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Life is pointless

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posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 12:03 AM
All I can say is try not to think of life like that. Ive felt the same way as you a few times but I eventually come out of that attitude. Life is not pointless. We were all put on this earth to experience life and to learn from it. Boredom is simply not wanting to do anything. Even though we all get bored we eventually find something interesting. Hopefully you will too....

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 12:05 AM

Originally posted by Egyptia
reply to post by morpheusxxz

Does a worm ask itself the purpose of living? Does it stop it's daily function in life because it has become apathetic and given up hope for it's existence? Yet without the worm, life as we know it would not exist. The very earth would not be what it is today.

Every living thing no matter how seemingly insignificant has incredible purpose and meaning in the grand design of it all. That does not mean each thing can see what that is. In fact most are blind to their purpose and importance. They perform their actions for the greater good of all life.

You have been endowed with a higher degree of consciousness in a unique way. You have also been endowed with the conscious choice to influence the sea of life in the universe. Not just relegated to choosing one form but the choices are infinite in how you can affect everything.

You have learned one of the many deceptions of this world. The illusions. What are they keeping you from? What hidden gem is being veiled from your eyes?

Many who discover the great secret of finding a measure of peace have discovered that their purpose is not to wallow in 'nothingness' but rather to give themselves to a world who is in need and desperation. If you stay where you are you are putting yourself on the alter of the first deception as a meaningless sacrifice that has done nothing good for anything or anyone, yourself included.

Discovering what the purpose of the deception is that is keeping you from discovering the greatest truth of all is vital.

Then you can discover the realization within yourself that selflessness has to be one of the keys, because we are not here for ourselves.

Look around you and see the condition of 'the fall' and then all the deceptions will make sense as to why 'they' are busy hiding the truth from everyone.

It is not hard to feel a sense of complete meaninglessness in a world intoxicated with illusions and deceptions. None of which are real or meaningful and all of which are designed to remove us all from love and connection. Designed to keep us from all that is 'Real' and 'Truthful'.

'They' want you to feel hopeless and 'they' want you to feel that all life is meaningless. In doing so 'they' have conquered your soul.

Remember you have been born with the breath of G-d.
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You say you agree that this is all an illusion but then say "Remember you have been born with the breath of G-d" If you agree this is all an illusion then God is an illusion too. You can't believe in both. Its either you believe in an imaginary being or believe that this is all an illusion. Its like saying you believe in abortion but don't think anyone should abort a child. If you believe in one you can't believe in the other. In fact believing is spelt with lie, so by believing is to lie. Sorry but your "beliefs" are making you confused. When you aren't confused anymore then let us know what you "believe" in.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 12:07 AM
reply to post by neobludragon

No the illusion is the world of technology, corrupt government, media, money, things to keep us from discovering the monumental truth and from all things real that will lead us to that truth. The illusions are hiding the true condition of this world and keeping everyone captivated and trapped. Within this trap they have created a world of emptiness.

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posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 12:08 AM
reply to post by morpheusxxz

The point of life is simple, it is to live. Breathe, breathe out. That is all that is required of life. We just tend to over complicate things.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 12:13 AM

Originally posted by Egyptia
reply to post by neobludragon

No the illusion is the world of technology, corrupt government, media, money, things to keep us away from anything and everything real. The illusions are hiding the truth and keeping everyone captivated and trapped.
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Yes and churches are keeping everyone blinded by saying that "God" is coming to save us all from damnation as long as your a "good" christian. The bible was made by the government, same as churches, same as this figure that you call Satan and God. Its all to control us, to make people fear death and fear of doing "bad" things. Everything on this planet is an illusion. The colors, sounds, tastes. Without our senses we are nothing. Thats why I don't understand how people think they hear ghosts. Once our spirit leaves our body we no longer have these senses that allow us to taste, see, hear, feel. It's all gone. "Hell is where all the evil doers go" What would be the point? Without being able to feel or see. Same goes for heaven, without eyes how will you see this supposed "god".

