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Norwegian forgot NOK 1 million (USD 146,560) in hotelroom

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posted on Sep, 23 2004 @ 08:07 PM
Man, how wasted you must be to do something like that.

Norwegian forgot bag filled with money

OH No! I forgot the money!!

"A Norwegian man was sitting on the train in Germany when he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten one million Norwegian Krone at a hotel room in Copenhagen.

When a maid came to clean the room the next morning, she completely forgot about cleaning, as she discovered what the guest had left behind. She found a plastic bag full of money, collected in stacks, forgotten in the room.

Together with the police, one of the employees at the hotel counted the money, a total of NOK 1 million (USD 146,560) in Norwegian currency and euros.

Not surprising, the man returned later that afternoon. He said that he had fallen asleep on the train to Germany.
To one of the employees the Norwegian explained that he had taken a sleeping pill and that was the reason why he fell asleep on the train."
(Yeah, right...):shk:

"In addition to the one million, the man was in possession of hashish.

The 47-year-old was jailed Wednesday for six days as the police investigate the case. The police refuse to comment the case.

Danish police suspect that the Norwegian was going to buy narcotics for the money. The 47-year old is now charged with stolen property and attempted drug trafficking.
The street where the Norwegian was arrested, Istedgade, is known for drug trafficking and prostitution.
The man has stated that he is innocent of all charges."

[Edited on 2004/9/23 by Hellmutt]


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