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Why Abortion is a Sin

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posted on Apr, 1 2012 @ 12:13 PM
As to an account when a mother was about to miscarriage but didn't know it, the father, who does not believe in this kind of thing, in fact, they may have been fundamentalists in their beliefs, but he was awoken in the night by a ghost of a young man, a child who identified as his son, and told him he had to go that the pregnancy would fail, but that he would return, first they would give birth to a daughter and then him, and he really expressed a lot of love to his shocked father. And as he said, this is what happened.

Now, I believe that this must be wide open and covered fully by universal medical for all people, and that when someone does not wish to go through that, they should be cousneled for good or working type of birth control, because not everyone can even take the pill, some get migraines and stroke like conditions. And that the pregnancy can and should only be terminated within the first trimester.

Note, I asked very young, where I came from and had dreams and remembered as a beam of light, fully consicous and myself, like a shooting star, shooting in, with a purpose which I wasn't allowed to know, entering this warm glowing womb, snugly like a nest. This was more of an older fetus.

So, we have to have good medical procedures for women and men, and no forcing things of this nature, and alot of respect for situations like this, and the harm this can do to someone and a lot more grown up about sex, birth control, and less repressive and/or foolhardy.

And find the fine line balance between her and the child.

The early stages where most pregnancies naturally pass through is ideal for abortions.

I actually consider not caring about women, and not understanding this issue, and not finding that balance a sin against humanity and all girls and women. Not that I consider most people who are troubled by this issue sinners, its just that one has to really search past religious programming, relgious programming has everyone programmed to God/Goodness bringingin in cycles, when Goodness is not about harming anyone. That is the Old Empire and how it runs planets, and we have to grow our consciousness, not see black and white, and really search for answers.

This is something that really harms women and girls. And when something is not advanced in any form of consciousness, you know think deeply. If a soul is meant to come, coming at a good time will be arranged.

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posted on Apr, 1 2012 @ 02:42 PM

Originally posted by Iason321
I think abortion IS a sin - but I am pro choice.

I believe in freedom, and I believe that some children are better left unborn - have you ever personally known children who growup in homes where their mother is a homeless crackhead prostitue and there father is not there, and seen how those kids growup and what they turn into?

Also, there are some pretty extreme medical cases where abortion is the best option.

So....theirs my two cents on that

This isn't the failure of the child, this is the failure of the parents. There are plenty of people out there that would adopt an unwanted baby, my wife and i are one of them because she cannot have children even though she wants them. It's not your call to make, or mine. These children have a purpose in life, they have been sent for a reason, wether it is to influence another person in their own lives growing up to where that person may become a believer, or wether that purpose is to become a believer themselves. Only God knows which way the dominoes will land.

What we need to do is stop meddling in his affairs and let him do what needs to be done.

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