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CNN Pro Rebel Users Again? What you Make Of Them?

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posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 02:19 AM
Here are the quotes and some Analysis of mine, if an ATS mod has a problem with the thread please either move or close it but i posted this because i thought it was interesting and i was wondering where have those Pro Rebel Libyan Commentators on CNN have disappeared to, i guess this explains it.
Source CNN


Hafez al-Assad was thePresident of Syria for three decades. He drew criticism for repression of his own people, in particular for ordering the 1982 Hama massacre, which has been described as "the single deadliest act by any Arab government against its own people in the modern Middle East"; as well as others such as the April 1981 Hama massacre, the Tadmor Prison massacre, the Siege of Aleppo, Tel al-Zaatar massacre and the October 13 massacre. Additionally, Human Rights groups have detailed thousands of extrajudicial executions he committed against opponents of his regime. He was succeeded by his son Bashar al-Assad, current president, in 2000. During theSyrian uprising, demonstrators have called for Bashar al-Assad's resignation. He following the footprints of his father and ruthlessly killing civilians.

But if you mention that the rebels or the spring is been paid by George Soro through USAID thats when they breaking there breaking point and and they start to insult you.

Bruno you are sooooooo f....ed up! Really!! You actually think people are PAID to rebel and demonstrate?!! You are really ignorant about what's happening in our region.. totally lunetic loser.. you actually think this all is set up by George Soros, CIA and some lumenati shadow government... so sorry for you, don't know where to begin..

See the way moers replied? he really didn't like the response because deep down he knows its true. And how funny is actually calling and insulting the user who replied as ignorant? that says a lot.

Here are his recent comments
Source CNN

Other comments.

You are supporting terrorism in Syria. You should kill some of the children in Syria to keep Assad in power! BYE!

Toadears replied to a user in a insulting manner by calling him or her a foreign reptile how nice isn't it?


Look, foreign reptile, I don't know or care WHO you are. Russia controlled Eastern Europe for years and years after WWII. If you don't know that much, you are stu pid.

Assad family occupied Lebanon for 30 years. 1 million were killed in Lebanon because of the occupation of the Assad regime. This is another holocaust in Lebanon because of the Assad regime. Death to Assad family!

Holland1990 is a known troll on CNN since the start of the war in Sryia he or she have been supporting the rebels without ever thinking of the consequences

Bruno wouldn't care if 2 million Christians Syrians are killed. Really. Well, aren't you special. Since the deaths of 2 million Syrians of any faith does not bother you, why on earth would anyone listen to you?

toadears trying to use the comments by that user against her or him.

The Assad regime in Syria do Holocaust "10000 killed." 30 years ago did the Holocaust in the city of Hama, "40,000 killed". Assad is a small Hitler! Death to Assad family fascism!

Holland1990 playing the Bosnian Holocaust card the same way CNN played it during in Bosnia? so what have we learned.

When your facing these pro rebel posters on either let be CNN or whatever site they may be on the best thing is to just debate them aggressively well not that aggressively, but always keep on pointing out the facts.

And yes even mention George Soro and USAID once they hear it or see the reply they would either back down or respond to you aggressively by insulting you by calling you Ignorant.

Here is a new now.

Bruno ,not becuase u r paid assad little soldier that everyone else are paid too :=)

moers with bruno kind of people no one knows where to begin , he is a hopeless case :=)

cook2half has made 702 comments on CNN and all of them trying to win the support for the rebels, and with kind of reply to that user by calling him a hopeless case just goes to show what kind of people are backing the Syrian rebels.

Here is his least insult against the user.

If i was paid where is the money then? !!!!! LMAOOOOOOO !! ur six ? maybe seven ? LMAOOOOOOOOO

But mark my words after the NATO bombing is over with these same users will just disappear again until the drums of war start again on either Cuba,Iran or Russia for that matter you can bet they will be back again with a different username.

NoPutin or something.
Mark my words they will be back after all its there job, to misinform people and to win support either its or they are just some teens or kids wasting time.

So ATS what make of you them?

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posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 10:59 PM
A lot of times my comments from CNN get conveniently deleted for telling the truth. Anything that goes against the CNN company line and if it is not pro libyan rebel at times gets down marked...


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