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April fools day hacking event incoming?

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posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 11:46 AM
Twitter and a few social sites have been recently buzzing with hints and rumours of an up and coming event. Some blogs are even dissecting the buzz, trying to discern who and indeed what might be happening.

Anonymous: LulzSec returns on April Fools' Day?

It really doesn’t matter whether it’s Anonymous doing the hacking or if it’s LulzSec doing the hacking. The same day LulzSec members were arrested, Anonymous showed it is quite capable of orchestrating an attack in the name of LulzSec. In fact, that attack was done under the banner of AntiSec, which refers to Anonymous and LulzSec working together.

As you may know, the leader of Lulzsec was recently arrested and was revealed to be a year long informant and turncoat to a few of his fellow members in Lulzsec. However, many members of Lulzsec were not arrested and instead went into hiding, and hooked up with online activists 'anonymous' and their sub-branches of anti-sec (lulzsec and anon) and such. Despite the minor blow by the arrests, it seems something may be stirring again.

Keep an eye out for news from 'fawkes security'!/FawkesSecurity

The LulzBoat will be making another landing very soon, Target number 2... ?

Also facebook

20 minutes ago via Facebook for iPhone
Ready lasers.

There's already a ton of rumours about anonymous taking down facebook (which I don't believe is true) and 'taking down the internet' (again they won't do this) but 'something' is stirring.

Whether this will be a DDOS server attac, or even just a defacement of another government or corporate site , or maybe a high profile d0x on high profile figures, or maybe a completely different strategy or it could just be a big bluff ?

Time will tell.

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posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 11:51 AM
Some more links:

LulzSec hacktivists use YouTube video to announce they'll reboot on April 1, despite arrest of six alleged core members.


A YouTube video uploaded Saturday called “LulzSec Returns” points to the group getting back together. The video was uploaded by FawkesSecurity, a user who uploaded various other videos on Saturday. They all point to a single movement called Project Mayhem 2012.
A pastebin entry on the subject defines Project Mayhem as a movement to destabilize the status quo. It will be used to collect and distribute leaks on major governments and corporations. They want to make it an artistic-based, non-violent movement that works around the law to bring about social change.


Either way, since the betrayal - I'm sure anon and remaining antisec/lulzsec will be more vigilant these days and will be less tolerant of the FBI since they flipped Sabu.

Whoever's behind the new campaign should be careful. Notably, law enforcement agencies, especially the FBI and Britain's Serious Organized Crime Agency, began locking up alleged participants in LulzSec-led attacks not long after the group called it quits, and they’ve been making multiple waves of Anonymous-related arrests ever since the group first began targeting MasterCard and Paypal in late 2010.


EDIT: found this

Since last 30 days we have seen many key members of Lulz & Anonymous are randomly getting busted by Federal authorities, so it can be suspected that coming April attack will be a tit for tat. The announcement was previewed one day prior via the FawkesSecurity Twitter channel in a tweet that read, "Expect something BIG and rather Lulzworthy very soon. CIA, FBI, Interpol, you're all on teh (sic) list." Wednesday, meanwhile, tweets from the same Twitter channel promised that "Anonymous will target national infrastructure" and create a "global financial meltdown" as part of what's been dubbed "Project Mayhem."

One thing is very unclear and that is the Twitter account AnonOps, which has 302,000 followers, has not mentioned Project Mayhem, Project Facebook, Operation Imperva, Operation Restore, or anything else on FawkesSecurity’s YouTube account. Furthermore, the Twitter account LulzSec is still silent and is still down. So now it depends on you that how you will react this one, may be April Fool joke or may be some thing else.

OR JUST MAYBE - It's just an April fools joke and there'll be no hack or attack??

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posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 12:22 PM
Yes the rumors of them closing the internet, is rather silly.
They will close down the servers which provides us our IP adresses, but they wont do it.

And if they 'turns off' the internet, then you would still be capable of playing video games and such.
Plus, if you are good enough at computers, you will still could go on homepages, all those you want to connect to.

And I would just be happy if they would close facebook

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 08:08 PM
It only makes sense if they do orchestrate some attack tomorrow. Aprils Fools Day is exclusively for the lulz, and the group is lulzsec, so I can see them coming attacking that day. This will be fun to watch.
I think they are probably do what has been done before and just launch DDoS attacks at whatever website they deem as against their mission. If they can come up with something different though, like something that will actually accomplish something, then I will be impressed. Right now though, they do not amaze me.
I do hope they return though, the internet has been a bit duller without them. Not much duller, but still.

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 08:15 PM
Taking out Facebook and Twitter would be a favor to the human race. Peoples lives would be far less dramatic and much simpler.

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