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 12:17 AM

Originally posted by LoveisanArt
reply to post by AuranVector

Every belief that doesnt go with old religion is new age and bullsh!t these days... ? Umm... we are a younger generation who dont live in a box like you and your generations. Our souls came and reincarnated on Earth because your generations dont have a clue about life. So why argue person ? If you dont like my comment, why take energy out of your being and reply ? ... makes no sense, like your closed mind

These "New Agers" are new Souls incarnating at a most exciting time on Earth, we are here to help and enlighten you brain dead and average minds who have been stuck in the system and its beliefs your entire life.

End of Story.

~ love is an art

If your response, LoveisanArt, is an example of the “spiritual wisdom” of the “new Souls incarnating at a most exciting time” then the humans of this Earth are certainly lost.

What “old religion” are you referring to? I do not belong to any organized religion.

Your ATS Username, LoveisanArt, is interesting. You should try practicing it.

The reason I bothered to reply is simple: your appalling advice to Morpheus:

“You could always take your own life, meet the light beings on the other side, go back to the creator of all, be in total awareness, love and bliss.. then carefully choose your next reincarnation (which can be whatever you want).”

is dangerously naïve and irresponsible.

My (AuranVector) original post to Morpheus is the last post on Page 9 of this thread:

Morpheus, you sound seriously depressed. I hope you're NOT on anti-depressants -- those pharmaceuticals just make things worse. Do NOT do anything rash.

Yes, of course the phenomenal world is illusory. And human love (more like emotional attachment) is conditional and unreliable.

But there is another kind of love, True Divine Love, which is the very essence of your being and can ONLY be found by going within.

Have you ever tried meditation? If so, which technique? I would strongly recommend working with a Sanskrit mantra -- the only ones I've tried that really have the power to change things.

Your condition -- disgust with the external world -- is a perfectly normal phase in one's spiritual journey. It's at this point that you must look within.

Suicide is NOT the answer. You can't really die. Certainly, you can murder your own physical body, but that does not solve anything. It just makes things worse. Suicides are often very confused when they die and there is the real danger of becoming trapped between worlds -- unable to die fully and go on to the next plane.

What is your nutrition like? Have you talked to anyone at a health food store? They might be able to steer you towards natural supplements to improve your mind & mood.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 12:40 AM
CAT: I am wholly convinced, now, that life is meaningless. Look at the folly with which the dog eats his own poop.

ME: Excuse me? Did you... say something?

CAT: The dog, man. He doesn't bury his poop. He tastes it! So, life is meaningless. Follow?

ME: Uh... Maybe it tastes sweet to him?

CAT: Sweet?! Have you tasted your own poop?

ME: No, I haven't. But, have you tasted the dog's poop?

CAT: Why would a cat ever taste a dog's poop? That's what dog's do. Not cats.

ME: No. Cat's just laze around all day, excited only when it's feeding time.

CAT: Hey, I caught a mouse last week, remember!

ME: Poor mouse.

CAT: You humans, I swear. What are you doing, playing a video game for a change?

ME: Well....

CAT: Is that the purpose of your life?

ME: Of course not. It's just a diversion. It's fun for me, kind of like sitting on the window sill is for you.

CAT: Y'know what the owl said to me once?

ME: The owl?

CAT: Yeah, the owl. That jerk-ass bird that flies around after you've gone to sleep.

ME: Never met him. What'd he say?

CAT: I had a raccoon cornered. Now, usually, I don't care to mess with raccoons. But, this guy's been messing with my favorite trashcan. Anyway, the owl swooped in behind me. Scared the spit out of me! Well, he must've seen the look of doom on my face, 'cuz he said: "Gotcha!"

ME: "Gotcha"? An owl said "Gotcha"?

CAT: No, stupid. He squealed an owlish squeal. But that's what he meant.

ME: Oh, okay. I gotcha.

CAT: Anyhoo, he apparantly believed the hype and thought that he was all "wise" and stuff, and so he asked: " Do you have one question before you die?"

ME: Hmm. That's how I'd do it. If I were an owl, of course.

CAT: Shut up. So, I, just on a lark, asked: "What is the meaning of life?" He said, "The meaning of life is to give life meaning."

ME: Hmm.

