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the old farm house

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posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 09:25 PM
Throughout my life I have many odd encounters but thought I would just share this one with you tonight.
It's just a story, I have no pics, sorry.
It must have been around the early 1980’s and some very good friends of mine rented an old farmhouse. Being a single girl I had my faithful companion, a small mutt that looked like a Jack Russell terrier. She went everywhere with me-work, parties, etc.
We spent several evenings and nights at my friends farmhouse. It was very country, and very isolated. It was such a pleasant place to hang out and had a fantastically comfortable aura.
We soon noticed there was the recurring smell of delicious food cooking. Being young and ‘believers’, we would joke that ‘she’ was cooking again.
Sometimes we would hear footsteps going upstairs. Being young and brave, sensitive to the good vibes, we would simply comment on how good dinner smelled or that they were going to bed, etc.
One day I went there and although the truck was not there I knocked on the door thinking one of them was home.
No one answered the door, so as I went to leave I looked back at the house to see a woman looking at me through the second story window with the curtain pulled back. As I looked, she let go of the curtain. I clearly saw the woman and I clearly saw the curtain fall. I was a bit peeved, thinking my girlfriend just didn’t want my company that evening. So I left.
The next day being the single pest that I was, I stopped by their place after work. I was very welcome like always, but had to ask them why Karen would not let me in yesterday. They both swore they were both gone when I came over.
And after I told my story, we simply agreed it was ‘her’.
We never felt anything negative, nor did we ever threaten whatever was there. We just accepted it, welcomed it, enjoyed it.
We kind of took ‘her’ for granted. She was there first, after all.
Then one night me and my little dog spent the night. We slept on the couch. Just as I was falling off to sleep my dog’s low growl got my attention. She was looking towards the kitchen. I sat up and could clearly hear footsteps coming our way. From the kitchen, through the dining room and into the family room where we were. The most attention grabbing thing was my dog who was on the couch with me. She actually followed the footsteps with her eyes and head, growling softly the whole time. It was obvious she could see it but I could only hear it. I froze, my hair standing on end. The footsteps continued through my room, past the couch, into the hall and then on up the stairs. My dog then settled down and eventually I did too, but it was most definitely one of the most obvious encounter I have ever had with the other side.
The farmhouse was demolished a few years ago for a subdivision. Now and then I drive by and wonder where she went……

anyone else have a cool story ? I won't ridicule you for not having pics....

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posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 09:49 AM
i do enjoy your stories seems like you either attract spirits or you live in a bit of a "hot spot"

posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by dashdespatch

why, thank you ! I have another creepy one I've been working on but I'm not ready to post it yet.
I know, a story is just that, a story, but I just enjoy sharing.
Guess I've just had a lot of peculiar occurrences.
You either feel it/see it or you don't I guess.
And I want to see and know so much more, don't we all on some level ?


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