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"Flying above the rising tides"

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posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 02:33 AM
ok I just woke up so the dream is still pretty fresh though I feel it slipping away,

31/03/2012 "flying above the rising tides"

I can't remember where this started anymore but I do remember I was casually walking around what seemed to be a beachside fair, Now I am not sure why but I decided to get up and fly in PUBLIC I knew no one else around could do it in fact I was literally aware that I had become the only known person who could fly however no one had seen my face because I would fly away too quick, also I had this feeling it had not been long since I revealed this publically and i was somewhat famous for it though I was no hero just a guy that had the power of flight who would use it in public and the people were pointing at me calling me something a bit like a superhero's name (given by the local media I assume) and I felt proud of my power but didn't seem to really care for their praise all at the same time.

Any way during this flight I could feel the power drain like LITERALLY feel it within me draining away and that I needed to land to recharge so I landed on the top of a line of stores outside of the fair, next thing I know I'm being chased around by 3 or 4 tall stocky guys dressed in black leather and jeans (all of them) who after a lengthy chase eventually capture me, now this next part is a little strange.

I was taken into a house not far at all from this fair of what I could only describe as being full of street kids 5 or 6 of them in total around the ages of 16 - 22 what people know as the wasted generation though it is so strange as to why I was taken there quite illusive that one as the tall guys were gone after that and even stranger is they were my captors and all their by their own will, and they were my captors for some reason they had a profound interest in me especially this one girl and she was hot as with a sexy personality she per sey took me under her wing and showed me around was trying to get friendly with me I remained calm and went along with it, now we walked past a room with an older man standing in the doorway I gathered that he was the man in charge of the people and the house (this whole time I'm in this house I can think of nothing but escaping to get home to my girlfriend whom I live with in real life and love dearly) this man was looking at me strangely like with a warm smile on his face I was told I would be "SHOWERING" with the girl and him later the vibe I got from this was one being very sexual in nature I tried to keep my cool but that idea scared the hell out of me There was no way I was going to cheat on my girlfriend even in a dream though I must say this girl was still HOT AS,
We walked down a hallway to a lounge room which had the kitchen next to it in the same room (I can actually map out the layout of the house if anyone would like this dream was that detailed) now this house was not expensive in fact it looked like a rental home similiar to what I live in but a different design,
I was sat down on the lounge with 3 or 4 of the teenagers and this girl began getting friendlier and asking about me and continually making sexual advances admiring my body which I would say was no more than average in stature, I would always find a way to stall her from getting that a little longer until her next attempt the lounge room was also next to the front door of the house as I had just noticed I saw it open and a guy with black hair and a small amount of facial hair with a black shirt and jeans walk in he was about my height anyway as this girl was still trying to advance on me I saw the guy had left the door open and I made a lunge for it as I had distracted the girl long enough I managed to get out and after a bit of a struggle with being literally held back by their combined efforts to hold me in the house captive I broke free and ran home, I could here the voice of the older man being yelled from afar telling me not to go home to my girlfriend as they would not allow it and may well have to harm her should I try, ignoring this I once again mustered the power within and flew I get the feeling form this dreams situation that I knew I could fly for some time, the dream itself "FELT" like it had its own memories that replaced most of my own as in I was me but I felt so very VERY different and I have never in my life seen any of the buildings or streets around me, and it was so different. especially seeing it all from above while flying.

I got home and this house was not even the same as the one I currently live in the inside of it was different as well but I recognized it as being my home, I tried to look for my girlfriend I screamed her name and their was only silence I searched the house all the while seeing signs of a struggle around me, she was gone, and the man I saw in the hallway had appeared in the house with the teens again and grabbed me and took me away ( at this point I was out of power to fly again as i said earlier I could tangibly feel the power

now I was not physically strong at all I could not fend off all of them and I was quick to submit to them, they took me back to this house and this time the girl was not around, for some unknown reason I skipped what felt like a few days to a few weeks into the future and I was still trapped at this house but I had befriended the people living there I was still however their captive I don't know why it is they kept me their and from all I could gather it was sexual in nature mostly from this girl,
I had grown to like this girl as well but I was not committed to even trying to be with her or sexually advance on her though I could feel that urge as she was hot as,
now I remember their being two tall guys living their around 18 - 22 in age, 6ft with descent tone of muscle on them one had red hair (orange) and a goatee beard with a plain red T-shirt and track suit pants, the other had a dark brown hair with a grey shirt and cargo pants I could tell the one with red hair was not fond of me at all he didn't like me very much seemed like the kind of guy that you could piss off easily and the other was very quiet, any way with the guy that had entered the doorway earlier in this dream the one that accidentally provided me with the open door to escape through had become the closest thing to a friend that I had in this joint anyway we had tried to sneak up on the hot girl in her room to peek into her door to see what she was doing with her friend (whom I feel now was no more than a friend to her) and she caught us outright straight away and seemed less than happy about it, time skips forward again a few hours ( I literally felt like I knew it had been a few hours) and I am again sitting on this couch by myself while some of the others are in the kitchen (by this time I felt I had begun to know the story of each one a little bit but I cannot say because that is how I "felt" in the dream but I do not "actually" posses this knowledge, anyway the hot girl walks in again (I had become close to her in a way from what I could tell, well as close as someone can to their captors so basically I was friendly with them but the rule that I was captive was not going to change) and sits on the couch next to me as usual she is making further advances toward me this time removing my shirt and pulling me on top of her on the couch ( I could feel the urge to get sexual with her starting to take over my other emotions I felt I was losing this game with her) she started to kiss me

