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Florida Police Pose as Giant Bunnies to Catch Illegal Drivers

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posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 12:16 AM
Smart strategy, really. They have to fill their ticket quotas. All that money goes towards the city.

Seriously, I can't believe people are complaining about this. To me, that's proof that people will complain about the dumbest things.

Oh no! The police are dressing up so they can catch me breaking the law!

There's a simple solution to all of this. Do the right thing even when no body is looking. You know the laws that are heavily enforced. You know the ones that cops will be on the look out for. Don't spout and of that rhetoric about how many laws there actually are and all that BS. You know what you're supposed to be doing. Buckle your seat belt and obey the speed limit. Don't be a fool. Like Mr. T, I pity a foo' who thinks he above the law and don't wanna buckle no seat belt. Obey the law, foo'!

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 12:56 AM
Impersonating a bunny is a crime in some states.

Modern day revenuers ... Don't care about catching real criminals, that sounds dangerous, trying to make it to retirement.

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 01:57 AM

Originally posted by grumpydaysleeper
and what about the poor children?
now the Easter Bunny is a boogey-man.
Mr Policeman is suppose to be your friend children!

That's actually a very good point. All that 3 year old is going to remember is how upset mom or dad got when that bunny showed up.
The Easter bunny is NOT a tool for law enforcement, only the cop inside the costume is a tool.

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 02:13 AM
Yes, the 'code enforces' are busy generating revenue for the city. Meanwhile serious crime/offenses take a backseat (!) to the less threatening of-(!) fenders. Who pays these law makers and enforcers? Thats right, the tax payers.

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 05:06 AM
What i don't understand. Is how it is not illegal to ride a motorbike without a helmet, which is just as stupid and dangerous as not wearing a seatbelt >< I mean if people want to die unneedlessly (is that a word?) its their own choice.

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 05:23 AM
I don't care who you are, that's funny.Only problem
Is, it works so there will be more of it and, as stated above,it's for ticket revenues, not safety.

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 06:04 AM
Its quite easy to avoid this bunny... Wear a seat belt!
I think that most people are missing the point. A seat belt is there to save your life in the event of a crash.

Do you make your kids wear a seatbelt?? If the answer is yes, why?? If the answer is no, then you need to re-think your kids safety.

It is the law to wear a seatbelt and it's for your own safety.
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posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 06:09 AM
Everything is for money it's ridiculous. We don't even need seat belts, people are grown-ups for crying out loud! they should be able to risk their own lives. Cigarettes, alcohol, prescriptions and all that stuff are allowed and for some reason they want us to wear seat belts like it makes a difference, do they care? No, not really so why do they even have those dumb laws? Money blah blahhhhhhhhhh makes me want to slap a pig for thinking laws care for us.

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 06:22 AM

Originally posted by Mr Moon
Do you make your kids wear a seatbelt?? If the answer is yes, why?? If the answer is no, then you need to re-think your kids safety.

Kids are kids, but adults should have the right to endanger themselves however they want, IMHO.

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posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 06:56 AM
You would be tempted to speed off to see this 6ft bunny chasing/ jumping after you.

or maybe they will use the ACME roller skates?

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 07:25 AM
reply to post by Maslo

You have a responsibility to your child to protect not only them but also yourself. Choosing to endanger yourself is also choosing to risk you child becoming an ophan. Furthermore, the emotional stress that your family could endure knowing that your head was picked up from the road in several pieces (and the emergency services that have to clear you up) proves this to be an unnecessary risk. And for what, one little click?

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 07:47 AM
reply to post by Mr Moon

You may have a point about the responsibility to your child. But I disagree with emotional distress to family or anyone else being of importance. Personal freedom is above any emotional distress.

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 07:59 AM
reply to post by Maslo

Whilst I agree with you that personal choice is important, this cannot overide the responsibilities to your family and friends. Your parents may have created you, but the following relationships and bonds that you make you have to bear some thought for when considering your actions. And to be honest, I really do not see what is so restrictive about wearing a seatbelt.... and again, I reiterate - it's for safety.

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 08:00 AM

Originally posted by jude11
When dad gets out of the car and starts yelling at the bunny and gets taken down by a bunch of his bunny buddies, the kids will never trust those furry freaks again...

