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A theory about forgiveness

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posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 07:28 PM
So let's say there is a God who made us and everything. When a person dies, the true self will return to God.

We all know that our illusionairy time-line consists of past->now->future. But because we can only live in The Now, everything we have ever done can be simply forgiven. If you're looking for the past right now in the actual world, you won't find it. You may find the consequences of the past right now, but the past which was once now is over. Even when I'm typing a letter, the moment of realisation that I'm typing a letter, becomes the realisation that I was typing a letter in the past, which is a thought.

Then it could be that all the past has been erased. So whatever you do isn't permanent which makes room for errors so that you can work on improvement/progress. Every murder or any other sinner can then be simply forgiven because of the ever changing now.

If God exists, then He/She/It must have made this 'time' the way it is for us to improve. When we die, God will be able to forgive us because we've lived our lives in the 'learning reality'. Therefore God won't let a sinner go to hell, but send the sinner back to his/her previous reality where he/she can improve until he/she is ready for the real reality.

Another point which kind of relates to this theory is that of every thing there are more of the same kind. I have a tree in my backyard but there are many more trees, I am a human being and there are 6 billion other humans, the Sun is our star and there are many other stars, we live in a solar system and there are many other solar systems... etc. Because of this given there are with no doubt many other earth like planets with life on it. The reason for this is to increase the number of canditates who are ready for the real reality where the 'past' won't be deleted.

This life is a test...

posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 07:38 PM
reply to post by Baron01
If God created the Universe, how could God of made anything bad or good, a lot of it has to do with perspective.
A good movie I have been watching is on Showtime, " The Tempest " by Shakespeare, to me is quite good the movie is kind of silly, it was made in 2010. The ending is very good I thought and there is a song at the end after the movie goes off, it is 7 minutes long and goes on during the credits
This song is also on youtube to listen to this song makes me happy. but it makes me sad..

Prospera's coda Link:

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posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 07:43 PM
reply to post by Baron01

if there is only what is right this very moment what could there ever be to forgive? there only is what is right now. forgiveness takes us into the past that no longer exists..... (ego, ego, ego...)

we are so hard on ourselves and each other and it is all so unnecessary. if we ourselves are creating what is (and we are).. what is there ever to forgive? there only is what we are creating in this very moment. if we do not like what we are creating in this very moment the very best we can do is become aware of what we are creating and why and from this understanding or awareness evolve into a more empowered and conscious way of creating. guilt and blame or the idea of forgiveness only keeps us in a state of being that prevents us from being able to do this.

everything is perfect because we ourselves are creating it. the illusion of believing that we need to forgive or require forgiveness prevents us from being able to see this.
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posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 07:48 PM
reply to post by Baron01

cool thread title...
life is a token economy.....where we learn not to have "trouble with our powers"

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posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 04:28 AM

Originally posted by nicolet
reply to post by Baron01

if there is only what is right this very moment what could there ever be to forgive? there only is what is right now. forgiveness takes us into the past that no longer exists..... (ego, ego, ego...)

God knows everything what you've done, but because you live your life in this test reality, God simply doesn't care about your mistakes.

It's something I came up with when I was thinking about time. If the past is so real, where is it now?

posted on Mar, 29 2012 @ 06:56 AM
reply to post by Baron01

the word responsable point clearly who control and has powers, while only responsability is the legal reference to incriminate individuals of wrong objective acts

that is how a human is responsable of things he possess where animals are considered in civil law as things too

from that point, forgiveness appear in truth being to evil responsables standing up while they must b put down

giving is the opposite to for give, which reveal evil behind it as the relation is clearly through truth objective reverse for fast n easy abuse

to give is exclusively to truth superiority bc it is infinite so any relative point must act in anyway or terms as individual considering truth existence and truth being a fact first before being or meaning to b a relative point right in being free from truth

so the sense of giving is always from less to more in knowing that more is what exist even though u dont care about it

so even in meaning misery or negative objective conditions an individual only looking as giving a hand is simply giving to absolute rights of infinite truth existence, so for its own sake of being free truly
that is how too, in common real sense of forgiving the word is used to mean what less endured like a child or an adult having no choice but to move on positively alone, so saying that word in meaning, act as if u gave the truth

but it is obvious how the objective life of forgiving sense is the reverse, how a god could ever mean forgiving his things that he possess totally ? or at least if u wont admit that, he is always controlling as he wants, as what animals are for humans
do u feel having to forgive ur pet??

truth is not a source when it is a fact that any is true first, what is true exist so always is then realities are a consequence of existence being a fact real

all what truth freedom could mean is individual rights bc they are about freedom individual right as truth is free
when truth is freedom fact then awareness is a fact too that has nothing to do with it

but u love to believe being gods possessions entertaining them as they want spoiling their wills from u in relative terms of individuals powers fun disrespecting and abusing truth facts for more fun
that is ur choice as ur gods, that will end first, lets see while they will b forced to stop acting in powers over existence how they will show their attachements to u

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