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The chakras and emotions from the perspective of Love

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posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 05:11 AM
Instead of an emotional scale like Abraham Hicks which is from the perspective of power. I decided to make an emotional scale from the perspective of Love. From the least love to greatest love. What I noticed is that there are seven major emotions and these can be related to the seven chakras.

Here is the scale:

Love (Attraction, Affection)
Peace (Acceptance)
Hope (Trust)
Indifference (Boredom)
Fear (Concern, Worry, Doubt)
Sadness (Disappointment, Desperation, Jealousy)
Hate (Avoidance, Control, Anger)

Here is my justification for why there are in that order:

Love attracts and hate repels, so they are opposites. Hate can also repel hate, so it is still a part of love.
Sadness is disappointment, but it doesn't repel like hate, so it is more loving.
Fear is concern, which is a part of love. It is caution of pain and suffering, so it is more loving.
Indifference is the lack of emotion, it is acceptance without a feeling of acceptance, so it is more loving.
Hope is putting trust in love, it is the hope that things will be better, so it is more loving.
Peace is acceptance, it is allowing things to be as they are, so it is more loving.
Love is the highest level of love, it is self explanatory, a direct description.

Here is how they relate to the chakras:

When you stripe away the negative and positive attributes of these emotions, they have certain qualities...

The basis of love is source, which is the foundation and connectivity of all things.
The basis of peace is mind, which is the acceptance of personality.
The basis of hope is expression, which is communicating beliefs and commitments.
The basis of indifference is emotion, which is born from the stillness of the emotionless.
The basis of fear is intuition, which is born from concern.
The basis of sadness is creativity, which is born from disappointment.
The basis of hate is power, which comes from controlling to remove the disliked things.

These align to the seven chakras nicely:

Source - Crown [violet]
Mind - Third Eye [indigo]
Expression - Throat [blue]
Emotion - Heart [green]
Intuition - Solar Plexus [yellow]
Creativity - Sacral [orange]
Power - Base [red]

Here is a scale with the emotions and colors. The important to keep in mind is that, no matter what color, it is still color (white). All is love (white/color):

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