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The big secret is.....

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posted on Feb, 28 2013 @ 03:27 AM
Oh and the story of Christopher Dorner, 33 years old, what? Come on. Burned? The police went bonkers and even shot innocent people in their maniacal pursuit of this guy. That is some serious wacko news right there. And it is all over now. No more news. Nobody is talking about it. They searched for him and burned him in some remote house Waco style. Insane. That was in week 38 I think. Week 38. Could have been theater. I don't know.

posted on Mar, 13 2013 @ 05:50 AM
Here is 3-2-2.

Third Type, Second Round, Second Week.

posted on Mar, 13 2013 @ 06:38 AM
What If:

3 = Baptism/Water "Stand Up For The People/Person" + Communion/Sulfur "Stand Alone & Endure For The People/Person" + Confirmation/Salt "Made By The People/Person"

2 = Light (Eternal Life) And Darkness (Lost Soul)...

2 = Win (Heaven) Or Lose (Hell)...

edit on 13-3-2013 by Pinocchio because:

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 02:25 AM
I've been lost in the real world for a while.
I was trying to find some sort of correlation between the movements of the Moon and the Gate Weeks - thinking the Moon phase was keying the stock movement during the Gate Week 40 with a waxing Moon indicating price advance in the next Round, and a waning Moon indicating price decline in the next Round. I also considered the number of the Moon being odd or even, such that the year's odd Moons or even Moons would indicate something. No luck. I am getting really frustrated with my study of this phenomenon.

I have not thrown it on the trash heap of conspiracy just yet. I probably never will. The things I've seen are just too compelling. I must continue observing this. And when another amazing coincidence of major stock movement/mainstream news/key dates occurs you will be the first to know!

Does anybody know anything? Anybody have any ideas?

Take a look at the Dow Jones Industrial Index chart showing the first Round of Type three.....

This chart shows a blue line drawn from the closing price of Type 2 - Round 6 - Week 40 to the closing price of Type 3 - Round 1 - Week 40.

The people that make this happen definitely had a certain trajectory in mind when they started. That third week in May 2012 (May 21 - May 25) was the week when the news of Etan Patz's supposed killer broke in the mainstream channels. The police had supposedly found out who killed Etan Patz 33 years ago.

Near the end of Round 1, we saw Christopher Dorner, age 33, burned after a police manhunt. That was in Week 38 (Type 3 - Round 1 - Week 38). Does anybody have any ideas about 38 or a 38th degree?

At the end of Round 1, in Week40, the stock market advanced and I saw nothing of note in the mainstream news.

We are currently in the middle of the 5th Week of Type 3 Round 2.

This is Wednesday, April 3, 2013 aka Type 3 - Round 2 - Week 5.

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 09:01 PM
reply to post by XXX777

I like to live moon to moon.
meaning I work 20 of 28 days. In that time I collect pay 4 times
the accumulated pay serves me well.
It yields a lump sum for savings, plus my monthly, or moonly, expenses are covered. Yay me.
I'm a cancerian.

posted on Apr, 3 2013 @ 09:09 PM

Originally posted by XXX777

Originally posted by reficul
?????? would you care to elaborate on this theory of yours? it's pretty vague.

Quick! Before some ~moderator~ bans me, or deletes me, or does something else un-moderate.
I think somebody forgot their Meds.

posted on Apr, 17 2013 @ 07:08 AM
This is Wednesday, April 17, 2013, Type 3 - Round 2 - Week 7.

We've seen the Bitcoin scam, Boston Marathon bombing demonizing gun powder, major gold price movement, major Leftist political gun wrangling, perhaps a stock market pivot?

Archetype 3... Separation of the World Parents
Archetype 2... The Great Mother

Symbolism of the Number 7...

posted on Apr, 17 2013 @ 10:19 AM
Sounds like your average case of paranoia. I wish you would have put everything you said into the opening statement, so we didn't have to continually ask what you meant.

With your picture, I also feel like I'm being brainwashed.


But honestly, a word in the news like viable would be just as applicable to a story about a baby antelope. I'm gonna need more evidence than just one word to think that there is a hidden agenda linked between the government and media.

posted on Apr, 17 2013 @ 10:21 AM
And also when I got to the part with the graph, I just... I... okay...

posted on Apr, 19 2013 @ 03:08 AM
Plus it is Friday, April 19th. The Beast!

