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Why Does The Department Of Homeland Security Need 450 Million Hollow Point Bullets?

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posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 12:06 AM

Originally posted by Maxatoria
its an order for 450 million rounds maximum, which leaves it generally at 90 million rounds a year which sounds alot but i'm sure federal officers have to do range work every month and with other training and the main thing is that if something does happen they want a supplier who can deliver a large amount of ammo when required but i'd imagine its probably how the DHS stock system works with that they buy nationally and have to disperse the stock between the sites and each site needs to have enough so that agents wont be caught short

THEY DON'T TRAIN WITH HOLLOW POINTS PEOPLE!! Most agencies don't even supply training ammo, its up to the agent to do that as they get a discounted rate. Some people don't need practice verses others a whole lot. This is the government stocking up.

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 01:35 AM
Dept of Homeland Security is stocking up on bullets, FEMA camps seem to be opening up and becoming more of a usual thing, and many of the nation's wealthiest people are investing in underground bunkers for some unknown reason...

I smell a conspiracy

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 05:27 AM
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posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 08:51 AM

Originally posted by getreadyalready
reply to post by Leftist

200,000 DHS employees, and bullets are only good for about 1 year, so over 5 years that is 450 bullets per employee, with target practice, and qualifying their weapons it seems about right.

Doesn't seem excessive to me, I know individuals with 100s of 1000s of rounds in their closets!
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changed 4.5 to 450.

i didn't know bullets could "go bad" like bananas

what the ****?
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posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 08:53 AM
How does a bullet go bad?

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 11:36 AM
Question already answered sorry...thanks
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posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 11:41 AM
reply to post by Leftist

They need them because 20 years from now we may all look back and laugh about this......then again......maybe we'll be too busy reloading.

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 11:49 AM
Haaahaaaaa... "Don't use those old bullets Johnny, they're stale! Here, I've got some fresh ones!" PLEASE.

One reason they're buying them up is to keep US from buying them- have you looked at gun sales figures these last couple of years? If there aren't active militias, you's never know it from the numbers.

The other reason is to terrify the public. It's working.

It also appears that between actions like this and the passing of treasonous bills, they're trying to provoke a violent response from the American people. That way there's a lame 'excuse' to justify in the bogus msm whatever they do.

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 12:04 PM
OK People,,, time to wake up,,

I now have been tellling this story for some 20 plus years,, and no one has listened much,
because EVERYONE is too comfortable watching American Idol and either getting high (of which I am not opposed to in moderation) and sitting on their ass while what used to be called the American Dream has been pulled out from under us ALL.

As The Multinational Companies that OWN our Government, took OVER THE WORLD,, along with some other shady characters,,
everyone slept and argued about Division politics,, such as abortion, gay marriage etc etc,,,
while Nazi type Fascist Laws where put into place.

Now we have no where to run,,, our food is poison,, our air is polluted and chemtrailed for god knows what reason,,,

our Water Tables,, and drinking water is poisoned with floride, and now Fracking crap,, not to mention all the drugs, and crap left around when it is recycled.

Our Schools are Dumbed Down to the point where I doubt many 12th graders even have heard much about Plato, Aristotle, much less understand or want to know how to educate themselves since they have been brainwashed to jump into the CONSUMER Dream that keeps these companies in power.

We here at ATS know the stories,, and we need not even rehash it to argue the fine points.


Not Many are willing to risk exclusion to Fight it...... Hell look at poor RON PAUL,,,,,
you think he has a chance???
If he did get up there,,,, I would wonder who he sold himself out too to be honest,,, because we all know that to get to those kinds of positions of power,,, some selling of the soul has to happen.

That is why,,, I hope that THE SLEEPERS WAKE UP SOON..


For when it is too late and they finally get angry and rush in crying to a barrage of bullets,,,,,, when most likely all they will want is food and water and meds. IT WILL BE TOO LATE.

Those of us who are preparing for this STHTF,,,, well those extra bullets are for us.

Because it will be seen at first as small Waco here
a little new Ruby Ridge there,,,, and someone going down in their fight against the IRS there,,,
when these dumb ass Americans finally wake up..
The Rest of the World,,, the Elite are setting up their private army's and bunkers around the globe,,

MONSATO owns who,,,,,,,,,????? for their private army,,,, Blackwater or some similar group I believe??? if wrong there,,, same mercenary types who sell out for MONEY.

Hollow Points,,, I save mine for the day,,, practice with cheaper stuff,,, well at this point saving those too,,, cause I am (LIKE MOST OF YOU) Being Squeezed like a wet dish towel by the ELITE to get the last drop out of me.

