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Qi energy / Bioelectricity - Tesla Coil - Small intestine / large intestine

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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 05:50 PM
Perhaps you are clicking on this because of the unusual combination of words in the title. So here goes...a number of years ago - 2006 - I learned that our bodies have a whole "shocking" variety of hidden powers that may be activated -- once we learn to change the inputs (body) and learn the proper management of our thoughts (mind). Mind & Body. This is how we were designed via natural evolution & ET genetic engineering. ..(another story altogether).

Over the past couple of years I have been on an intensive study of what capabilities there are and how to activate them. Have collected and organized tons of videos. I already know the general path to activate all powers, but focusing on some specifics. One of the earliest videos I watched was the one below -- John Chang from Indonesia and Qi power. Perhaps you've seen it.

Anyway, I recently learned about the TESLA COIL and the description of how it works reminds me of our small and large intestine - which reminded me of the John Chang explanation also in this video of how he activiates his +/- energy around his gut. Any thoughts?

Here is a link to a Tesla Coil animation.

Tesla Coil on Vimeo -

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 05:57 PM

Any thoughts?

Yes, this is all a bunch of nonsense.

Surprisingly, I thought this before entering the thread, based off the title. Perhaps I'm psychic?

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 06:27 PM

Originally posted by boncho

Any thoughts?

Yes, this is all a bunch of nonsense.

Surprisingly, I thought this before entering the thread, based off the title. Perhaps I'm psychic?

The motto of ATS is deny ignorance. I would like to deny your statement and will show you why. You can demonstrate for yourself that the body does in fact have a biofield which can be directed etc for about $2 a multimeter and the hand dexterity of a kindergarten student.

Here are the instructions to build one.

Here is one I built at home and demonstrate the radiant energy output of the human body converted to dc current.

It is a scientifically proven fact that skin resistivity changes at different stages of consciousness and awareness. You may like to try a simple experiment which has been around since the 70s
Here I have done an easy to follow demo also referencing all scientific literature and showing the readouts while doing different tasks meditations and what in your reality is "nonsense"
Again all of these experiments are repeatable.

Lets move onto plants creating a responsive electrical readout in tune with their environment.
Again we see with a simple experiment one I have duplicated here that yes they have a form of esp.

You see it is easy to spout dogma and make sweeping grand statements about the nature of reality based on the dogma of the era. Research a little and you will overcome this ignorance. Remember the world was not always thought to be round and mobile phones were science fiction to a population uneducated in what is possible.Deny ignorance friend deny ignorance do the experiments test for your self then you will truly know everything else is orthodox dogma.

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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 06:39 PM
reply to post by dontneedaname


I want to tell you first that I respect your attempts to digest and understand the material you are interested in.

That being said (

John Chang is a liar. Like lots of stuff like this, John is a mix of skill and charlatanry. Watch his buddy with the cigarette in the white shirt during the 'newspaper immolation' scene. I have never been able to watch that Ring of Fire video without chuckling at John and his buddy.

Don't worry, many sincere seekers have been fooled by John, some guy whose name I don't remember even included him in a book as proof of 'Qi Gong Power'.

As far as the transfer of chi from John to those other folks goes, take it as you will. back when my manners were worse, I used to have fun going around masquerading as a nice polite seeker after Chinese cultural arts, and I visited as many of these types of folks as geography would allow. I have yet to see any real demonstration of 'chi power' as demonstrated by John or other charlatans that make claims as he does, and put on sleight-of-hand performances for foreign film crews.

That does not mean, on the other hand, that there are not real 'secrets' to be discovered within Taiji and that sort of thing, there are, and they are very demonstrable, but do not involve the shenanigans of John Chang.

The thing that is cracking me up a little at the moment is that you do have a bit of an 'ancient Chinese secret' in your thread title, which is the word Large Intestine. Good job.

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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by Shirak

You see it is easy to spout dogma and make sweeping grand statements about the nature of reality based on the dogma of the era. Research a little and you will overcome this ignorance.


