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Ancient History Reworked - TRUTH! (well, at least some...)

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posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 11:17 PM
Be kind, this is a first draft. I didn't even reread it yet. Please voice your praises AND criticisms AANNDD SUPPORTING IDEAS which I can work into the general concept. Thanks for reading.

My hypothesized history for your consideration:

Civilization was cruising along its developmental path at some unspecified time, long ago. While technology was further along than is reported, transportation was not particularly advanced. This resulted in comfortable cultures that did not intermingle and communicate much and therefore coexisted very peacefully.

Enter off-Earth beings. When advanced life (tool making) is discovered by the community of interstellar, their first action is to evaluate the maturity of the civilizations present on the planet prior to making open contact. This is due to the moral principal that to withhold life enhancing technology from beings that are informed members of the interstellar community is immoral. As such, should a war capable world be accepted into the community and therefore gain access to the advanced technology contained therein, the destruction and loss of life that would ultimately be brought about as the true nature of life in the universe is revealed to that violent world would reach a level thus far unimaginable for humans. This would be due to the fear generated by the extreme "otherness" of inter-stellar life forms. If a white guy can't get over his fear and hatred of blacks, how can we expect him to react to goo-beings, lizard beings, invisible beings, microscopic beings, and so on. A fly talking to me? Squish!

So the off-worlders evaluated humanity and found them peacefully coexisting and developing cultures which were balanced within their environments. I don't know if the evaluators were rookies or what, but they failed to realize that the peace was due to distance, not open minds and mutual respect. They were at peace because it was too inconvenient to make war over such great distances with their technologically retarded forms of transportation. So Earth was accepted into the greater community of the galaxy and universe and the real story begins.

By whatever means, technology far beyond that present then and even today, was introduced to the humans of earth. The civilizations rapidly advanced and after not too long, tensions between different cultures began to emerge. The life saving and life advancing technology began to be altered and turned into technology of mass murder. Off-worlders mostly left, but left behind Giants to oversee the cultures' development. The altered technology was turned on the Giants (viewed as oppressors) and they were wiped out. The unity achieved vs. the Giants did not last long after their common enemy was gone. Shortly thereafter, the cultures of Earth turned their death-tech on each other and the world got a bit ugly.

With no word from the Giants and no expected signs of Humanity in space, the off-worlders came back and found a gruesome reality of death, oppression, and control. The leaders of the nations were collected to answer for the state of affairs on Earth. Of course ridiculous lies of the Giants leaving and a single renegade nation (now wiped out) were tried. "No, we weren't fighting, those are just games left over from when we were DEFENDING ourselves from the defeated, evil nation... We just woke up one day and they were gone?!? Don't really know where the Giants went? Sorry..."

When the primary story teller's (leader of the dominant nation in the world) pet pit bull was vaporized, the truth (-ish) began to come out. A tone of defiance was all too obvious. The leader began boldly threatening the off-worlders and boasting of his power... destructive power. His wife and children were then vaporized and he bit his tongue. With no easy solution present, humanity was given a deadline by which they must achieve demilitarization and world peace (like 100 years or something). The leaders said o.k. and away went the off-worlders, leaving behind humans muttering insults under their breath.

The off-worlders returned to a sadly one-sided battle, the end of which was marked with deployment of something akin to the death star... the Moon. A broad beam was emitted from orbit which instantly torched everything it touched, leaving behind nothing but dirt and stone. It began in southern California, swept across the southwestern states and northern Mexico, on across northern Africa and the middle east, and down to Australia, where it was deactivated, leaving the massive hole in the atmosphere which it was firing through. This is why there is a stripe of desert around the world where life should be flourishing, green, and abundant. Humans had not settled the globe yet. The beam wiped out 98% of humanity and 100% of the alien technology. ...or so the off-worlders thought...

The 2% of humanity remaining began to reinvent our species from sticks and stones. The primitive state we were left in resulted in a loss of the majority of history. But one story did survive. There was a cache. A store of the alien technology, hidden and protected from the beam. So the search began for the vessel, promised by the ancients. The promise of returning to glory and power. They searched for the vessel, the ark. The Ark of the Covenant; within which were 10 pieces of technology. Whomever found the technology first would dominate the world. Following rumors and myths, legends and tales, people searched. The followed the clues around the world, most gave up, but a few families were obsessed. They were obsessed with power and with the ultimate power and domination (i.e. security) the Ark promised. The true nature of the search and the Ark became obscured by time and tales... and outright lies. The families saw the Ark's discovery as their destiny, their calling. Their elite knowledge was held on to by their superior minds and genetics they believed. In the end, they did find the Ark. But it was not as imagined. It was MASSIVE. A modest opening to a large cave that ended in a blockage by a HUGE boulder the size of a small office building. The searchers were sure of what lay behind it though and blasted through. Only to find another giant cavern with a boulder in one wall. And another and another. Down they descended. After some 6 levels down, when they opened the 7th, their search ended. The natives had held the site sacred and forbidden. They knew of a dangerous power within, worthy of holy respect. They had to be relocated. This all happened not far from where I am now in Las Vegas, NV. Just north of here at Groom Lake, a.k.a. Area 51.

The technology was studied, deciphered, and was in a proper order of building blocks of expanding knowledge. Slowly and carefully, the tech was leaked into the world at large. Fortunes were created and power amassed on a terrifying scale. But the off-worlders noticed the premature technological activity occurring on Earth and came to investigate. Earth's leaders were a bit more savvy this time. They pleaded the case of humanity and negotiated another deadline for peace. But absolute power corrupts absolutely and many ignored the deadline in favor of exploiting their power and wealth. The deadline is coming. We're scrambling to unite the world - by force at this point, so late in the game. I doubt we can put up any more resistance than we did last time. We'll probably end up looking like Mars... hmmm

posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 11:36 PM
Is this for a video game plot or TV series?

posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 01:16 AM

Originally posted by boncho
Is this for a video game plot or TV series?

Indiana jones is in this isnt he? I knew the ark of the covenant would make a return one day. Seriously though it sounds like steven speilburgs scripts from the refuse bin. My eyes glazed over reading it. Less exposition and make it more exciting in the explanation of the past.Its salvageable.

posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 06:31 AM
I just do the typing so the words get out there. You'll have to take up the story quality with whomever tells me this stuff. Try n say, "Ton."

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