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Is this proof Alex Jones is a disinfo agent?

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posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 03:01 PM

Originally posted by RealSpoke
AJ is paid the same way (skeptic overlord is, he won't let people talk about drugs because it's bad for his ad business.) AJ wants you to be a right winger that is scared, because it PAYS him in ad clicks, sponsorships on his radio, for you to be afraid. If you're anything else he isn't going to make money off you.

He can put his movies out for free because in this day in age it is the SMART thing to do business wise. Yes, free movies will bring you new fans, new site visits, and a hell of a lot of AD CLICKS. The bigger your audience, the more you can charge for ad placement.

I have no problem with him making money, but I'm just sick of his loyals spouting things like "WELL HE PUTS THEM MOVIES OUT THERE FOR FREE". Which in turn just makes him more money, not that I have an issue with that.

He also says the same exact thing over and over again each show.... "Insert new news here" then he reads off from his script. NWO is awful, world is goin down, we're all gonna be enslaved". It's to the point where his guests are the only one bringing anything new into the show, which is a BAD thing.

There have been moments where he says one thing next week and another the next. Most people have short memories and can't remember what he said a week ago. I could though, or I don't know maybe people noticed and didn't care.

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It would be different if he was a fearmonger that added some kind of solutions, but he doesn't.

Intellectually, it's the equivalent of medicine. Cures may be the best thing, but you'll lose money if you find the cure.

Which, on principal, makes him the same money-grabbing douchebag he purports to hate with the NWO.

As to the idea that it'd be impossible to raise that kind of cash, then # it, why even try?

Why even vote for Ron Paul?

Why even protest? Why even raise a voice at ALL?

Yeah, fatalism works SO WELL, might as well get paid for it.

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