Thank you for making a long post of gobbledygook, I will take that into consideration the next time I am basking in my ignorance.

I will be sure to watch many hours of scammers on YouTube, like dynamo Jack and let them dazzle me with their oh so scientific parlor tricks.

Let the ignorance vanish!

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 07:22 PM

Originally posted by boncho
reply to post by Shirak

You see it is easy to spout dogma and make sweeping grand statements about the nature of reality based on the dogma of the era. Research a little and you will overcome this ignorance.


Thank you for making a long post of gobbledygook, I will take that into consideration the next time I am basking in my ignorance.

I will be sure to watch many hours of scammers on YouTube, like dynamo Jack and let them dazzle me with their oh so scientific parlor tricks.

Let the ignorance vanish!

I have provided simple scientific experiments you can do at home then you don't have to worry anyone is scamming you.
Most people are content to assume and follow the status quo in their dogmatic beliefs. Just because George Lucas can make a fanciful spaceship which is not real does not mean that real spaceships do not exist.That argument is tired and it is the same one I see over and over.
I have seen a scammer therefore all that I now see = scam is not logic it is an assumption.

It is easier to call others fools than to do the experiment and realize you were in fact fooling yourself all along. The current dogma in society today makes it easy to denigrate any who might look beyond the box of reality to consider what is beyond.

I did however expect the to hard crowd to pipe in when its so easy to ignore what was shared for consideration that is the culture of ATS today.
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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 07:29 PM
I rewatched tjhe video, so they were smoking (I read the book too - Magus of Java)...was he hiding a cigarette in his sleeveless shirt that quickly ignited the newspaper like that? Was there lighter fluid on the newspaper? Is the soundgirl faking it? Is the other presenter faking it with the healed eye. Is there fancy video editing for a video production from the early 1980s.... that is for each to decide. Are the presenters CON men? Not here to CONvince anyone.....if someone has something useful to add, great. There are other John Chang videos too...

Don't need any proof to know about bioelectricity for I have already experienced it for myself (Healing tooth pain, among other instances)...and know how it manifests itself in all of us and how it relates to our health and healing abilities. I've seen so many super / hidden power videos from DC, HC, NG, indie....I "laugh" at the ignorance of the deniers. Consider myself quite knowledgable about EMF too. But each must decide for themselves. For once I was blind, now I am awake.

And WE shall lEARN (Gotta EARN it baby) soon enough....because some of these - physical - powers are beyond the wild imagination of (almost) everyone on ATS. And when one sees it for themselves...well denial will be all but over...what will remain...a trail of regret perhaps for being blind, which may doom one to a more unpleasant fate. But I'm getting ahead of the game...

Thank you Shirak for this videos, I will check them out. Here is another Qi video for you

Qigong Master Boils Water With His Hands Pyrokinesis

DC My Shocking Story - Electric Human

Also check out DC: Boy with Divine Powers.

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 07:45 PM
Thanks for the video shares.
I have considered a suitable explanation for the chi heating effect and have a hypothesis.

I am a radio comms tech. (Background)

Consider that the body emits different spectrum of emf.
Consider the physics effect called entrainment.
Consider EMF resonance.

Biofeild resonance when synchronized to another biofield could generate heat. Learning to control it requires practice and feedback.

Research Death Photons and the well documented phenomenon discovered in the research field of biophotonics where dna in all life (experimented on so far) uses photons to communicate at light speed. A fiber optic network each dna strand emits 4-6 photons per second.
Consider stories of auras of masters. The mechanism is there to produce a field of light it is scientifically documented.
New scientist reported that the eyes of a human have the mechanical ability to pick up electromagnetic fields and it is thought this was used for hunting in the past but as we do not use it today the brain does no process the data. (For some.)
Biofield resonance on radio waves to electrical circuits can cause burnout and interference this is another well documented scientific observation .
The problem is that society has been fooled and duped by several individuals to believe that all phenomena is just a hoax this has become the orthodox dogma of an age where we actually have the tech to investigate.
My favorite researcher at the moment is Dr Tiller her really goes into the reference frames and formula required to view this in present day scientific understanding
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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 08:07 PM
reply to post by dontneedaname

I would usually just steer away from this thread. But, as I am behind an anonymous avatar, which makes this a little more fun, and your personality interests me, I am going to stick around a little longer, if you don't mind taking my questions.

