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Italy seizes Gaddafi family assets

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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 01:59 AM
Italy seizes Gaddafi family assets

Isn't there a well known thread called "All Roads Lead to Rome" ?

hmm as soon as I saw this one... I was like... hmmm the plot thickens!!

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 02:09 AM
well we know all about these so called 'handshakes' but just what was the one with Berlusconi all about?

Gaddafi and former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi signed a 'friendship treaty' in 2008 which led to a sharp rise in investments between the two countries, while Italy also undertook to pay compensation for colonial times.

Anyone know much about Berlusconi?

oh and yes... it is part of the Judicial requirement to ensure compensation for 'victims'...

hmmm what the hell is going on here?

Anyone know of any entity that has filed suit against Libya? = economic loss? omg.

Maybe the UN have yet to put in the cost of freeing the People of Libya from a Despot? or even wilder than that... perhaps they will divy it all up and give it to the Citizens of Libya? I doubt the former will even get a look in... UN need to be repaid for their efforts...

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 02:11 AM
I'm no expert on this subject but I think I remember that Italy had a lot of major business holding in Libya, and they were the most involved in the invasion that brought Gaddafi down. I guess they want their money back. I wonder about Greece. I think they had a lot invested in Libya too.

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 02:16 AM
All of this wealth belongs to the Libyans, NO country should be allowed to confiscate ill-gotten gains which were spirited out of one country to another by a dictator or despot to the detriment of the inhabitants of the country of origin!
Give back to Libyans what is rightfully theirs!

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 02:21 AM
reply to post by wiser3

I agree. It's going to go into the hands of the banks to pay off "loan" that no one asked for.

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 02:21 AM
Berlusconi trial: Judges throw out corruption case

Berlusconi was criticised for his dominance over the Italian media whilst he held political office.[3] His broadcasting company Mediaset is the largest in the country and one of the biggest in Europe, Berlusconi never fulfilled his election promises to sell off his assets in the company to avoid a conflict of interest. His leadership was also undermined by sex scandals.[4] After losing his majority in parliament amid growing fiscal problems related to the European debt crisis, Berlusconi officially resigned as Prime Minister on 16 November 2011.[5]
Silvio Berlusconi on WIKI:

hahahh who the hell is/was the Despot?:

Silvio Berlusconi has an extensive record of criminal allegations, including mafia collusion, false accounting, tax fraud, corruption and bribery of police officers and judges. Berlusconi has been tried in Italian courts in several cases. In three of these cases accusations were dropped by the judiciary because of laws passed by Berlusconi's parliamentarymajority shortening the time limit for prosecution of various offences and making false accounting illegal only if there is a specific damaged party reporting the fact to the authorities.[22]

and more from WIKI:


Berlusconi and Vladimir Putin.
Berlusconi has a warm relationship with Vladimir Putin.[49]

In November 2007 Italy’s state-owned energy company Eni signed an agreement with Russian state-owned Gazprom to build the South Stream pipeline.[50] Investigating Italian parliament members discovered that Central Energy Italian Gas Holding (CEIGH), a part of the Centrex Group, was to play a major role in the lucrative agreement. Bruno Mentasti-Granelli, a close friend of Berlusconi, owned 33 percent of CEIGH. Italian parliament blocked the contract and accused Berlusconi of having a personal interest in the Eni-Gazprom agreement.[50][51]

On 1 December 2010, Wikileaks leaked American state diplomatic cables showing that American officials voiced concerns over Berlusconi's extraordinary closeness to Putin, "including 'lavish gifts,' lucrative energy contracts and a 'shadowy' Russian-speaking Italian go-between". Diplomats consider him "to be the mouthpiece of Putin" in Europe.[52]

According to one of the leaked cables the Georgian ambassador in Rome has told to the American officials that Georgia believes Putin has promised Berlusconi a percentage of profits from any pipelines developed by Gazprom in coordination with Eni S.p.A..[53]

[edit] Belarus

Berlusconi visited Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus in 2009. Berlusconi became the first Western leader to visit Lukashenko since Lukashenko came to power in 1994. In the press conference Berlusconi paid compliments to Lukashenko and said "Good luck to you and your people, whom I know love you".[54][55]

[edit] Libya

During much of Berlusconi's government Italy gradually reconciled with Libya of Muammar Gaddafi. Italy gets a quarter of its oil and about 10% of its gas from Libya, and enterprises from both countries have strong interests in the other economy. Berlusconi's escort girls helped Gaddafi to gain the leadership of the African Union in 2009.[56] During the first days of the 2011 Libyan civil war Berlusconi was initially cautious, painting Libya not as a military priority but a humanitarian one. In the following days the Italian government condemned the use of violence and suspended the friendship treaty with Libya signed in 2008.[57]

I feel compelled to do some further research... something smells very bad!

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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 02:25 AM
reply to post by windword

so far from what I am reading now... it was the other way around. Maybe they just didn't want to pay their bills?

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 02:28 AM
reply to post by badconduct

a loan that didn't exist!!

