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Need help with Website SEO

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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 09:25 PM
I have a website and have been messing around with it trying to get some rankings on the search engines but it has been aggravating to me.

Anyone out there in the ats community that is experienced with this type of thing or willing to give some advice on search engine rankings? I knoiw there are SEO services out there but there are so many it gets confusing to me. So if anyone is aware of Any SEO services that are affordable that would be great to know as well..

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 09:35 PM
reply to post by wrecksrme

is a programme ive used to effect. recommended


posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 09:41 PM
reply to post by wrecksrme

Are you using WordPress? If you are I would suggest getting the following.
* All in One SEO Pack
* Better WordPress Minify
* Google XML Sitemaps
* Google XML Sitemap for Images
* Google XML Sitemap for Videos
* SEO Friendly Images

In addition here are some other things I would recommend.
1) Use videos. Google rankings like it when you have a lot of media in your posts. For my posts I use pictures, Maps, and if I can videos.
2) Limit the amount of keywords you use in the meta tags. 1 or two at most.
3) Keep the meta description at or below 140 characters (including white-space). Google bots only except 160, and Bing does less. So you want a good thought out description, that hits as many keywords as possible.
4) Don't start advertising until you have plenty of content.

I do hope this helps you out.

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 10:00 PM
reply to post by othwald

I wonder if I could trouble you to elaborate on something there. Why only a couple keywords? I would think the more the merrier within standards? (Full Disclosure...I'm no SEO expert by any stretch..I ask to learn)

The other thing is about the White Space being counted on characters for the Meta Description? For all the guides I've run through, none mentioned that little gem of a detail. All the search engines count by literal space and not just actual character? May sound silly... Forgive me..but I'm feeling foolish to no end if I've misunderstood something like that on my sites.

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 10:23 PM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

No problem. I'm no SEO expert either, but I read a lot. LOL...I'm not an expert, but I have stayed in a Motel 8.

Why only one or two words in meta tags: Because if you add a lot it will make the website more spamy. One thing a novice Black Hat will do is load up on the keywords. The new Google bot Panda is more temperamental over something that seems spamy. I have also read about some people not putting any keywords in at all, but I personally do not agree with this. Put in one or two keywords in the header tag, and then a couple of keywords in your post, and some more keywords in your image title and rel. That's how you get around adding a lot of keywords, and not seem spamy...spreading it out is the goal.

White space being counted as characters: Sorry, that is my personal opinion. I count the white-space because in programming the white-space is counted as part of the total length of the string. Even if you use a trim() function it only removes the beginning and trailing spaces, it doesn't touch anything in between. When you send a tweet, white-space is counted, and it removes any formatting you may have also entered. The way I look at it, if your description can be sent as a long tweet, it's the right size.

One more little thing I just read, don't use (...) in your description. I've read from a couple of SEO's that is not good for page rank. I don't have much information on that, I'm just a messenger on that one. Hope this answered your questions.

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posted on Jan, 30 2013 @ 03:29 AM
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