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You Know, CO2 Global Warming is a Self Inhalation Process by Natural Cycles.

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posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 08:28 PM
It exists, and it has in the past, and it changes due partly to what it causes.

Lets start today, early March our grass started to grow and before St. Patrick’s Day trees started to flower. This by no means is common. What does this mean? It means more CO2 breathing plant life begins earlier creating more oxygen counteracting the climate changes. This plant life would not propagate photosynthesis in areas that usually wouldn’t until a month later.

Oh but just a small part of the balance you say well consider.

The medieval Little Ice Age is what caused the Vikings to abandon settlements in Greenland, which followed the lesser-known Medieval Warming Period, which afforded the Vikings to have settlements in Greenland to begin with.

Well back to today, settlements in Greenland have not only expanded their potato crops, but have expanded newer crops of vital veggies like cabbage, carrots, onions, and more. They much enjoy that they don’t have to ship in all of their food anymore right now, or look for food like this.
Greenland is arid like the south polar region so try to tell me where they would get water just to make me laugh. 50ºF in Greenland is comfortable ‘short sleeve’ weather, due to its aridness.

“Cucumbers, lettuce, radish, turnips,” says Buuti Pedersen, ticking off the grown-in-Greenland veggies now available at local supermarkets. For two years, stores have also been stocking home-grown broccoli and potatoes—“bigger, fresher and tastier” than those shipped from Denmark, says the 54-year-old artist, who lives on Ammassalik Island in Greenland’s remote southeast.
Since summer now comes earlier and stays longer, Arctic wildflowers have become more abundant, sheep have been birthing fatter lambs (and more of them) and cod, which prefer warmer waters, have started appearing off the coast of Greenland—the fastest-warming place on the planet.

The fresh water wash into the oceans from Greenland also helps to warm the climate, that is simple chemistry.
That’s blue ice melt, which means more oxygen in the water, compressed.

As a kid in the 60’s I really can’t comment on cold, as kids I remember we had snow for months of sled riding and I don’t recall being cold, we had snow deep enough to dig a cave systems in back yards like igloos hallway connected you couldn’t see from a second story window, the snow was that deep, I just don’t recall being cold much.

The 70’s offered us a diversified climate period, we had the 78 blizzard, the 76-77 winter it never got above 0ºF for a consecutive month, and years earlier I really felt the cold, lots of references for those years. I’m talking snowdrifts in the kitchen from the small crack under the door that we left there for insulation that stayed frozen for weeks, kind of snow/cold stuff. Icicles forming on your face scarf walking to another venue that stayed frozen several minutes after being inside. The 78 blizzard is the only time in my life I felt my eyeballs cold, nearly the only exposed epidermis while walking just two blocks. But the 78 blizzard gets more credit than the 76-78 cold snow blast which lasted much longer than a couple of measly weeks. The 83 winter we couldn’t get the interior of homes above the point you wont see your breath anymore. Coldest NFL football game ever played was that winter in Cincinnati Ohio and not Wisconsin, -59ºF wind chill, we watched from my Columbus, OH living room with our coats and hats and gloves on, beer needed no refrigeration!

Feeling the cold may be partly due to aging, kids just don’t get cold like adults, I see this in our granddaughter the last couple of years we have her nearly half the time, she’s now 2 ½.

Lets just omit the glacier receding progression, sea ice declines, Greenland rivers, and a myriad of other smaller points because this is not a thesis, but a personal account of at least the last 50 years of extreme local climate fluctuations of where I have lived my whole life nearly the same global latitude and basically the same terrain and ground conditions. The 70’s and 80’s were radical extreme shifts in temporary climate. From hot winters to unbearably hot summers to extreme extended cold spells. I mean in two decades I have an idea what a Little Ice Age and Medieval Warming Period is like in a microcosm sort of mini way.

The last decade I have not seen any extreme climate fluctuations, though the 90’s did have some winters I couldn’t start a relatively new car, I used spotlights and a waterbed heater on the engine block and oil pan so I could use the car that winter, about 93 I think, and only 20-something below F.

I have enjoyed milder winters, and also milder summers. In my opinion the climate to milder is an extreme positive on several levels; energy, environment, mobility, comfort, for a more productive life uninterrupted by weather extremes. Food is cheap, beer is cheap, gas is overpriced for what it really costs, and utility bills have stabilized for now. Life is good without weather extremes, ask a WWII vet, if you can find one still, (I can). I also have my dad born in 1928 for example; he can recall the Dust Bowl, and The Great Depression vividly, and the winters in the early 1940’s were extreme comparatively to anything after the 60’s. Niagara Falls hasn’t frozen solid for over 100 years, but that is a fallacy logic base for a number of reasons.

One should celebrate like Greenlanders during this time.
Then realize more CO2 is being consumed by more flora in more places and defeats the very process of CO2 temporary ‘global’ (I prefer climate) warming.
Also omitted are the sun cycles, to mention everything involved is ludicrous to touch on in one simple thread topic.

It is my opinion that lots of dramatizations are going on today about the extreme weather and climate change is carried by folks that haven’t experienced climate change much in their life due to age or location and access to travel. The immediate information age and detection technology from spacecraft is also but a decade old give or take. In 1960 we rarely heard of an earthquake in Japan, I mean they were just starting to sell us electronics then! Who cared if Bangladesh had its annual flood again, like clockwork. It was East Pakistan on the maps when I was a kid. Boy have the maps changed since Jr. high.

There is this 2012 thing going around and folks latch on to prophases like their life has zero direction and that is sad. I just wanted to say the weather is normal, it fluctuates, live long enough you have more stories to tell. So if you actually got this far into this personal expulsion, thanks for reading. Systems on-line, everything normal, engage.

If you ever can, visit Greenland en-route or something, it will be an experience.

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 04:01 PM
That my friend was very interesting as it was long and makes perfect sense to anybody willing to open their mind. It's nice too find open minded people that aren't brainwashed by the hipster trends in todays society. Thank you. Greenland sounds like a wonderful place and I too remember having snow on the ground and going sledding and having a great time and still not being cold, maybe because then I was a child more focused on having fun but the fact remains..

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