Last night there was shooting at MIT. Near Building 32.

These events are early reflections of a cellular breakout.

posted on Apr, 21 2013 @ 03:51 PM
The more I think about this week the more I believe it is a signal week. The golden key, the yellow metal started an overnight selloff on Sunday in the futures markets. The Monday Boston Marathon bombing brings a reflexive cry for Justice. The stock market ended down for the week, leaving the classic two towers, up and down, formation on the weekly candlestick chart. I've seen markets pivot after having a big up week followed by an equally big down week.

We were in 3 - 2 - 7.
Type 3, Round 2, Week 7.
Separation of the World Parents, Great Mother, 7th Week.

I believe the Great Mother is building her sons by degrees.
What about the 7th Degree?
Of various systems?

What does the 7th Degree teach?

Here comes another week.... 3 - 2 - 8......

posted on May, 7 2013 @ 02:17 PM
Pivot in week 7? Obviously not.

We are in the tenth week, in the third archetype, so let's look for a 10-20-10 type of move. There are several ways to split up 40..... you can have 8 & 32.... 10 & 20 & 10.... 18 & 22.... 20 & 20.....

When the pivot occurs it is absolute. There is no doubting. The Dow will pivot decisively. We'll see it happen. We just have to wait for it.

For now, we are still under the influence of the Type 2 - Round 6 - Week 40 story about Etan Patz 33 years ago. The signal was to buy, continue upwards, keep going until the signal to turn.

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 12:44 AM
reply to post by XXX777

12 and 28?

Week 12 seems to be a line in the sand. The Nikkei has fallen from 16,000 to 13,600. The Dow started something very interesting last Wednesday. The Moon.

The Woman has lifted her veil. I've personally seen two weddings this May. And the chicks start thinking... hmmm....

The Moon!

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 12:53 AM
reply to post by Pinocchio

This guy! This Pinocchio guy is killing it. He makes crazy sense. And what about the Cancer chicks? Those spooky Halloween babies are crazy. Who can tame the Cancer chick?!!

posted on May, 30 2013 @ 03:06 AM
And speaking of killing it...
Living from moon to moon is better weak to week.
Checks are greater in the moonly sense.
They are weak in the week to week sense.

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by XXX777

Greetings XXX777!
What do you make of this? Its being called the The Hindenburg Omen.

Two such signals within a 36-day period is consider ed a Hindenburg Omen. The Hindenburg Omen portends a serious decline within the next 40 days . (note: the 36 day period is somewhat ambiguous, as we have seen some say it is a 30 day period, and some say it must be 30 calendar vs. 30 business days).

Let’s look at the first “observation” that occurred on April 15 th of this year.

1) NYSE New 52 Week Highs = 70 , New Lows = 77 . Both exceeded 2.2% of total issues that day.
2) The 10 Week (50 Day) Moving Average Was Rising
3) The McClellan Oscillator was negative
4) New 52 Week highs were NOT more than twice 52 week Lows
All 4 criteria were met.

Now on Wednesday, May 29 th , we got a second “observation”, which creates the confirmation of the Omen.

1) NYSE New Highs = 58 , New Lows = 104 . Both exceeded 2.2% of total issues that day
2) The 10 Week (50 Day) Moving Average Was Rising
3) The McClellan Oscillator was negative
4) New 52 Week highs were NOT more than twice 52 week Lows


posted on Jun, 2 2013 @ 04:21 AM
reply to post by zysin5

I think it is another form of statistical trend following. I do not think it is helpful, other than to maybe add momentum to a movement that is taking place for all together other reasons. It is a statistical sham. The market is controlled on a precise calendar, not randomly and statistically.

I am looking at a method of broadcasting coded signals, using occult type symbolism, on an accurate timeline. The base time period is 40 weeks. I think there are 6 sequential 40-week segments that delineate a movement of 240 weeks. And then there are 6 of those 240 week movements that create the larger 1440-week movement.

We are currently in the third archeTYPE of Separation of the World Parents, and the second Round or Great Mother. I remember Blavatsky saying something along the lines of the third type turning at 3 and a half... so.... we may see this stock market go up and up until we reach the midway point of round 4. That would be round 3 and a half way into round 4. Let's find the date.....