CAT: Total tautology, right?

ME: Maybe.

CAT: But, it got me thinking. What if he's right?

ME: That the meaning of life is to give life meaning? Well, let's explore this. When do you feel like your life has the most meaning? Besides when you're burying your poop, of course.

CAT: When I'm not talking to you. When I've got a raccoon cornered. When I feel like I'm accomplishing something.

ME: Okay. So, life has meaning only when you're not wondering what the meaning of life is?

CAT: No, silly human. Life has meaning only when I know exactly why my life has meaning.

ME: Hmm.

CAT: Hmm.

ME: Poop?

CAT: Don't mind if I do.

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posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 01:06 AM

Originally posted by BladeRunner5050
Do you think the OP is coming back, his mood is pissed. He said if he distracts himself for a few days the question comes back. He was talking about illusions that distract him from reality. Losing interest in all things in life. If he comes back maybe he will tell us what comes back into his mind to disturb him? His body breaking down and atoms returning to Earth and thinking his life doesn't matter. Isolating himself and playing nothing but video games.

What games are you playing? GameStop just had a weekend sale buy 2 get 1 free. Did you ever hear the phrase "life's a garden , Dig it". It's from the movie Joe Dirt, he spent his life being stranded at the grand canyon and searching for his family for 15 years or so. Stayed surprisingly upbeat about his plight. Found his parents and started a new family with his friends, because home is where you make it.

It's the question that drives us. I can only show you the door you have to walk through it. If you think of all the beauty in the world, everything you had ever known and will ever know. Illusions like natural substances that keep you distracted like " love" . From the question. I am sorry if this sounds like bull----- . I just found out someone I know was diagnosed with cancer. Someone went off on a rant saying I am older and got problems and stop complaining. Medication can make you feel better or distracted, just take a pill so your symptoms of feeling depressed go away , heard someone say to someone who was suicidal say even if you have to take a pill for the rest of your life if your symptoms don't come back. They are powerful psychotropics that are made to affect your brain chemistry. If you are deeply depressed to the point where you are now maybe an option.
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I didn't go away.
Although I am not typing a reply to every post, I am reading them all. And to be exact what comes into my mind is "why the hell am I doing this? what is the point?" and then comes the void. Also, many didn't read OP carefully. I said that I have been playing video games for whole day for past 2 weeks which many mistakenly assumed that I have always been attached to video games. To be specific I have been playing "Assassin's Creed" series (protagonist along with good guys fighting against templars who abuse authority and keeps everyone in darkness). I like one its quote "Nothing is true, everything is permitted." Another one that I'm playing is "Mass Effect" triology (sci-fi, alien stuff).

What you said is true, its the question that drives us. And no, I am not on medication. I am not having suicidal thoughts and do not want to deal with medication as it won't be a permanent solution. Rather the answer would quench the thirst for once and all.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 01:06 AM
I've been there or maybe I still am... not sure don't care really.

But can someone explain to me what is "the point" of having "a point"
Is reason and meaning not an selfimposed argument to hide the fact it is an illusion?

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 01:49 AM

Originally posted by Oxygenation
Transmogrification.. Alchemy... Turning the base metals into gold...

The Abyss..

That my brother is the journey you are on. Despair, depression, loneliness, self alienation, indifferent attitude to others in the world around you.. feeling like giving it all up.

You my brother are at a low. You are deep in the abyss.. wallowing in unanswered questions but fear not.

This is what the awakened of humanity have to endure before we find inner peace and happiness.
It is the void.. the darkness that many have been through and emerged from with a new lease of life and energy in abundance to venture out into the world and explore each miracle nature has to offer.

The world of psychology will label you a depressive or bi-polar, they will try to box you into a rational explanation which validates their world view but trust me brother you are a true reflection of the world around you.

Those that ignore true reality live in bubbles that eventually burst and we will each have our time.

Yours in now. You have to go round and round and round in the abyss.. almost until it overwhelms you and and fills you completely with despair and heaviness.

