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AQHA/BLM and the Wild Horse Conspiracy

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posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 12:41 PM
Although this article isn’t recent I just thought that I would bring this up as it brings to light some of the purposes for which AQHA is hunting and killing Mustangs.
The AQHA(American Quarter Horse Association) has an agenda regarding all horses worldwide, which is to replace them(real/natural horses) with the bio engineered substitutes bred and controlled by the AQHA. If that sounds crazy to you IT IS!! just get a load of this
DNA from wild horses is harvested ,banked and used in cloning experiments the horses are then sent to slaughter.

In 2008, The National Cutting Horse Association said clones could be shown. In 2009, The American Quarter Horse Association featured a forum on equine cloning and my bet is that clones will be approved in 2010. 
Former Senator Conrad Burns, who scrapped many protections for the wild horses, registered as a lobbyist for the American Quarter Horse Association in 2008 with Gage LLC.
Conrad Burns was also a co-founder of Slaughterhouse Sue’s (Wyoming Rep. Sue Wallis) United Organizations of the Horse, a trade organization that is working to reinstate horse slaughter in the U.S. 
The American Quarter Horse Association donates money to (sponsors) Slaughterhouse Sue’s United Organization of the Horse. This means the American Quarter Horse Association is pushing for cloning, while at the same time donating funding to Slaughterhouse Sue’s push for horse slaughter in the US.  So, they want to kill real horses, but they support cloned horses!
In 2007, ViaGen hired Leah Wilkinson to manage it’s food policy activities and outreach to the food industry. Wilkinson was the Dir. of Food Policy for the National Cattleman’s Beef Association, which is also a sponsor of the United Organizations of the Horse.
JoLynn Worley, a spokeswoman for the BLM, told me that the BLM does random DNA testing on the wild horses “periodically” at the capture site and the holding facilities. On the BLM website, it states that: “The BLM actively monitors the genetics of each herd by sending genetic samples to Dr. Gus Cothran at Texas A&M University.”

I have no words for this video,I can't embed it but here's a link
Cloning is Great!!

or this article: Via Gen thinks women who care about the ethics and safety of food production are illogical murders, it also thinks they are the problem that is giving the delicious expensive cloned animals they produce a bad name(maybe they have a clone for that too)oh those silver tongued devils!! they had me at 'they favor killing their loved ones with kindness, consumers are opposed to technological solutions'.

Can there be anything more depressing than the oppressive superstition of today’s food shoppers – PREDOMINANTLY FEMALE – when faced with what they perceive as “bad food”? I doubt it. Logic doesn’t get a look in. Although faced with galloping bills, a grave world food shortage and unassailable evidence that the high-salt, high-fat and high-sugar processed diet that they favor is killing their loved ones with kindness, consumers are opposed to technological solutions.

clearly opposition to cloning=equals murder.

for the back story in which I reveal AQHA’s sinister practices, shoddy breeding and slaughter advocacy and ties to big agriculture see my thread

a brief glimpse of the oft mentioned “Slaughterhouse Sue Wallis”

so under the table off the record to cure the many fatal genetic flaws of their 'Frankenhorses"
AQHA is splicing in the genetics of real horses, meanwhile you can geld your champion performance horse make a ton of money off of him and then sell him to slaughter! hell we can copy this bad boy til the sun goes dark!!

we don't need wild horses cluttering up perfectly good cattle country cause we gene banked them ,they were delicious by the way.

here have some Quarter Horse , we rode him to the BBQ! thanks Texas A&M!!
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