It could all be very different,,, if we could agree about our similarities,,,, instead of focusing on what DIVIDES US,,
because that is what they want to Divide us,,, and then,,,, wow!!

So,,, when the government starts Knocking at your neighbors doors and saying,,, they wuz a terrorist,,
don't be so naive to take their word,,,
they might just be like me

and it could be so very differnt,,, if we just worked together for once in human history to Evolve and take back what is ours,,,,,,, our lives.

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 12:26 PM

Originally posted by libertytoall
How does a bullet go bad?

Here are many opinions on the matter.

"Bullets" are just metal, but the powder load, primer, and casing are usually included in the overall term of "bullet." The powder can draw moisture, the casing can corrode. Any thing that damages the powder or the surface can cause a misfire or a jam. This includes just general crap collecting on the outside of the casing and making it not smooth. Primers can also lose their pressure over time. If there is moisture or extreme heat involved the powder itself can change and become damaged.

There are many ways a bullet can go bad.

If bullets are stored properly they can last a very long time, some people say 20 years or more, but if they are tossed about carelessly they are only good for about 1 year. Most experts recommend changing any bullets in magazines or that have been carried on your person or in your car every year. Bullets stored at home in a proper manner can be stored much, much longer.

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 01:49 PM
This is EXACTLY why we must restore the Constitution!!!

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 02:06 PM

Originally posted by Juggernog
reply to post by Monsatan

From the stories ive read, theyre only buying up one caliber, .40 caliber, if it werent for that fact, i would agree with the assumption that theyre buying them up to keep them out of our hands.

Business Insider is also reporting that the Department of Homeland Security is seeking to buy 175 million rifle ammunition rounds….

"We’ve also learned that the Department has an open bid for a stockpile of rifle ammo. Listed on the federal business opportunities network, they’re looking for up to 175 million rounds of .233 caliber ammo to be exact. The 223 is almost exactly the same round used by NATO forces, the 5.56 x 45mm."
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posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 02:14 PM

Originally posted by getreadyalready
reply to post by thisguyrighthere

In a battlefield situation hollow points wouldn't necessarily be ideal anyway. You want full-jacketed, and you don't care about pass-through or ricochet, in fact those things can only hope to add more damage. It is a silly tidbit, because it doesn't make much sense in any context. The military wouldn't really want a hollow point I don't think.

For cops and hunters the hollow points make sense, because they are a little bit safer in a crowded setting.

The Extreme Shock is supposedly what the Air Marshalls use, but I haven't found any way to confirm that. My FBI buddies carry their weapons on planes and they still use regular hollow points, they don't use any special frangible.

ATK was the incumbent and won the contract with its HST bullet, which has proven itself in the field. The special hollow point effectively passes through a variety of barriers and holds its jacket in the toughest conditions. HST is engineered for 100-percent weight retention, limits collateral damage, and avoids over-penetration.

"We are proud to extend our track record as the prime supplier of .40 caliber duty ammunition for DHS, ICE," said Ron Johnson, President of ATK's Security and Sporting group. "The HST is a proven design that will continue to serve those who keep our borders safe." t-dhs-ice-2012-03-12?reflink=MW_news_stmp

I beleive these are being used for their ability to pass through barriers yet hold their jacket....
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posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 05:43 PM
reply to post by Leftist

They are also contracting out for 175 million rounds of .223 ammo as stated here.

posted on Aug, 22 2012 @ 09:59 PM
There have been several threads on the topic of the billions of rounds of ammunition of purchased by the DHS, with several million rounds going to other federal agencies as well. I came across an online article that really gave me pause. Frankly, it scared the hell out of me. I think many of the threads' posts captured the overall feel of this article but I felt strongly enough about the evoked emotion that I thought it deserved some revisiting. Like others, my first impression was budgets and finances, training purposes, etc, given the large number of armed federal agencies, however, after reading this article and considering the bigger picture, I have a slightly different view of this purchase now. Although this is a conspiracy website, it is much more than that. I don't like to jump to irrational conclusions, but I'm also pragmatic and a realist. And as a patriot and a veteran, my trust in our government is nil.

I decided to add to this thread instead of starting a whole new goes...

DHS Classifies New Ammo Purchases Following Controversy

Federal agency blacks out amount of bullets being bought

The Department of Homeland Security has redacted information relating to the quantity of bullets it is buying following a controversy concerning the agency’s purchase of over a billion rounds of ammo, which many fear is a sign the federal government is preparing for civil unrest in the United States.

