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A Dream But Mostly Questions About Dreaming

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posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 04:37 AM
First time making a thread in these forums so don't be aggressive with me or you will be punished.

For 18 months I've been having eccentric dreams and remember them in detail. They are not lucid dreams. I only did lucid dreaming one time when sword fighting on a giant swaying bridge with an army on either side. I'd like to experience more of that. If anyone has a method to obtain lucid dreaming, share plz.

Here's one example of a typical dream. Some parts don't make complete sense. I'm not claiming this is a premonition at all.

In one of my dreams last night I was looking for demons and then, through a series of events and opening a demonic book (that almost bit me), I realized I was one of the high ranking ones myself and had a demon soul within me. Then I was surrounded by some people who took me to a pit for prisoners and when I was looking around at those in the pit I could see their true faces now (demon faces). None of it startled me though and they knew who I was and I accepted my nature. We overthrew the guards then went on a rampage around the world after sending out a broadcast for all demons to release their true selves. It was a pretty cool dream. Lol, then another part some woman came in to meet me, whereas most people were afraid to even approach me at this point, and wanted some of my blood (to understand what type of vessel is needed to house a demon soul or something like that). So she went to prick my finger, since I allowed it, but I said "that's not how I want it" and threw her on a bed. Then we got a little intimate and she dug her nails into my back and was just going nuts. Needless to say, there was enough blood for her sampling.

I have other dreams that are more benevolent. Most people I talk with are lucky to remember 1 dream a week and it's usually something like "I was waiting in line at a grocery store". Is it normal to be remembering 3-6 very lengthy ones a night?

I had 3 people in the span of one week tell me they all had a dream with me in it too btw, what could that mean? These are 3 people who rarely remember dreams. Two of them I always tell "remember your dreams" each night (as I'm curious in other people's dreaming development), maybe that can explain those 2.

I have to sleep 10 hours to get the same amount of rest that sleeping 5 hours gave me when I attended university. Is the constant dreaming and vividness of it a reason for my lack of restful sleep? Or are the dreams perhaps a result of a physiological issue? Perhaps lack of oxygen to the brain while sleeping (sleep apnea)? I do have an abnormally large tongue according to an ENT Dr. I went to last year.

Has anyone else experienced a heightened awareness of their dreaming state and felt more tired because of it? Or been diagnosed with a condition they feel is related to their dreaming? Tell me, you will not be harmed.

I also had a mentor/professor who told me before that during his world travels (forgot the name if the island) he encountered a working shaman who told him he would be in his dream that night. According to my professor, the shaman appeared in his dream and told him that he would be marrying the girl he is traveling with and have 2 children. The shaman then told him he would meet him in the market tomorrow to tell him this was no coincidence. He did meet him in the market the next day and my professor did end up marrying that girl and having 2 kids.... Are there isolated people out there that can do dream inception and will premonitions?

While on that subject, I maybe had a premonition. I saw a nuclear weapon being used somewhere around the Pacific Rim. I had the impression N. Korea was behind it and it was used on the US and/or South Korea. Whatever. Thanks for reading.
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posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 05:54 PM
Vivid, prolific dreaming my whole life, is this unusual? Not for me, but perhaps the general populace. THC puts a damper on it for whatever reason, cuz it can be debilitating sometimes, traumatic...get tired of it figuratively and literally speaking. I consider waking life a lucid dream with mass, so my abstract REMland excursions are gladly out of / hyper context, epic, novel...

I believe the remote viewers saw the N. Korea nuke and my Conversations with Nostradamus book goes into it too, something about an underground tunnel....

posted on Mar, 31 2012 @ 12:09 PM
Dreams can be a valuable tool to help you work out problems or feelings that manifest in your day to day life.I wouldn't take it as literal as you are an evil person, but maybe there are some less than desirable things that have happened to you that you are still coming to terms with.

as for something to help you have those vivid dreams more often.. i've found melatonin works better than anything else

posted on Apr, 1 2012 @ 02:44 AM
What? Me being evil or good isn't what I wanted to address here. I just wanted all the questions I asked to be answered or have someone give an opinion on what they think the answers are. Thx anyway, melatonin huh? I'll pick some up at the drugstore.

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