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The Bank of Queen Elizabeth II accused of drug trafficking!

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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 12:59 PM

Originally posted by Trillium
Well it her bank yes she own it she the CEO LOL
Another cabal get expose

The Queen is a customer of Coutts. She's not the owner. Come on, do the research.

This is just about the bank not having the robust processes in place to prevent money laundering. Is there any evidence that money laundering has taken place? No.


posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 03:31 PM

Originally posted by GLontra

Originally posted by LittleBlackEagle
again it should be no great mystery why drugs are illegal, because those in power want them that way in order to keep profits high. at this point in the failed drug war it should be apparent, to even a third grader, what's going on.

Anyone who thinks the multibillionaire worldwide business of drug traficking is controlled by some "Pablo" hidden in the jungles of Colombia is very, very silly...

Drug traficking generates almost as much "revenue" per year as the oil industry. It's one of the biggest industries in the world.

And no, it's not controlled by some "Pablo" hidden in the jungles of Colombia. It's controlled by very high level people, very rich people in Europe, USA, Japan...

There is a great number of very, very silly people not as awake to this as those third-graders, probably the vast majority still, but I am very, very glad to know there are so many as there are who are aware of this.

"Pablo" may be selling some coc aine, "Joe the biker" might have some methamphetamine, and "Habib" could be harvesting some opiates, but "Your Royal Highness," "The Honorable...," and "His Worship" are among those who are controlling the trafficking and prices. Besides, those are all Schedule 2 drugs and are also manufactured and sold by the pharmaceutical companies, though for them are not as profitable for legitimate sale as their latest patented "wonder drugs" plus the fact they are controlled so have to be accounted for whereas the illicit trade is completely "off the books.".

The real drug enemy according to the FDA, DEA, and other ABC agencies is cannabis and even industrial hemp scheduled in the most prohibited category of any substances. "The Gateway Drug" right? Gateway to what, less dangerous drugs?!? If "The Big One" were to strike and turn us into refugees fighting for our very survival guess what seeds I would want to plant to provide food, fiber, fuel, medicine, and so on to help restart civilization? This world is just twisted enough that could be the real reason it is so taboo.

Books are being kept on petroleum but illicit drug profits are not trackable and the trafficking of those substances are used for many political and economic purposes including regime change and keeping the global economy afloat. It's the free pass to deprive us our right and privacies and entry into our livingrooms. Nobody with any power in this world has their hands completely clean, not even the Royal families. Coutts would not be the first bank caught with dirty money either.

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