When you have swam about in the abyss long enough eventually you will come out of it. It took me the best part of 6 years but i came out of it.. through determination, will power, faith, spirit.. hope, never giving up or giving in.. always holding on to that last strand of something, anything.. and then one day wham! Happiness came, peace came, love came, inspiration came, freedom came, creativity came, connectedness came and that's when everything fell into place.

Now i empower myself at will, I create my own reality, i treat everyday as a gift to go out into the world and be joyous.. in the reality that is full of despair and suffering, pain and deprivation.. i can now walk out as a luminous being and have profound impact on those around me.. i can help to awaken them and empower them too.

Trust me.. you will get there.. your will come out of the abyss.

Peace and love

just re posting this. it needs to be in case you missed it. Oxygenations post, and it speaks truth and beauty dont mean to sound corny and stuff but i really loved this post it has picked me up alot. ( i have just come out of this depression, lasted 2 yr ) so much truth and love !! thank you !!

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 02:02 AM
But can someone explain to me what is "the point" of having "a point"?

Probably not. What's yer point?
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posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 02:27 AM
reply to post by Egyptia

uhhh... to play devils advocate here I would say that us being humans was a part of the condition that makes us care about purpose. I relate to what he is saying... But a worm doesnt care about his 'purpose' in the world thats the lovely gift given us by our evolution. A worrm doesnt worry about meteors either...

I agree with your train of thought though because you are correct.... I would take it even a step further and say that worms give less than a sh*t about everything and just care about eating dirt or whatever it is they do.... Aerate the soil I know.... which helps because everything is symbiotic and all that...

The original post I just saw it as a very fatherly "Get your head out of your a$$" Everybody that is on this forum probably went through something similar and its natural... and it should be encouraged... sublimate that Eorye from Winnie the Poo sh^t or Snuffalupagus.... and define your own purpose.... purpose is always an individual thing.... Video games are what I call a 'time sink' a way for you to stare at your computer monitor and think you are doing something.... get out.... Thats what cured me....

Didn't mean to seem as tho I was directing that towards you.... just my general thoughts....

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 03:46 AM
Glad you don't have a desire to kill yourself. People who commit suicide just waste another X years maturing again. Metempsychosis sucks like that. Take it from a high degree Mason (who admittedly likes trolling ATS 90% of the time but is trying to be serious atm).

It takes effort on your part to change your mindset. Nobody else can do that for you. You play lots of video games well think of life as your time to level up and the accumulation of which carries over after death. Your game is on pause while everyone else is moving up or down. You're just being a fence sitting, emo noob.

I could expound upon the quantum mechanical fundamentals behind transmigration, with enough conducted experiments to verify it, but in the end since it's intangible it will always be up to the individual to believe. I'm just relaying a common (and thoroughly examined) belief within our order. Sulking or being consumed by misanthropy for this lifetime of yours however is actually more detrimental than killing yourself.
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posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 04:13 AM
Hello I'm brand new, ive been lurking ATS for years and I've got to say its people like you that are worth having in this world, your posts and your video links have helped me see what i needed to see within myself. Life is not about judging or having ego its about what you want and what your willing to take out of it.

Their Posts:

Thank you 2 for posting this you have aided in my maturing as a man.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 07:57 AM
reply to post by MystiqueAgent

it's amazing the impact such a tiny beastie can have on one's life. Best wishes for you and your new friend.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 08:02 AM
I agree that we are continually creating distractions to avoid our realities. Our societies are based upon it.
The trick is in creating those which are interesting, and perhaps try focusing on other people for a while. Do some good in the world. It takes effort. You have to TRY.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 08:40 AM
reply to post by BladeRunner5050

I hope he comes back... atomising yourself to dust seems such a waste. I do think that playing video games for days is therapeutic, sometimes we need the therapy. Sometimes we need to space out and use other methods of coping. Tripping on anitdepressents, powering down from life, smiling stupidly as if you know the truth and yet your brain can't formulate a string of thought that is coherent. Sitting in a shrinks office, talking about how you feel, when all you are is dead inside. It's not life, it's mere existing. I've been behind that wall, and it takes diet to get those neurons out of neurotic. My doctor used to say, "rispidal is all you need..." talk therapy is useless, it is all an imbalance, and once you figure to get the balance right, you will start living. Balance is about working your heart, fueling your heart, once you start that engine, everything else will follow, you'll get more oxygen into the brain, and you will sleep. It's a lack of sleep, REM in fact, that starts the downward spiral. If you smoke it's even worse, because your heart only works on ridding your body of toxins, and not on rejuvinating your cells, so slowly you go into this rut, until you wakeup one day like OP and see there is no light. EAT - SLEEP - LIVE - quit the smokes, light up life today and say...

