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David Wilcock Interviews new Whistle Blower "Drake" 3/28/12

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posted on May, 12 2012 @ 01:24 PM

Originally posted by dplum517
An interesting Comment from the comments section on his site.

I haven't seen it specifically spelled out here, but Drake is still claiming that the most likely window for mass arrests is 30-45 days from April 8. If you look here, you'll notice what seems to be a practice exercise for "Defense Support of Civil Authorities" scheduled for May 2-9.

It's not unreasonable to expect the real thing to be piggybacked on a drill or a war game. In fact, there's a pretty solid precedent for that sort of thing. Uhm, if I'm giving away too much, by all means don't publish this comment. Good luck, folks.

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[cymbal crash]

Drake's a fraud. Wilcock is a fraud. Fulford is a fraud.


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posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 01:16 AM
Drake's Idenity Exposed finally.
His real name is Drake Kent Bailey.
In this Video he discusses chem trails of all things.

posted on Jun, 21 2012 @ 03:14 PM
I wonder if this guy on Wilcock's website committed suicide...


Tommy Johnson
May 11, 2012

I signed up here after I listened to the show with mr. drake on youtubes. I will die when mr. drake and his soldiers stops the government. In 1996 I was disabled in a sawmill accident. My back was crushed when a fork lift fell on me. I am stuck in a wheel chair and I can not see good. I only get a small social security disability to pay my rent and buy some food.

I can only afford a apartment in a mean part of town. I dont have no family or no friends. I am alone. These neighbors here hates me because I am not black. They yell names at me and make fun of my chair. At night they tries to break into my apartment and steal my pain medicine.

When drakes soldiers stops the government my social security checks will stop. I will not have no money to pay for air conditioning and buy food. It is terrible hot in Texas. I have bad bad diabetes. The heat will make my feet rot. It will hurt bad.

I am scared of dying like that. It will hurt bad. I am old. I need to put myself down before the arrest happens because after the electrics go out there wont be no air conditioner and the heat will take my energy away fast. I will not be able to set up a rope on the pipe on the wall in my living room then. I cant hardy reach it now.

PLEASE HELP ME. I need to know how soon until the arrests happens. Mr. drake said probably this month may. If so I wont get another check. The gang kids in my building will know the police will not come help me after the arrests starts happening.

I cant wait much more. I dont want to be too weak. Mr. david please tell me when!!! I need to get this done before the marshalls turns off my debit card and my electric. I cant gamble and be too late."

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posted on Jul, 4 2012 @ 06:11 PM
Well here we are - July 4..

Unsurprisingly, Wilcock has already started the process of carefully backpedaling on Drake and the 'mass arrests', in an attempt re-position himself as a 'neutral party' and avoid the inevitable backlash from this looming non-event. If you look at his latest blog, the tone has been changed almost entirely, where he's now basically saying that it's 'uncertain, and 'unpredictable' and that it 'might not happen'. The whole narrative has been altered to prepare for a complete reversal on Wilcock's part; whereby he will no doubt re-frame the entire situation to avoid taking any responsibility for his involvement.

It's quite remarkable to see, as just a month ago he was fervently telling us about how we were at the 11th hour, and that these 'mass arrests' were both 'imminent' and 'inevitable'. For months he had been extolling the virtues of Drake, and writing passionate, frantic blogs about the absolute certainty of this world-changing event - complete with alien intervention, japanese ninjas, and a global mass-awakening. More than that, you were a 'negative fear-monger' if you didn't buy this story, or expressed any doubts about the veracity of his sources - a classic new-age attitude.

Now though, it seems that history is being re-written. Wilcock is now the cautious, analytical and realistic party in this situation - not sucked in by sensationalist nonsense and empty promises. It seems that he 'suspected it was a deception all along', and 'never really pinned his hopes on it'; just like Bill Ryan did with Charles.. Just look at the comment he made, trashing 'channelers' and their airy-fairy predictions about this information:

''By releasing this dramatic, exciting story, you also destroy the "me too" channelers whose intuitive "sources", flying about in silvery round airliners in the clouds, immediately "verify" the information is correct.

Most channeling is 10-15 percent accurate intuitive information. This gives it enough of an edge, with provably weird and wonderful stuff, that there is a great story there.

The remaining 85-90 percent is influenced by the conscious mind's wants, needs and desires -- including any strong beliefs''

Am I the only one who finds this statement to be rather duplicitous and hypocritical?

This is all coming from a guy who promotes his 'dream data' as a reliable source of information, who has purported to channel 'Ra' and Edgar Cayce, and who frequently enters the realm of ambiguous psychic conjecture when interpreting world events. A guy who has a well earned reputation for seeing what he wants to see, and believing anyone who will tell him what he wants to hear, including claims that are as outlandish as any 'extraterrestrial channeler'.

A guy who takes '10-15% accurate information', and spins it into a fantastical drama, where the other 85% is based on his own beliefs and desires - which he then sells the world as 'verified intelligence'.

God knows what's going on inside his head, but it looks as if Mr Wilcock is about to fall from grace. I really hope that people can see this manufactured drama for what it is. It's all designed to keep you running round in circles chasing empty promises. Light entertainment at best, false-hope at worst.

posted on Jul, 7 2012 @ 03:43 PM
Hilarious parody of Drake Kent Bailey.

posted on Feb, 20 2014 @ 07:49 AM
reply to post by LoveandLightandRainbows

Perhaps there is some justice in the universe.

Last year Wilcock was selling conferences at fancy hotels all across the U.S. for $300 a head.

This year there are none scheduled.

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posted on Oct, 14 2015 @ 06:46 PM

originally posted by: onehumanIs it so wrong to actually beleive we may now be on the brink????

Given the source of this steaming pile, yes.

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