Imagine a Rodney King scenario where someone is being beaten by bunnies!

Hopefully it will turn the kids off another stupid corporate ritual.

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 08:05 AM
While I have no problem ticketing someone that is breaking traffic laws, the idea shouldn't be to catch them after the fact. A police car serves as a great deterrent. I know that even though I don't speed I subconsciously tap the breaks when I see a police car, check my seat belt, check my inspection sticker, etc. This is obviously just to drum up some extra cash. Clever, but ridiculous IMO.


posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 10:13 AM

Originally posted by Meaningless
We don't even need seat belts

Im sorry but i felt a responsibility to point out that this is incorrect, just encase there are impressionable kids reading this thread.

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 10:59 AM

Originally posted by templar knight
You would be tempted to speed off to see this 6ft bunny chasing/ jumping after you.

or maybe they will use the ACME roller skates?

They radio in the cop dressed as road runner to chase you instead

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 11:32 AM
BBW police bunnies that want to handcuff you if touch their eggs, what a happy Easter!

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posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 11:35 AM

Originally posted by jude11
Well, ain't this special!

Many might think this to be cute but what I see is yet another money grab for the police. Dressing up as the Easter Bunny to hand out those tickets that just keep emptying out our wallets is just wrong on so many levels IMO.

A happy time for many. A holiday. The kiddles all excited to hunt for those brightly colored eggs and candy and maybe see an Easter Bunny or 2. Only to have one roll up on the car and hand them a ticket...

Just gotta keep taking that cash from the citizens for every single breath they take and every step they take. And by golly, they'll dress up in Bunny costumes to make sure they get that cash.

Next...Santa and his reindeer chasing you down on the highway for a busted tail light.

I liked this comment from another poster on blacklistednews:

"Seat belts indeed reduce physical injuries and save lives. However, freaking Florida Gestapo could not care less about lives and well being of their residents. All the freaks are care about is to writing tickets and generating revenues for their counties, cities and state governments. Florida drivers should give fingers to their freaking Gestapo-bunnies."


And another comment worthy of note:

A giant easter bunny hmmm all the kids in the back seat will whip their seatbelts off to look at it. THATS ENTRAPMENT (its a fkn rabbit trap lol) We bin trapping and eating rabbits for generations, now they get their revenge, lmao

(visit the link for the full news article)

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I live in Florida, last year they had Cops dressed as Santa's elves using radar from behind bushes. They cause a super mega distraction which lets people drift a few mph over or under and they pull over everyone who drifts over and slap them with a ticket.

Not only this, but they increase the likely hood of accidents with their ridiculousness.

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 11:57 AM

Originally posted by DarthMuerte
This is a common tactic here in Florida. They dress as homeless people. They dress in costumes. Whatever it takes to raise money for the cities. It has little to do with actual law enforcement or public safety imo.

I'm truly sorry that you live in FL. I left Ocala FL in December and moved to North Dakota and let me tell you, the difference is day.and night. I talk to family down there and when they ask when I'm coming home the answer is simple.......NEVER!

I drive 40 miles to work everyday and it only takes me about 30 minutes due to the speed limit being 75 and amazingly I hardly ever see a cop on the way to work or on the way home. In fact there are times I will ho several days and never even see a cop. I was pulled over in my work truck about 2 months ago by the state patrol for a safety placard and didn't have my seat belt on. The officer gave me a warning for the placard and told me to put on my seat belt because it is a $25 ticket. $25!!!!! Wow!........Much better than the $176 ticket in FL!

Florida is a police state, when I first moved here my wife was still in FL and was stopped for no seat belt and was asked to step out of the car, searched, the car searched, and was even asked where she was going at 7:00 on a Thursday evening.

My suggestion to anyone living in the hell hole they call FL is to get out of that place. It is corrupt, overpriced, underpaid, and as oppressive as they come.

I am now makng unbelievable income after being out of work since the deepwater horizon incident and the cost of living here is super low unless you are near the oilfields. Not bragging, I just hate to see people living in conditions that we would call oppressive and inhumane if this were happening in another country.

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