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Combating Terrorism Across the Planet

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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 12:15 PM
Doing your part to combat terrorism!

Why gas prices are so high - A New way to combat terrorism.

Become a Charity Warrior - "Start your attack runs."

Another reason why gas prices are so high is too keep people from donating their money to the charities that help bring in extra money that goes towards research that funds many types of cancer research as well as helping those here in the U.S. and across the planet by being able to purchase clothes, medicines, food and education for those in third world countries.

Now you wonder how does supporting overseas missions to help the less fortunate counter terrorism?

It is very easy to see.

The terrorists come into a village and force the villagers to be warriors killing those who go against them. The terrorists then use the fighters against their to kill others who do not fall under the will of the terrorist regime.

but...when donations are collected and then used to purchase medicines, food and clothes for the same village where the money has come from the pockets of Americans the villagers will be given a chance to live a life based upon choice and not being forced to do the bidding of the terrorist warlord that would only use them to kill others.

Now is the time to create a new front against terrorism.

Whenever someone calls and asks for a donation even though the amount may seem high and not affordable the amount that you donate is part of the war on terror that will push back terrorism by giving those that the terrorists would use in their killing machine the ability to make a choice in siding with democracy instead of being forced to be a suicide bomber.

If you cannot afford the amount asked for donate at least $5.00.

Be a Charity Warrior in the fight against global terrorism and support the charities that are trying to make the lives of people in third world countries better....don't let the Taliban and Al-Qaeda forces get to them first.
Every amount that you donate to any charity makes you a fighter against global terrorism.

May The Force Be With Us In This Fight!

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by Dryson

To think that by donating to charity and becoming a “Charity Warrior” is going to actively combat global terrorism you must be deluded. It is about so much more than money, many of these people believe that they are locked in a holy war. They don’t care how much money you’re going to donate to their villages for some of them “we” are evil incarnate and it is their duty form God to kill as many of us as possible.

Sure charity is important, it is important to give to the people plagued by war to provide them with help and to build infrastructure however this is not what combats terrorism. Many terrorists in parts of the world are motivated by ideology, not money or material wants. Sure there are many who join groups such as the Taliban and other groups because they have been forced into joining as they will provide them with an income or threaten them with violence. But for the most part when it comes to the likes of Al-Qa’ida its all about ideology above all else.

The type of charity you are talking about its much better suited to area’s such as Nigeria with Boko Harama or possibly other impoverished African states where the recruitment of child soldiers is common place. However your idea is really not all that applicable with Middle Eastern terrorism.

Combatting terrorism involves so much more than charity and money, nice idea, but flawed

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 10:52 PM
Are there any charities that you could recommend? From some reports it is luck if 5 cents from the dollar actually makes it through with some charities. Doctors without boarders is one that has a good reputation in trying to reduce some of the suffering going on. The Red Cross also seams to be in the middle of a lot of conflict going on. Any others?

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