The solicitation explains how the contract put out by the DHS to purchase the ammunition was not subject to “full and open competition,” a process justified by what the DHS claims was an “unusual and compelling urgency” to acquire the bullets, noting that there is a shortage of bullets which is threatening a situation which could cause “substantial safety issues for the government” should law enforcement officials not be adequately armed.

The Department of Homeland Security’s decision to black out sections of the document, including the number of bullets being purchased, is likely to be related to a massive controversy which has snowballed over the last few weeks pertaining to concerns as to why the federal agency has purchased well over a billion rounds of bullets over the last 6 months alone.

Given the fact that the DHS is also acquiring riot gear in preparation for civil unrest which could take place at the upcoming DNC, RNC and presidential inauguration, the purchase of ammunition in such massive numbers has stoked fears that the federal government could be preparing to use force against the American people.

In addition to .40 cal hollow points, a classified document also indicated rounds of .233/5.56 ammo in 62 and 64 grain selections. There was an order of over 450 million of assorted ammunition; this included ammunition intended to penetrate walls.

The trigger for this could be an economic collapse that causes angry Americans to flood the streets similar to scenes witnessed across Europe over the last two years.The Social Security Administration has also recently purchased a large quantity of hollow point bullets, potentially signaling that authorities fear welfare riots could occur if benefit payments cannot be made. The NOAA also recently purchased 46,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition.
Who is armed at the Social Security Administration? WTF?

Back in December, Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano directed ICE to prepare for a substantial inundation of immigrants into the United States, calling for the plan to deal with the “shelter” and “processing” of large numbers of people.

The DHS’ decision to censor information related to bullet purchases for immigration authorities could also be an attempt to assuage concerns that the agency is expecting to have to resort to force to deal with a mass influx of immigrants from Mexico.
Or were these bullets to accompany the firearms our government provided criminals in operation Fast and Furious?

During the Iran-Contra hearings in 1987, it was revealed that the federal government had established a contingency program under the pretext of a mass influx of immigrants called Rex 84. The program was a secretive “scenario and drill” developed by the federal government to suspend the Constitution, declare martial law, assign military commanders to take over state and local governments, and detain large numbers of American citizens determined by the government to be “national security threats.”
I would have to imply that times are much more tenuous now, given high rates of unemployment, umemployment claims on the rise, no jobs, no manufacturing, politician approval rates and trust on the decrease, increasing taxes, and widening gaps between the Haves and Have Nots.

DHS Ammo Purchase

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 10:53 AM
this is just in on the SQ site

theres around 20k Russian commandos ready to strike the leadership & slay them in 48 hours

it is thought that only two insiders are responsible for building up ammo caches for the assassins

“Let’s not forget that the real person running [Department of] Homeland Security is not Janet Napolitano, it is Valarie Jarrett, the communist,” Wiles explains. “And her father-in-law was Vernon Jarrett, who was a close confidant of Frank Marshal Davis, Barrack Obama’s communist mentor.

“And so, I’m going to continue to say on this radio program that, I believe Valarie Jarrett and David Axelrod, and these other commies are the real architects of this sinister plan to stockpile 1.2 billion rounds of ammo throughout the country.

“That it is not for law enforcement; it is to be turned over to a communist revolutionary army in this country.”

Wiles goes on to say that most Americans don’t realize that President Barrack Obama is a communist. “They don’t know it,” and “they don’t care,” says Wiles.

...According to Wiles, Lunev “said there will be a massive decapitation of the American government from top to bottom in a matter of days, and we [Russians] will put the country into a state of shock.

“That, he said, is the official strategy, and that’s what they [leaders in Moscow] plan to do, and, he said, it has never changed.” [emphasis added].

And here’s why the U.S. has procured 1.2 billion rounds of hollow-point ammunition, according to Wiles. Moreover, according to him, the Russians appear to be correct in their assessment: the American people are so distracted by lives of entertainment, of consumption and of derelictions of civic duty, that the Russian plan to destroy America from within is quite achievable.

is this connecting dots or what.... there's 3 billionaires that recently transferred hundreds of Millions in DOW stocks & put it into Gold, ETFs & Bullion in the last week [rothschild/paulson/sorros]

Then there's the chatter that a false flag is going to occur at the GOP convention
or as a last resort the DEM convention

perhaps this Russian assault to cut-off the head-leadership is the (time-wave zero) event alluded to in the public/social media

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posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 08:45 PM
reply to post by Leftist

Because the bosses are invested in the ammo factories, and controll their stock options, its a big circle why would they not. I mean their not going to but israeli .223 ammo, get it buy american where you work.

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 08:46 PM
reply to post by Leftist

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