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 08:48 AM
reply to post by morpheusxxz

Why not use your life to effect other peoples lifes?

Volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen.

I have read many of your posts and I think you lack any real convivtion in finding a real answer.

I think you are lazy and weak.

Looking for excuses.

You keep asking yourself the same question as an escape.

You have no meaning because that is what you want the answer to be. Because creating meaning or finding meaning takes effort, and time. It takes patience and love, it takes forgiveness and acceptence, it takes work. It hurts and it is exciting.

All you do is ask a question or make a statement that life is meaningless as if that is an answer. You have to live. Live.
It takes effort to live. It takes guts to live.

You sound gutless to me. Like a spoiled brat curled up in his room waiting to be spoon fed the meaning of life.

Get over yourself.

The fact you have relagetd your friends as being simplistic and materialistic means that is all you really see.
No human is simply their job or their car or the clothes they wear. We like to debase humans as such but in reality they are so much, much more, and you know it.

But you are weak and lazy and so is your perception of your friends.

All you see is a surface you want to see. It is why you see no point in life. You see no point to yourself, lets face it. This is not about life, this is about YOU.

It is really who you are.

You sound young. But that is no excuse.

I sound harsh, but that is because I have lived.

I am no-one, nothing special, i'm just another one of those people you probably think is only interested in money or a job etc. But I live, I live my life. I don't hide or give up because life is tough or some questions are incredibly difficult to ponder and answer.

People survived in concentration camps by giving themself meaning. I think you need to try a little harder, grow some balls and stop wallowing.

Get over yourself and you'll see a world of difference, billions of people full of beauty, a planet full of wonder. A universe full of meaning.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by Tuning Spork

If there is no reason for meaning. Meaningless or pointless doesn't mean anything.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 01:42 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

I kind of like your thinking. But I'd add to it this:
"Can anybody claim they chose to be in this life?"

Did anybody choose where they were born or what body they were born in or what family they have?

If you can't claim to have chosen then you're here by force. And if you're here by force, you cannot be indebted or made guilty for your actions, although you can definitely feel guilty or ashamed of yourself. In the past few days I've thoguht a bit about this and made some comparisons to give the idea context. I compared this life to a person being kidnapped and kept in a room and given (almost) anything they want as long as they stay in the room. If they complain then you can tell them, "But look at everything I give you! Shouldn't you be thankful?" And if you want to make them feel indebted to you, you can say, "I have a daughter and she's ill and I've given you some books to read so that you can find a cure. Please help her and do as you're told. Nobody else is able to help her." If you tell him that you do not want to help his daughter because you're being forced to live in that single room, he can object by showing you his ill daughter and even encouraging a relationship so that you feel guilty if you do not help. Anyway, all of these examples are my attempt at giving a meaningful analogy to explain this reality we live in.

I feel that empathy is the one thing that worries a lot of people and keeps them from just making every day a joke and truly feeling free from oppression. There's so much misery and suffering and poverty in this world that it's hard to ignore. So empathetic people will either go out into the world and forever help others to alleviate their pain (for a short while) or they will sit and hopelessly nurse it alone. Suffering can never be completely removed. So I think some people give up in despair, realizing the nature of things. Nothing stops a person from endlessly helping others (until they die), but some people, for one reason or another, cannot cope with the knowledge that suffering will always exist in one form or another.

Maybe that's why we have religion; to bring relief to people who want all suffering ended. Most of these religions have a place called heaven, and it's there where suffering stops. They chase after these religions just as others chase after the hurt and the sick. They do this to feel temporary respite from the pain.
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