ArcheTYPE 3, Round 1 can be counted on Wednesday, May 23, 2012. The week is of course May 21-May 25.
Round 2 started February 27, 2013.
Round 3 starts December 4, 2013. Don't be confused by the Wednesday anchoring. I am talking about the WEEK that occurs December 2-December 6.
Round 4 starts September 10, 2014. Half way, or 20 weeks in, would be Wednesday, January 28, 2015 or the WEEK of January 26-January 30.

Several weeks ago I found the large gold selloff interesting. The selloff in the Japanese stock market is very intersting. The American Dow did something similar but not as dramatic during the same time period as the Japanese selloff. It may be significant. I thought the headline news of a beheading in London was interesting. We can only watch and see. This is a sort of religious observation. It moves slowly and precisely.

Oh! Check this out. My local newspaper ran a story Friday about a Masonic Temple for sale. Odd. They said the place had been for sale for 15 years. Why mention it in the newspaper? Why mention it after 15 years? Why mention it Friday? Are the Freemasons selling it all and cashing out so to speak?

edit on 2-6-2013 by XXX777 because: Fix spelling mistakes. I do not send signals with text mistakes. Ignore any mistakes if they slip through. I am not using any subliminal or near threshold techniques. My words are to be taken literally.

posted on Jun, 3 2013 @ 08:50 AM
reply to post by XXX777

Thanks for taking the time to confirm my gut feelings about the Omen, and the little bit that I did read up on it. As a disinformation system, and or network working to confuse the truth you are trying to reveal here in this thread.

Oh! Check this out. My local newspaper ran a story Friday about a Masonic Temple for sale. Odd. They said the place had been for sale for 15 years. Why mention it in the newspaper? Why mention it after 15 years? Why mention it Friday? Are the Freemasons selling it all and cashing out so to speak?

Hmmm, that is slightly odd. As many of these places are run down, and not used much anymore.
I am trying to think here.. What show did I see in passing that had a Masonic Temple run down, and left to the elements.. I think it was like a picker type show.. These guys wanted to buy the chairs, and a few items left over in this building. The owner would not sell the chairs. However the building itself was up for sale.
The number 15 sticks out. As there where 15 chairs, and this Building number was 15, on 15th street.

I will keep an eye peeled for anything else that comes to my attention.
It seems I have some kind of indirect connection with your theory.
Things that come up now, and when I see them, always tends to make me think of this thread. Such as in passing, and as the days turn into months. I keep an eye on this thread! Keep it alive and going!

posted on Jun, 5 2013 @ 07:43 AM
reply to post by zysin5

Wednesday again!

June 5.... Night of the Watcher.

Type 3 Round 2 Week 14.... does the 14 reference the Full Moon and Immolation of Christ?

The Woman has been communicating with me since May 22. She is coming to me in my dreams. She is watching me in public. My perception of reality is being activated.

posted on Jun, 5 2013 @ 04:10 PM
Ok, I'll bite. I see somthing here that might be relevant. I recall the Holy Book.

He goeth after her straightway, as an ox goeth to the slaughter, or as a fool to the correction of the stocks; [ Proverbs 7:22 ]

I often wondered about this. How did the scribes of the Bible know about the stock market?

It got me thinking. I like to decode things too. I could see the numbering of the verse was 22/7, which is the high school approximation we all learn for PI, the measure of the circle. So, the message is obvious, stock market movements and corrections are circular, they are cycles that repeat again and again.

Nothing new there. We all know about this. However, there's one bit of new information in the Bible that is critical.

The book clearly says "the fool" goes to "the correction of the stocks."

That immediately suggests that "the wise" know when the correction is coming, and can get out in time.

But, how do the wise know?

I figured that if I could understand what makes a person wise, I'd have the answer.

Now the OP has presented another bit of the puzzle. The wise watch the news for clues, hidden in code, using symbolic themes, to alert those in the know about the stock market movements. Hmmm...

Now, if only there was a code book, that I could find, to tell me what those symbols are. What should I be on the look out for?

Perhaps, the symbols are in the same Holy Book that revealed 2000 years ago, that there would be stock market corrections to make money from in the future?

Now, I've been led onto this new tip, I've got to go look again, and that old book, to see what else the scribes hid in there.

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