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What would happen if Israel bombed Iran?

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posted on Apr, 1 2012 @ 02:19 AM
Hello ATS users,

I have found an excellent CNN article about what the implications would be for the world if Israel did actually bomb Iran. It looks very bleak, and I have to say that I agree with the majority of the article.

I do not believe that Iran is developing a nuclear bomb, but it would seem that a strike by Israel may intice them to do so.

Enjoy the article!

(CNN) -- Imagine that you wake up tomorrow morning and discover that during the night. Israeli planes had conducted a bombing raid on Iran. How would your world have changed?

Apart from the sensational headlines and breathless reports, the initial change might not be very significant. You would probably want to know whether the United States approved or assisted in the attack on Iran's nuclear sites. In fact, it doesn't really matter. Just about everyone in the world will assume that the U.S. was complicit, regardless of what Washington says.

Let's assume that Israel notified the Obama administration about the same time the planes were taking off, if only to ensure that U.S. aircraft and missiles in the Persian Gulf region would not interfere with the bombers and refueling aircraft as they passed over one or more Arab countries. But for Iran and just about everyone else, the fact that most of the Israeli aircraft and bombs were made in the U.S. would be all they needed to know.

CNN article

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posted on Apr, 1 2012 @ 02:26 AM
I would laugh.

Israel is set up as the scapegoat and weakling. Notice all the wars happening around it, this is a kind of staging for something to happen in the "holy land". Quite scary and not as religious as you might think.

But it isn't like Israel doesn't do anything at all. There is always the Massad and other Cold War style tactics.

posted on Apr, 1 2012 @ 02:55 AM
The western media wants Israel to attack Iran more than Israel does. The best way to change Iran will be by helping for another uprising for democracy.

posted on Apr, 1 2012 @ 02:55 AM
If Israel bombs Iran I think the gates of a very very hot place open for a brief period and we'll all be burned to some degree before it's all said and done. All sides need to work to find a peaceful way as if their own lives depend on it. In every sense, they do... World War II was for all the marbles like nothing since........until now. I'd really prefer to never see a World War fought in a total way with modern weapons. The very thought is enough to feel physically ill.

posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 02:16 PM
I think America would inevitably get involved, and then nuke both the suckers to prove a point that they have bigger, stronger nukes! The world would go to hell.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 08:48 AM

If anyone remembers the year 2000 Rebuilding America's Defense's document and the policy requiring a 'New Pearl Harbour' then I advise also reading the above document, from another Zionist funded 'think tank' on American foreign policy towards Iran. It is from 2009 and is quite revealing.

Type 'absent' into the document and quite shockingly, numerous quotes come up outlining the very same scenario.

Absent some dramatic
Iranian provocation, it seems very unlikely that
those same countries (Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and
Britain, in particular) would allow the United States
to use those same facilities for an invasion of Iran,
potentially further lengthening the time required
for the invasion itself.

critical challenge for this policy option is that,
absent a clear Iranian act of aggression, American
airstrikes against Iran would be unpopular in the
region and throughout the world.

This is all in the document, type in Israel, and you get the outline for what is in the news right now- that Israel is most likely going to attack Iran's nuclear facilities- this will initiate a response from Iran- it is complete madness.

As we know from the year 2000 document, also produced by a Zionst think tank, they mentioned an 'event' that would justify a response (Iraq and Afghan wars), and the same people making up these policies have another agenda.

What they will do remains unknown, but you can bet something is being planned or already has been. I don't think at this stage Iran can be avoided. This has been planned for a long time, and these think tank documents are very revealing of American foreign policy, and often prove reliable in terms of the agenda being played out.

They are funded by Zionists, and they highlight which countries America is going to target.

The fact that it highlights Israel bombing Iran's nuclear facilities back in 2009 and this is being portrayed as something Israel wants to do before the summer, the consequences of an Iranian response are frightening.

The documents also highlight the incredible hypocrisy of the Americans. On the one hand, they say Israel could bomb the nuclear facilities and Iran will not launch a full scale retaliation because Iran fears being wiped out/invaded by the Americans.

Yet at the same time, despite using the argument Iran will do its best to avoid confrontation with America because they know they don't have a chance, America is 100% intent on pursuing confrontation with Iran based on the claims that Iran is a threat! Surely, they can only have it one way or another- but seemingly can apply an argument to when it suits them.

The document also refers to Israel being close allies to America, and suggests that Iran may respond to an Israel strike by attacking American or her allies interests.

Given the similarity to the Rebuilding America's Defenses and how these people like to let you know who is running the show and calling the shots (as they referred to a new Pearl Harbour being needed back in 2000) the worry now is that they are going to stage a massive false flag operation to draw countries into war, which ultimately will be serving both American and Israel policy for the region- complete control


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