Italy were making compensation payments to Libya for past wrong doings! and based on that...Libya gave them oil and gas!

I guess in times of economic hardship for one Country that is part of the EU, just kill off a debt, then take what you want?

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 02:30 AM
How can u take something that doesnt belong to u,and u call it justified??? I am sure all this money went in EU central bank as they need it to get out of crisis.Nothing went to Lybia,and to be honest,i would never give anything to Lybians.Reason? Well,if they was just thinking for 2 min before they let Italian and French send them back to stoneage,and helped Ghadaffi to through out or kill rats,they would live better than any Italian or French. Now,for what i care,they can kill eachother till extermination. People are so much about democracy,but they even dont know very basics of it. I read news about Lybia lately,and i hear how rebels are killing eachother over power.But i think the real thing that is going on there,is that loyalists of Ghadaffi are killing rebels,just our media doesnt want us to know. Anyway,if i were Italian official,i would too take all that money,why one will miss it now.

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 02:34 AM
omg I am going to be up all night reading this info:

In November 2010, teenage Moroccan belly dancer and alleged prostitute Karima El Mahroug (better known as "Ruby Rubacuori") claimed to have been given $10,000 by Berlusconi at parties at his private villas. The girl told prosecutors in Milan that these events were like orgies where Berlusconi and 20 young women performed an African-style ritual known as the "bunga bunga" in the nude.[150][151] It was also found out that, on 27 May 2010, El Mahroug had been arrested for theft by the Milan police but (being still a minor) she was directed to a shelter for juvenile offenders. However, following two telephone calls by Berlusconi to the police authorities (in which, in particular, he falsely indicated that El Mahroug was a close relative of President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt), the young woman was released and entrusted to the care of PDL regional counselor (and Berlusconi's personal dental hygienist) Nicole Minetti.[152][153] The investigation of Berlusconi for extortion (it:concussione) and child prostitution regarding Karima El Mahroug has been referred to as "Rubygate".[154] MP Gaetano Pecorella proposed to lower the age of majority in Italy to solve the case.[155]

Berlusconi has also come under fire for reportedly spending $1.8 million in state funds from RAI Cinema to further the career of a largely unknown Bulgarian actress, Michelle Bonev. The fact that this coincided with severe cuts being made to the country's arts budget provoked a strong reaction from the public


No wonder the EU is in financial difficulty!!

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 02:57 AM

It is no secret that Muammar Gaddafi and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi were soulmates until last March when Italy starting allowing NATO to use its airbases to bomb the country. The two shared a penchant for opulence and sex, made more obvious by the porn stash found in Gaddafi’s compound last week. Gaddafi was a valuable trade partner but his greatest gift to the Italian billionaire may have been teaching him the nubile sex ritual known as “bunga-bunga”. the daily beast

When Italy got involved with NATO bombardments, Gaddafi expressed his disappointment in Berlusconi. "I am so shocked, I feel betrayed, I don't even know what to say to Berlusconi." In secret messages that will be released by Italy’s foreign ministry next week, [cited aboven]

Berlusconi said in a speech to supporters in September that had felt "very bad" about switching sides in April and joining the NATO campaign to oust his old friend from power source

omg it just gets worse!

The longest underwater pipeline in the Mediterranean runs from the coast of Libya to the Italian island of Sicily. Inaugurated in 2004 by Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, the 323 miles (520 km) pipeline and its northward flow of gas might as well be a symbol of the relationship between the two countries.

....Italy's dependency on Gaddafi stands apart. Libya is Italy's largest supplier of oil, providing for roughly a third of the country's energy consumption.

....Libya's deep and pure petroleum reserves, and Gaddafi's ability to fling money around all meant that Rome was often the one that found itself on its knees.
Time Mag: Italy's Bad Romance: How Berlusconi Went Gaga for Gaddafi

and the best one yet:

Italy was Libya's colonial ruler in fascist times and went on to develop into Libya's largest trading partner as old resentments matured into mutually beneficial economic ties - worth euro11 billion before trade was halted in February with the outbreak of civil war Berlusconi's Gaddafi About-Face: Italian Prime Minister Shifts Libya Stance

Is 11 billion a lot of money?

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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 03:21 AM
It is amazing what this guy have gotten away with! Probably the most corrupt politician in Europe.

Great thread S+F, looking forward to read more.

And a side note


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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 03:27 AM
reply to post by kloejen

laughed way way out loud then.. I hope it doesn't get edited out because of the prohibited word?

maybe you could edit that pic out to leave the f and the k hahahhahaha

back on topic.. I cannot believe what I am reading. I will be back with some cracker info.

well I think it is anyway....

do you think 11 billion Euros is a lot of money? that was just the compensatory payments that Italy had to pay back!...the assets seized by Italy are a more than that! gee they hit the lotto!!!

perhaps we still live in Feudal times? yanno.. rape and pillage your way to world domination?

