modeling and study of the site, including a complete “hydrogeologic conceptual model.”
source :

I especially love how the team of geologists and engineers at TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Equality) unanimously recommend that the license be denied, contending that the Andrews site is in the "immediate vicinity" of two water tables, and one executive director orders the license be issued anyway (and three of his staffers quit in outrage and protest!)

Fast forward two years, and in an article Shankle, the executive director that left TCEQ, is having a change of heart and fighting against a common disposal landfill in Hempstead, Texas. In this article,

In Shankle's telling, over a breakfast of heavily buttered toast, bacon and a Dr Pepper in downtown Austin, he resisted the community group gig when first approached about it. "I told them at the time I don't do protest work," he said. He had grown leery, after a career at the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, of the methods of environmental groups, he said, and was unsure that he could fight a landfill while also serving as a landfill lobbyist. "Once you predominantly do industry work, it puts you in an awkward situation," he said. Having survived some health scares, however, he had been casting about how he ought to fulfill God's plan, as he put it. Then, family members who had attended Prairie View A&M; University, a historically black college eight miles outside of Hempstead, opposed the landfill and pressed him to intervene. "I slept on it and prayed on it," he said. His conclusion: Prairie View should not suffer because of a "scar" to the landscape. Prairie View President George C. Wright said his school has not taken a position on the landfill. Shankle now does behind-the-scenes work for Stop Highway 6 Landfill, a group bankrolled chiefly by Bill Huntsinger, a retired Houston real estate developer who moved to Hempstead a dozen years ago. Waller County has no authority to stop the landfill. Shankle will guide the group in trying to stymie the landfill in the state and federal regulatory process. Shankle also will try to influence lawmakers when they return to Austin for the next legislative session.

source :

Is Shankle having a resurrection of spiritual conscience, and wants to make up for the dirty deeds he committed while at TCEQ, and after, as a lobbyist for the Nuclear Waste dump in West Texas? I just saw him speak a few nights ago at a meeting against the proposed landfill in Hempstead, Texas, at Prairie View A&M University. He seemed beaten and quiet. This landfill is NO nuclear type-risk-the whole country's health landfill, supposedly just household garbage, but I wonder if his conscience has really been bothering him to cause him to hop to the "other" side? Hmmm.....

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