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Archibald Prize Australia

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posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 05:56 AM
Here in Australia the most prestigious award for Painting is the Archibald Prize. Currently worth 75,000 dollars to the winner the award is for "The best portrait, preferentially of some man or woman distinguished in Art, Letters, Science or Politics painted by an artist resident in Australia during the 12 months preceding the date fixed by the trustee's for sending in the picture".
There has always been much controversy when the winner has been announced. There is what is called the "Packers Choice" award voted on by the people who unpack the paintings - one which is usually approved by the public - but the winning portrait rarely meets the general public's acceptance.
This years winner is no exception to controversy as it is called "The Faceless Explorer" (or something) and has NO FACE whatsoever. Judge for yourselves:

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 06:29 AM
Ok ,I obviously don't understand art, but for fun, will share my first observations.
(I should add I have crap resolution, so its pretty hard to see detail.

Here is my interpretation-

An 'explorer' with various painting supplies.
To me this represents someone 'creating' their destiny. It looks like he is of black coloring (his hands).
My conspiracy theory mind also noticed the triangle & no face (faceless),which makes me think of illuminati,lol.
The things in the sky (I can't make out what they are), would be of coming alien disclosure, & again the explorer being black, could mean Obama?
This would tie in well with the 'funnel' to syphon the 99%'s money, ha ha!

So thats all I got from it!
I'd love to hear what someone with a true appreciation ,& understanding of art thinks.

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 06:50 AM
Naw mate.

It is a politician.

One boot, one shoe, would forget the head if it wasn't screwed on, ....... ROFL someone loosened the screws!

Lost in Canberra, typical!

Going to a photo shoot to make itself look good in the eyes of the public but lost the media and the minders.

Typical Aussie dog represents big business hitching a ride with no concerns at all.

Always prepared to sponge off society, note the cups and cutlery to meet any emergency.

Voted on by his political mates!


posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 07:26 AM
reply to post by OzTiger

He/she has found so much on her/his journeys...but without a journey to ones' own soul, you won't know or even be able to see yourself - even if you look into a mirror. You can keep adding objects from your journeys to your collection, but they are just objects and could never say as much as a human face can.

Slightly poetic interpretation, but hey :-)

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 07:31 AM

Originally posted by pheonix358
One boot, one shoe, would forget the head if it wasn't screwed on

Actually they are both shoes, one leg has a gaiter missing

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 07:41 AM
My apologies:
The painting is called "The Histrionic Wayfarer" (I just know you will all be enlightened by that piece of information) and here is the Artists explanation:

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 07:44 AM
I haven't had a chance to look into this years entries, just been too flat out and busy!

But, I heard this is a SELF portrait.

The Archibald looks deep into the thoughts/beliefs/story of the subject by doing a face study. Most of the time, its Bert Newton, or Bob Hawke, but perhaps it is time to instead celebrate the celebrity, celebrate THE ARTISTS that bring these tales to the Archibald every year.

That's why he has no face, its the faceless artist exploring the mundane selections of every-years freak show for the enjoyment of the upper classes.

Well, that's my take on it.
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posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 07:46 AM
reply to post by OzTiger

I'm too scared to click that link! You posted that as I was typing!

Pffft, Anyways, I know I'm right, what does the artist know anyway...
Its ME who decides these things! Jenkins, fetch my ivory slippers post haste!

Couldn't help myself, had to see what the artist himself said.
*flips table*
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posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 07:52 AM
Portraits to me are 'likenesses' of the subject so I am not a fan of Picasso, Salvador Dali, surreal and cubism.
This painting represents nothing to me. I like the one of actor John Wood (awarded the Packers Prize) and musician Dave Graney. The new "stencil" method (accepted for the first time) portrayal of Father Bob and the depiction of the all-red child in battle fatigues were brilliant.
There were 41 finalist's from over thirteen hundred entrants. The finalists are readily available by googling Archibald Prize finalists 2012.

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 08:05 AM
reply to post by OzTiger

I actually got to see the Father Bob stencil being put together. Like taking layers of photoshop into the real world, the concentration involved is off the charts! But, it for me did lack the rugged down to earth honesty that is Father Bob, somehow I feel the technique would be more apt on a Steve Jobs portrait.

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