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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 03:35 AM
It's really wrong of me to admit this but I was sad to see poor old Berlusconi go. The guy never failed to amuse like the time he played hide and seek with Merkel.
And be honest, your a billionaire tycoon, you telling me you wouldn't have Ukrainian underwear models calling round?

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 03:41 AM
apologies...the thread I mentioned in the first post is titled All Paths Lead to Rome Exceptional thread from 2010.

It goes on to say about him: 'During the reporting period, the country's (Italy) prime minister was investigated for facilitating child prostitution.'
Authotities in Milan have accused three of Berlusconi's friends of procuring prostitutes for parties which he held at his sumoptous villa near Milan.

Emilio Fede, 80, a news presenter on one of Berlusconi's main TV channels, showbusiness agent Lele Mora, 55, and former dental hygenist, now politician Nicole Minetti, 26. Minetti reportedly put on strip teases for the prime minister.
Mr Berlusconi's trial for underage prostitution is set to resume in Milan next month. Both he and Miss El Mahroug deny any wrong-doing.
'Another shameful insult for Italy': Silvio Berlusconi named in US government report on human trafficking

The murder of Gaddafi, and the war crimes of Western powers Very interesting read...especially as it focuses upon International Law and Human Rights and the fact that at times the Western World *cough... seem exempt from attrocities!

Bob Powell's ATS video discusses some of the below... if you don't want to read...then watch that. Highly recommend it! Truth is Viral - Libya The Real Story

At present Gaddafi is not well seen in the EU and USA but the Libyan people seem to be thriving with him as leader. A delegation of medical professionals from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus wrote in an appeal to "Russian President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin that after becoming acquainted with Libyan life, it was their view that in few nations did people live in such comfort". Libya today is not a highly polarized society divided between extremes of wealth and poverty.


According to a Russian article titled Bombing of Libya - Punishment for Qaddafi for His Attempt to Refuse US Dollar, Gaddafi initiated a movement to refuse the dollar and the Euro as payment for Libya's oil, and called on Arab and African nations to use a new currency, the gold dinah.

Libyan War 2011

I am just reading some info regarding omg, can't believe I am including these words... New World Order...


posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 03:53 AM
reply to post by Thurisaz

Well, i know Italy is not the only one who ripped of Libya

Here is an article i have posted elsewhere.

As analysts debate possible motives behind President Obama’s United Nations-backed military intervention in Libya, one angle that has received attention in recent days is the rebels’ seemingly odd decision to establish a new central bank to replace dictator Muammar Gadhafi's state-owned monetary authority — possibly the first time in history that revolutionaries have taken time out from an ongoing life-and-death battle to create such an institution, according to observers.

Then after Gaddafi was killed
US lifts economic sanctions on Libya

All you need to do is follow the money. Its so obvious and yet so sad

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 03:56 AM
eek... is there anyone who can check the translation of this?

it is a YouTube vid and would like to see if these quotes are actually true?

The Vid is 'claiming' "Italy, Libya: Berlusconi "I Was Forced To Join NATO Intervention WAR On Libya"

This one is heavy reading but I recommend it...very scarey stuff!

anyone know anything about the Research for Globalisation?

Do you see a pattern, I am sorry to interrupt you there. Do you see a pattern here, I am sure you do, between Hussein, Osama Bin Laden and now Gaddafi? I mean, we have countries, for example, Hussein and Gaddafi, they pretty much stopped their weapons’ programs. They cooperated with the CIA, in this case from what I’ve heard, and it’s pretty much a given, Gaddafi was assisting the war on terror fight by the United States by allowing rendition flights to Libya. He stopped his weapons programs. Do you see a pattern here?

Yes, there’s a very clear pattern. That the United States and the North Atlantic allance use somebody for whatever purpose they want to and then get rid of them and kill them afterwards. Slobodan Milosevic, at political risk to himself inside at that time the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, played a role in negotiating an end to the armed hostilities in Bosnia, in gratitude for which his country was bombed for 78 days in 1999 by the United States and its NATO allies and subsequently he was left to die in prison.Centre for Research on Globalisation

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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 04:57 AM

Originally posted by kloejen
reply to post by Thurisaz

Well, i know Italy is not the only one who ripped of Libya

Here is an article i have posted elsewhere.

As analysts debate possible motives behind President Obama’s United Nations-backed military intervention in Libya, one angle that has received attention in recent days is the rebels’ seemingly odd decision to establish a new central bank to replace dictator Muammar Gadhafi's state-owned monetary authority — possibly the first time in history that revolutionaries have taken time out from an ongoing life-and-death battle to create such an institution, according to observers.

Then after Gaddafi was killed
US lifts economic sanctions on Libya

All you need to do is follow the money. Its so obvious and yet so sad

yep seems to be the case here. thx for info...

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 05:13 AM
reply to post by Thurisaz

Ah is this the Billions that the rebels were looking for?

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 05:21 AM
reply to post by John0Doe

How about setting up a reconstruction fund, build schools, hospitals etc instead of just stuffing it in your own back pocket.
You sound like a dictator in training!

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