You won't get any real trouble from me, as I said, I respect your pursuits.

was he hiding a cigarette in his sleeveless shirt that quickly ignited the newspaper like that? Was there lighter fluid on the newspaper?

No. His buddy is smoking, I could never help but get the impression, after many, many viewings, that part of the schtick is that 'white-shirt' seems to have had to have one (a smoke) going through the whole interview to make sure that he could hand it to John at a moments notice.

He hands it to John with the paper. I am sure it was a very practiced exchange. John takes it from him with the paper and shifts it from one hand to the other and then tears the paper in half, retaining the cig with one half the paper in one of his hands.

He wraps it loosely in the paper forming natural air pockets that the cigarette 'cherry' rapidly consumes in it's attempts to find fuel; it ignites, even slightly the inner paper around the loose air-pockets. He could not do this with tightly wadded paper.

He sets the wad on the ground, uses good timing, presses on the paper, watch the way he does it. It creates a bit of a bellows effect on the paper, air pockets and embers; igniting the whole thing.

This is the only time I will be snarky; What do you think sleight-of-hand is, dontneedaname?

I want you to know that a whole generation of people have already been fooled and then enlightened around John's ca ca. I am just trying to save you the trouble we went to. But the fact of the matter is; I would not be where I am today with all this if not for having to try to figure out people like John Chang. I probably just should have left you to your own devices, which you are remaining at anyhow.


So are you going to just pass up my hint at the Large Intestine, or would you like to figure that out on your own as well?


posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 08:43 PM
Thanks Shirak for your last reply.You introduced me to some new ideas...!

Biophotonics, never heard of this...but gotta a few websites on my radar. As with entrainment. Not familiar with Dr.Tiller.

Your comment on auras mirrors this Livescience article:

I'll say for the most part we all have a sickly glow...because we don't yet know about BEing the light...

Perhaps this also relates to "glow of the skin too" That is "glowing/shinyness" without using any sort of makeup.
I just started noticing this with girls by paying more attention to their skin.

Also on the documentary DC: Boy with Divine Powers I think there is mention of an aura at one point too as witnessed by those around him...if not in the video than in news articles or other videos.

Your explanation of the eyes picking up EMF...that explanation mirrors my experience of the last few years. I'll say the eyes also project EMF (Apart from the body itself) The eyes are the - window to the soul - a soul with less to hide will project more energy/EMF. This also relates to face reading and detecting lies by movement of the eyes. Also the detection of fear. Been purging my body/soul of unhealthy repressed feelings for quite a few years now and am able to "make many people look down / look away at most times of the day". Most people, because most people are hiding something consciously or subconsciously.

SACRED - SCARED (anagram) - SECRET (Same word, vowel/consonant interchange) - SACERDote (Priest in spanish) -- No secrets, no fear!

...meaning while looking at eyes / face of another they look away or their whole face tilts down (In fear/shame) when I look at them. I even used this ability on 3 guys at night by myself who were "being hooligans."

I'll say once you master this EMF projection from the eyes, you will never need a weapon and will be able to go anywhere you want without fear of attack/harm. I'll look for that New Scientist article, but if you have, maybe you could post it.

Enjoying this conversation, just a heads up -- I'm in the process of moving from Colombia, South America back to the USA by May 1st. My apt internet will be cut off in the next couple of days. And for 2 weeks in April I will be on a remote Caribbean island taking my body/mind to the next stage toward activating many powers. There is a net cafe there, but I'll probably only visit it once or twice, since one of the goals is to get away from harmful EMF and harmful artificial light -- (Whether from cars, mobile phone masts, wi-fi, computers, etc...) So in other words, I may not be able to respond until later in May. If you watch the -- DC: Boy with Divine Powers, I can tell you what I am going to do / was doing on this island...and how it relates to Qi / bioelectricity.

