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CISPA and the shillers. I had a thoery and I was right or was I?

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posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 10:15 PM
I noticed how the first post about CISPA wasn't getting much attention and it just kept diving deeper and deeper into the abyss where it would not be noticed by anyone, anymore, ever.

So, I decided that CISPA has to be heard and did some fast research and put my own CISPA thread out there so it could breath again. Nothing in the thread line had been wrote and added to new topics in 9 hours. Then when I post my CISPA thread there is a bombardment of new topics that hit and I mean it was like (1) ever 7 to 15 minutes. Now, CISPA has been buried again.

Bring it on shillers, I can do this all night. I love to write and Im sure alot of others would love a good writing session as well. Game on! hah

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