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My dream about finding Gold

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posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 11:53 PM
I dreamt that I was riding on a huge log down a huge river with rapids, going over shallow falls until one end of the log hit a huge boulder and split open. Out spilled enormous amounts of gold and other treasure, in the river and on the banks. I was able to collect the treasure on the river banks and took it to a nearby town.

I was increadibly wealthy, owning the biggest building there where I stored all my gold. The townspeople also brought their silver/gold to store in my secure building, they even helped me guard it. This helped the whole town prosper and the townspeople did all sorts of transactions in gold and silver coin, nuggets, etc. It was soo cool I held this huge bar of gold almost as long as my arm and it was very heavy and shiny. Then we finally made plans to return to the river and collect the rest of the treasure that was lying at the bottom of the river. We were heading there when my alarm rudely awakened me.

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