Some add'l documentaries to check out - here are the trailers.

Exploring the Spectrum (From the 1970s...but VERY profound insights about artificial and UV light)...or read his book - Health & Light by John Ott

Also Full Signal - which as a radio comm tech -- maybe you are already aware of the downsides of all our modern technology...

Also Radiant Day -- here is part 1

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 09:19 PM
You need to forget about the damn video. Chi energy or Kundalini energy is real. You can't measure them because you don't have a measuring instrument to measure them. Forget about measuring them. You need to know what they are essentially and how the energy is activated. I am sorry to say, this would require some sort of enlightenment on your part. It isn't some tricks you do with your body to activate the energy. Of course, you can't attempt to study a phenomena without knowing what it is.

For anyone don't believe in the existence of the Chi energy or Kundalini because they never have experienced them first hand. On their own body. For that to happen, they have to become enlightened. They can rationalize all they want but the truth of the matter is that you can't experience these energies without becoming enlightened or enlightenment transmitted from another masters, in the past (dreams) or in the present (in the form of a teacher).

You can't activate the chi energy like a light switch. You need the yi consciousness. A state of mind or consciousness which is free from all attachments and fears.

posted on Mar, 30 2012 @ 09:48 AM

I know u directed ur message at another poster, but I'll say (Almost) everyone has experienced bioelectricity before - we just don't "call it that."

The simplest example that comes to mind is when we get a prickly feeling all over our body. Or heck, maybe even just itching. But, back to the prickliness - since this is more "obvious." When someone is working out or doing some activity that elevates their blood circulation for a little while (Say walking uphill), and suddenly they start feeling itchy - it might be diagnosed as "prickly heat" I think - with or without rashes. Maybe another name...but I used to experience it and didn't know what it was.

It wasn't until I realized that it is related to our recent food choices and the electrical system in our body.

Example -- if someone eats a heavy fat meal (say with lots of bacon and oil) that fat clogs up our arteries and "short circuits" the electrical signal for a certain time period. We don't notice it per se at the time of eating. But then we go to exercise, a hearty walk, is then we feel the prickliness / itchiness, this is the electrical system
restarting. It will go away once the "biolelectric flow" is reestablished.

Since I learned this I've been able to duplicate it many times..less and less since I've been changing what I eat to avoid culprit foods. Where we live and how we "conduct our day" plays a role in whether we will notice this too.

On the other hand eating more - unrefined - fruits and vegetables which have a HIGH WATER content (Search on web for lists)...this is easier to digest and the high water content doesn't interfere per se (As much) with the electrical signaling through the body at time of eating. So potatoes have a high water content, but this would be different than eating -- fried potatoes - which have a lot of oil. Many know this latter point, but to understand what is actually going on inside our bodies is another story...

The same goes with SALTY vs NON-SALTY foods. As salt also short circuits our electrical system. Of course we are told we need to eat a minimum of (refined) salt.....that's a LIE. Canned goods (And many breads/baked goods), are loaded with salt (Labeled as sodium, which is deceptive)

There are so many links between what we eat and how we feel, but the positive feelings we've been conditioned to have about a variety of foods (Advertising, earlier memories, peer pressure, etc...) blinds us as to their true nature.....but for one who wants to "deny ignorance" and "be healthier" ...there are many documentaries which can help cut through this fog...

Learning about a concept called UV TRANSMITTANCE might be insightful...and VISCOSITY (of blood, water, oil, etc...)

posted on Sep, 9 2013 @ 05:29 AM
dontneedaname, i was wandering if you still get notices from here, since i would like to evolve your topic with you. I like your approach and i think we could exchange some infos. Tryed to PM you but I couldnt... so ill be checking back to see if u answered.
Looking forward


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