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Take a tour through David Ickes crib

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posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 06:12 PM
Here's the latest video from David Icke where he takes the viewers through a tour of his mansion, garages of cars, and stacks of money and gold.

Wanna see where David lives?

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posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 06:31 PM
Starred and Flagged.

Unlike many authors of books, Mr. Icke does not scour the net and delete or has not deleted his work. In fact it is quite easy to get any of his books or videos on the net free.

And he does sell, he is a top selling author and lecturer.

If Mr. Icke reads this.............thank you for allowing us into a part of your private life.

Your flat is beautiful and exactly as I pictured it.

Safe journey.

"Love is the answer, everything else is an illusion". - David Icke.

Oh, and Rudolph is great right where he is!

Mr. Icke will turn 60 on April 29th.

I have to budget Mr. Icke's books in but I have all of them hard back and the free ones. After reading the free ones, I bought the hard copies because they (to me) are so well written.

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posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 06:38 PM
"I'll notify the butler"
The number 8...for infinity I guess"

I was expecting some reptilian action figures sitting around, and a bloodline chart.

Light bulbs? Yea he's a prepper for sure!
Surely he is actually woth millions, no? A dozen or so books and numerous dvds has generated some doe I'd imagine. I bet he has sold well over a million copies.
What, an owl in the house and it's not Molloch

Nice find, and I guess he's just like the rest of us in a sense, just a better dot connector than most.


posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 06:56 PM
reply to post by Swills

I earn my living as an internet marketer......Mr Icke could certainly teach me a thing or two!

Do not be fooled by this man.....his ramblings have sold many a book and DVD.....and they have sold out many an auditorium!

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by speculativeoptimist

No, for some strange reason I've been researching and he is not despite selling millions of books and sell out tours not worth as much as you would think.

He's not even on a list of well to do that I could find.

There are some of us that actually do value truth and life above money.

We are going to adopt one more death row dog............(feel like a birth / adoption annoucement)

When he / she comes we will officially announce it here on ATS.

Adoption app put in and we will see.

Lucy has told me she needs a buddy to teach her how to play, she's quite lonely for another companion.

There is this little terrier mix in Wisconsin we are hoping will share our life with.

If and when this happy even occurs we will officially announce it because some of us do hold life and honor over money.

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 07:04 PM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

I appreciate your perspective, and I hope my tone was not snarky. I was just surprised because I know he has 6 major books, that are translated and distributed to multiple countries, plus the dvds, so I would guess he has easily sold a few million copies. I have 3 of his books and a couple of dvds that shook my world back in the day!!
Anyway, yes money is not everything, and I did not expect him to be an aristocrat or anything, but millionaire, yes.

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posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 12:25 AM
Where has all David Icke's money gone?

Well, like all men - he is only human, he allowed himself to think with the head between his legs and married a gold digger that took him to the cleaners.

Her name was Pamela Leigh Richards.

I feel for Mr. Icke................when it comes to women, a really pretty, manipulative woman that knows how to work the game can con almost any man out of anything.

Kingdoms have been won and lost between the legs of a woman.

Article here:

I feel for David because Ms. Richard's had and has no talent and getting caught in her web was a common mistake many men make.

posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 01:48 PM
Another interesting article about Mr. Icke.

Now a person who has sold millions of books, DVD's and gone all over the planet to sell out performances must have made a fortune.

Where did it go?

One replier to this thread did ask that question so I dug a little deeper being the nosy body that I am.

Again, I say his latest wife was a gold digger.

My husband took one look at her and said, "Yep, poor smuck, should have given that Pamela Richards woman a wide berth". They happened to just keep meeting each other - yeah right and I'm the pope.

Found this article and will quote in part and give source.

For as hard as Mr. Icke has worked, and for that hussy to take and money grab and con him as well as his business partner, Royal Adams.

This is what happens when nice people that come into money are too trusting.

David Ickes Divorce Is Gonna Get Messy...!!!

Post Kallisti, Damn'd Sod..!!! on Tue Aug 17, 2010 7:51 pm David Icke: The Beleaguered Warrior

There is a time when the warriors amongst us must be honored.

I have a friend who most of you are aware of.
His work is tireless, yet the challenges against him mount.
He has chosen a path few would dare consider as it has put him in the line of fire within his community, country and even on a global scale. I am referring to David Icke.

On the public side of our relationship with David, I have interviewed him a half a dozen times.
On the private side, he has been a guest in our home, staying for weeks at a time to rest and continue working on his books while on speaking tours in the United States. Due to this intimate degree of contact, I have observed him close-up. What some may find surprising is that he is not an angry man, rather focused and polite. He treats his fellow man with kindness.