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 02:36 AM
and to my own suprise for a quick moment I almost enjoyed it for a moment but instantly my feelings toward my girlfriend shook me inside and out and I jumped off of the girl and darted towards a window smashing it with my charge this window was to the back yard ( I feel now that the power of the love I had for my girlfriend was enough to motivate me to make a headstrong charge to escape) I was beginning to fly away but slowly I had felt drained and It was not quick enough to get away a few feet off of the ground and the girl had grabbed me around my waste yelling that I will not escape and then the others came out and grabbed me I had reached the height of the backyard fence and had landed on it but was held there by the girl and the tall red haired guy while the rest of them including the older man (he was in his 40's I'd say) were argueing outside I could tell from the expression on the girls face she was pissed off but I could also sense she was sad it seemed she actually liked me somewhat and in a way I kind of felt bad about it but no less determined to get away,

Now this is where things get out of proportion, I had decided to cheat my way out of their grasp and distract them long enough to regain my power to fly, I told them (baring in mind I was lying) that the reason I keep trying to escape was that my power of flight was powered by none other than the very light they were standing in and I don't remember how I was saying it all but I was impressing them I told them I was solar powered (but this was not true and I knew it) from that quick moment I had distracted them long enough to regain my inner strength and their grip on me had loosened somewhat as well I flew off and managed to escape permanently this time, I looked ahead and flew away.

Now this is where it gets big, I again had skipped ahead in time Perhaps a few months to a year but it felt no longer, now something I did not know about the captors from earlier had become apparent they were special in someway they were all good in the heart but had been corrupted overtime by the olderman and by this time he was gone, anyway with that in mind the first thing I saw in this future was a dark sky like a dim dim light when I "Knew" it was supposed to be daylight but the sky was like that of a very dark bronze colour on the horizon with further up being space revealed and a high rising tide and I could almost feel the weight of how high it was and see it as well it was rising fast, I was flying but running low on energy ( I again could feel it) while I noticed that I was following and directing the same people that had tried to keep me against my will I felt within me that we by this time had become friends and closer than the once captors they were (I felt I had something to do with their change of heart and I believe I somehow convinced them that the older man had been using and controlling them through his twisted manipulation and that they did not need to be the way they were I must have felt sorry for them),
I was trying to escape as much as they were but I could feel that because of the power I possesed I could help them while I was at it as I was not as helpless as they were,
I landed and began to ran to conserve charge my power ( I assume by now my power actually derived from mostly my own will but also from the earth itself) I ran beside them I felt alot stronger than I was earlier, we were running up a steep hill and when we got to the top there was a building and the 4 that were with me had ran inside as it was their last hope but the water was still steadily rising ( I never got their names or at least I don't remember it though they had been using them and saying them to me I know as much because of the next part of this recount),
once I reached this building myself two of them came out quickly and begged me to go save the hot girls life as she was over in the building she was pointing at, it was at this point I realised that overtime I had grown to care very much for the girl and I too was afraid for her safety, ( I am unsure of what had happened in between the two timeframes but I assume that things had fallen apart with my girlfriend)
BUT I looked over to where the other girl had pointed out where the hot girl was and I SAW IT the reality that I knew was around me but had not realised in my conscious outside of the dream as in the persons view I saw it from I felt they knew what was happening but I myself was just stoked from what I saw the water was as high as buildings you would find in new york city and their were only about 10 or 20 floors left on the building that was pointed out to me and I had a quick look around their was around 10 - 20 buildings that had not been completely submerged by water yet and then I looked up I could see into space as you would when you look at the stars at night but what I saw ASTONISHED ME I saw what almost looked like a solar eclipse but It wasn't.

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 02:38 AM
it was a dark body of a planet that looked damaged and from all I could see had what looked like red embers glowing on it (so I assume it had become VERY volcanicly active) and behind it was what I think was saturn! (as I could see it was light brown or bronze in colour and I could see the ring around it) and it was about as large in my view as the moon is for us at night and the planet in front of it had moved to the left as saturn appeared stationary the next thing I saw was a large explosion on saturn that did not destroy it it was merely an explosion a bright white light that dissapated just as quick as it went off it appeared to do nothing to that planet looked away I could feel the feeling of hopelessness and confusion but especially sorry that I could not help the 4 teenagers in the building Still hovering in the air I looked down at the building the waters still had a quite a few metres before it reached it I felt hope that it would slow down before it reached them but yet doubt and sorrow that it would not stop I looked ahead at the building where I had been pointed towards and I noticed that the power had just gone off in the buildings as I flew towards it at full speed in confidance with a little fear of the dark waters below me it was a dark day literally but I had hope left.

It was at this time that I woke up and decided to begin writing about it thankyou for reading and reply as you will.

Kind Regards Raziel.

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