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Autonomics Replaces Economics - Real Progress In The Making

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posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 08:24 AM
Economics concerns itself with the distribution of resources . Without it , society would collapse. This is not a discusssion of economic methods of solving the central economic problem , that of scarcity , ie unlimited human wants divided by limited earthly provision .
But I am here to say that economics is , well , so twentieth century . We feed , daily , a dinosaur of a system , which knows no country's shorelines as its bounds . I want to talk and hear about progress , human progress and environmental progress which can transform this world . I dont have to stand on a platform to do it but can write here on ats.
During the discussion , solar power will be an example , just one, of autonomic beginnings . Autonomics is defined here . link> as simply an system operating independently , or relatively so .
Another example is hybrid technology , for example hybrid cars . One system feeds the other power , and both are tuned into efficient autonomic harmony . It sounds boring but the fastest of racing cars these days are hybrid machines. Both feeds both and further than double into tripling power and even further can be the result .In this discussion I want to target autonomic solutions towards very traditional economic problems . I also wish to encourage my contemporararies into this train of thought.
The direct basis of any economy is agriculture . Autonomics within agriculture is already a fascinating and fast developing approach which is bringing firm results , and most people know that what youre looking for , is results. So you design systems where you know you're going to get them . A traditional example commonly used is Norfolk 'four-course' rotation . In some ways the old world had to give up autonomics for economics, but that doesnt mean we are not allowed it back, to use within economics. An oxfordshire pig farmer , for example , uses his pigs waste products to create methane which heats his house , his swimming pool , his hot water , and powers a generator which gains him money from the national grid . He still has plenty of spare heat , and with his money and freed up time is looking to expand and use it , perhaps with greenhouses . Further examples include permaculture , aquaponics , and home systems using tech and shared systems like lights for indoor growing .
Reliable irrigation systems , recycling resources and correct investments in materials make autonomics within agriculture and home life become integral. If you're a small-holder , these ideas will be well known , and while most people are small-holders of sorts, its the case, not only within agriculture that economics, or those using its powers , may allow use or knowledge of autonomics selectively . Lastly, on agriculture , advanced autonomics brings multiple tangible or countable gains, usually including the very important difference in life , between poor nutrition and subsequent health and good and whole nutrition, and many related benefits.

On employment , autonomic systems need to be one's own choice , and retained as such , while you may find very liitle independence or relevance in lifes changes and exchanges becomes yours . However the world of autonomics and economics does operate on a naturally 'given' basis in that , hard work is always rewarded , foresight gains many advantages to efficient hard work , physical and or monetary gains are tangibly made .
The point then is that working towards creating autonomic systems is a way towards autonomy itself . And that has always been a crucial aspect of economics , and always will be . The question , at what point can we count wealth itself ?
In simple terms , self employment is a practical answer to those apparently 'crying out' for work . At least in this country at present. Not only that , but groupings putting together autonomic systems which 'can -do' in terms of technological input , and making advantage out of all the parts, or potential parts , being made available by the current systems of economics , make gains in both economic and autonomic world.

Algorisms , lose their place when they are no longer relevant . A problem close to the heart of economics is that of distribution , ie physical supply . Demand is an easy thing to quell , uinless its food and necessaries you are talking about .But supply is not so easy to solve .
Autonomic supply cuts out economic problems . Look at food transportation , and the air and road miles it takes up. All the time potentially degrading . We know in this country how much foood we need , and while economics means local food producers in the uk are on the up , does not autonomics laugh in its face ? A farmers market spring onion for example makes the same as or even more than , the tescos minimum 18 pence worth . Of one spring onion , only one .

Supply and demand is a complex issue in any system , like machines for example . A system can be made to serve many purposes and gain multiple tangible results. Internally , functions performed which create results such as waste products can be integrated . Where one element feeds the needs of another , such as in aquaponics where the fish waste is used by plants as food , both the plants gain food or fresh water and hence growth . Only feeding the fish becomes necessary , and of course , helping yourself to food . Its a sustainable and real solution to real-time and long term simple problems occuring every single day.
Where the needs of product supply are met by another product's waste , gains are made in time for the producer , , product quality , sustainability of operation , and in the simplicity of production itself , and its processes . Crucially , distribution is solved . There are no shortages of tomato seeds , but a shortage of tomatoes , in effect . Nowadays , simple systems can replace and remove the need for , traditionally traded articles . When we connect these systems up , we are into a low-tech/high intelligence efficiency known , as is in this embryo of an idea , autonomics . Where co-incidence occurs , has always been a lead to follow , through the various disciplines and professions in life . And where the truth is , autonomics can and will happen , for better or worse .

Which leads me to autonomic systems used for cheating . While we're not paying DC for his tips on the horses , its not somewhere we should need to go . As honest individuals , businessmen is all we need be .

Autonomic systems are not effectively 'autocracy' , do not lead to national or international independence etc . But the idea needs oiling with a regard for the necessities of the the future , and how we can actually morph this world into one where everyone gains , not just the few . It is children who count and very much our vested interest too , the future should teach us the lessons of the past , plus drag us into living in the present . Its certainly not militancy that can enmilden the current powers that be , people on the ground at grass roots level who can take these ideas forward and to gain for themselves . It takes some brainpower , alot of foresight , some luck , skill and good judgement to invent a car , but when the early engineers did that , they created an autonomic system that gave the people autonomy . The power we have as people is endless if we are just given the knowledge alone . The wisdom must come first and people should see the resources everywhere , even beaming down from the sky . Those with solar power..
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posted on Apr, 2 2012 @ 10:02 AM
There is a lot of accounting to do in banking, business, government, everywhere. Adding numbers and doing sums is what computers are good at, so let the machines do it. As for automatics, are you describing making decisions? Self learning algorithms swimming through the mass of economic data? Trying to make some sense of it all through pattern matching, neural networks and code mutations? It would be one to watch if it takes shape.

At the moment it is appear that there is more over sight going on with the actual conditions of the global economy and better mapping of the money cycles. As money is a representation of trade and trade can be conducted many ways, it is impossible to measure every transaction. But there is a growing ability to collate most of the global trends, distribution routes, supply issues and other economic factors into a single source. It will take a lot of work to dig through this mountain of data, but in it can supply attention deficiencies, corruption links, and other areas of social need.

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