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Just When You Thought Peace Has Been Achieved.[WRC]

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posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 11:52 AM
It was a beautiful September day all around the world. All wars have been declared over and peace agreements between all nations have now been enacted worldwide. People across the planet are rejoicing in the new found peace and tranquility of this new world. People are in the streets dancing, feasting, drinking and interacting with each other with a new found respect for one another. All racial hatred and bigotry has ceased. The truths behind religion have been revealed and the truth is now known. There is an almost euphoric feeling in every ones happiness due to it being the first time on Earth that humans have felt true happiness and peace. Even the wildlife of Earth is showing a newfound sense of content with their environments. This day of celebration was named New Glory Day by an international council and is to be celebrated worldwide every year on this date. The celebrations are expected to last well into the night tonight and will be remembered for a long time.

As the sun went down a cool comforting breeze began to blow across the Earth. Clouds began to emerge from every direction and an electrical static noise began to emanate from the sky. People immediately began to panic believing a massive thunderstorm was happening. All of the sudden the ground began to shake and the noises in the sky became louder and louder until they were so loud they drowned out any thought. The only thing people could feel worldwide at this point was panic and vibration. People ceased being able to move. As quickly as the noise and shaking began they stopped. There were still very strange clouds in the sky and they now seemed to be glowing green and red. The people of the planet found themselves coherent and conscious, but they were all paralyzed in the positions they were in when the shaking and noise began.All people could feel now was fear. A fear they have never felt before. As if an evil presence was hanging over their shoulders and piercing into their brains. Many people dropped dead of fear at this moment The rest of humanity sat there frozen in time with only their thoughts to haunt them. This lasted only a short while for there was much more truth yet to be given to the humans of Earth.

The sound of radio interference from the sky brought everyone back from their thoughts and back into the reality that someone very powerful is in control of us. All of the sudden a loud, dark but clear voice began to speak from the sky. The frozen in place humans could not believe what they were hearing.

"I am Phobos, your new master and commander. I come from the star Anteres in the constellation Scorpius. I have been given control over the Earth and the life that it holds. From now on you shall acknowledge me as your god. I am here to collect the evil souls of the satanic elite as they belong to me now. The wicked who have been terrorizing your world for wealth and power have been doing so on my behalf. I have been striking deals with them for many thousands of years to ensure they stay in power on Earth. These souls are currently being transported off planet to ensure their survival."

"I also concluded a deal with the elite to give us two million healthy children to be taken and used to create a slave race of humans for later use by the elite. These children are currently being taken aboard the many spacecrafts in orbit around the planet and will be taken to a secret location in a far away galaxy."

"The rest of you will disappear with the coming cleansing of the planet. I am in the process of dismantling the Earths magnetic field while at the same time fueling the sun to prepare for large flares and coronal mass ejections. When things are in place I will initiate a sequence in which the sun will release flares and large ejections in cyclical order until the atmosphere of the Earth is removed and every living species on the surface of the planet will burn to dust. You lowly humans who have not been taken no longer hold the right to live on my planet. It will be ten thousand years before another soul will walk the planet Earth."

"After the cleansing has completed it's cycle lasting about six months, I will then send my army of Frost Giants that live on your planetoid Pluto, to enter the inner Earth and capture all of the Reptilian under lords who have been there since the creation of Earth. The Frost Giants consider the Reptilians a delicacy so they were more than happy to do the exterminating for me. They are my own personal mercenaries."

"The elite who have been saved are being taken to various parts of the Orion System to serve as overlords for some of the groups of intelligent life found there. They are being taken there because Orions is place of darkness where evil prevails and thrives."

"One group will be sent to Sigma Orionis, where they will take control over the mighty Fire Dragons that rule that system"

"Another group will be going to Theta Orionis, where they will gain control over the Tall greys and use them to advance their warfare technologies and satanic powers."

"A third group will be taken to the Rigel system which is home to the everpowerfull race of Wookies. Wookies feed on the blood of the weak and are a great warrior race."

"In the Bellatrix system, the All woman Warriors will fulfill the needs of the satanic elite who gain control over them."

"The final group will be sent to the Trapezium, which is the home of the Blue Skinned Giants. These people are very powerfull psychics and intuitives. They will serve the elite and be used to plan the repopulation of Earth."

"The elite will live in these systems for ten thousand years while the Frost Giants re-terra-form Earth. During this time they will conduct continual wars to determine who will be the ones to reclaim Earth as thier own. At this time the product of the child slave race taken in the beginning will be returned to Earth to serve the elite."

"For those of you sitting there frozen and in fear. Do not fear your death. You all will be moving into a part of the universe that is filled with light upon your crossover. The Earth now belongs to the dark and will remain so forever.When you awaken from your paralyzed state you will immediately feel the burn of the increasing heat from the sun. You cannot hide or run from this. I urge you to stay in the open and let it come quick. If you choose to go underground you will face the wrath of the Frost Giants, and they will eat you just the same as the Reptilians. Just accept that this is the end of your human cycle and it will take a little pain to move forward. Their will be no more communication from me as I have many preparations to make, and operations to commence."

And just like that, the people remaining on the planet came out of their paralyzed stupor and immediately realized that there were many people missing. Many children were gone and a helpless feeling fell over the planet. Those on the daylight side of the Earth saw the bursts coming from the sun. They could feel a steady increase of the heat on their skin. Within minutes their skin began to blister and soon after their bodies began to boil. Those on the dark side of the planet saw their demise coming by watching the atmosphere burn up in an incredible display of electricity and fire. Within days the planet became a burnt rock incapable of supporting life on the surface. And the end has fianally come.

posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 05:22 PM
Well, you started out happy, then wham, what a bad hair day for everyone.

I always knew we were never alone in the multiverse, but man, I never thought it was THAT populated with bad guys. I liked the details. SnF.

posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 06:32 AM
I love NON-happy endings.

Nice story.

posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by usmc0311

If this were a movie, it would really piss me off, but as a short story, it was entertaining. Everybody is toast, except those enslaved. We brought it on ourselves, didn't we? Silly humans. I always knew those reptilians were lazy and self-indulgent, but at least they stay crunchy in Plutonian milk.

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