Perhaps this is because he is fully aware of what humanity is up against in terms of the plethora of control systems in place. As a result, he has a deep compassion for his fellow human being.

Some of you may already know what is to follow here, but most of you don’t.

David has suffered with rheumatoid arthritis his entire adult life, arthritis so severe that there are days when you would find him walking around with his shoes untied. This is because he cannot reach them.
There have been times when his friends, including myself, have tied them for him. There is a small humiliation in his voice when he asks for help.

The massive tomes he writes, these prolific offerings, are produced with two fingers. The arthritis has deformed his hands to the extent that he has only his two index fingers available for a ‘hunt and peck’ style of keyboarding. Yet, for 8-12 hours a day he sits at the computer determined to put the pieces of the big picture together for all of his readers on the verge of awakening and/or remembering.

But, perhaps more painful than the arthritis has been the emotional trauma of having his world turned upside down by two people who entered his life within weeks of one another about a decade ago.

One was his American publishing associate, Royal Adams, who has recently served time in prison for tax fraud. He stole a fortune from David over many years by hiding the number of books that were being sold and pocketing the difference. He also covertly put the rights to David's books in North America in his own name.
David had to take incredibly expensive legal action to win back the rights to his own books and, as a result, never earned a penny from any books sales, DVD sales or talks world-wide for three years.
It all went in legal costs.

Royal contacted David via Pamela Richards, who became David’s second wife.
The marriage ended more than three years ago, but now, as David has got back on his feet financially, Pamela is currently demanding immense amounts of money from David in a divorce settlement after not getting a job herself for the last three years.


Now the person writing this says Mr. Icke has stayed with them at their home as a guest for bits of time, so when someone stays with you for a week, two, three, a month, you do get to know them.

Boy, between Mr. Icke's scuzzy business partner and gold digging second wife (we all have our weaknesses - his is women I guess).

Mr. Icke's flat is very nice as is his car. But for the sheer number of books, DVDs and tours this man has done, all with rheumatoid arthritis in his hands (which from being in nursing is quite painful - this guy is brave, a real lion) you can see he's been taken to the cleaners via divorce.

Man, I thought my son had been screwed, my son's ex wife even tried to grab our money - money my husband and I worked 35+ years for...............let this be a warning to you folks out there.

Sorry but when you find yourself 50-60 years old and some sweet little tender cutie (male or female) comes up and bats their eye lashes at you and says "oh but we're meant to be soul mates" - don't kid yourself.

Look at any poor man or woman that is 40-50-60, no money, no honey.

So if you are wondering where all of David Icke's money has gone too read this article............his flat is smaller than the top part of my house. I say, if Pamela Richards didn't write the damn books she shouldn't get any money for his work - what did she do, run the xerox machine, schedule his tours and answered e-mails? She didn't get up there and talk, do the DVD's, write the books.............she's a leech and poor Mr. Icke fell for it.

Article below for avoiding gold diggers

If you are rich and famous and old, pay for it and wear a mask - don't put a ring on their finger and really pay through the nose for it.

Now women have got it down to a science and even have courses.

Face it, if you are 50+ and a 20-30 year old is gunning for you, they are not after you they are after your $$$$$

Gold Diggers in training.

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posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 02:33 PM
Thanks for the posting the vid - was just as I thought it would be.
I guess it is hard for some to believe that someone could commit their life to assisting others above financial reward.
I have spent my whole life doing what I deem right above money and am very poor financially yet richly rewarded in soul - I am a billionaire in the wonderful people I have met along the way.
I saw David Icke in his early days and though I may hold fire on a few of his out there beliefs - I whole heartedly support the essence of his work - he is spokesman for thousands of thousands could be millions of like minded souls.
The best things in life are free - Universal law.

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posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 02:55 PM
Icke is a Earthly Hero of mine, his The Lion Sleeps No More, is a personnal favortie of mine..

posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 01:11 PM
to sell deception to the public

swapping one false reality for another, one lie for another, one false hood for another.

David dIckes new order, is very simular to the Illuminati nwo

and a lot of what he teachers can be found in free mason and Illuminati teaching,

channeled from the same source, same anti christ spirits, doctrine of demons,

another subject you are not allowed to discuss on the icke forum, spirit channeling, dmt, or any mention of the guys David dIckes spirit guides , and the influence he hosts, have over him,

even satan can appear as an angel of light.

enough truth and a lot of deception, to lead people up the garden path.

some of his sources are less than sound to, when you really look into his claims, do the home work, several things , are far from the truth or any where near accurate.

they will be poorer financialy and spiritualy to, waiting for a great awakening, that at best is just a strong delusion

not about the money yer right , he is doing very nicely thank you very much, has to pay of his x reptilian wife

donations welcome , she is no fool either . watch that space .
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