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I believe George Zimmerman is going to die.. And the *SNIP* will hit the fan

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posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 06:25 PM
I'm not the worlds greatest writer, and I have to say a lot to make you understand my point, in an already confusing area.

Please read all the way thru.

As we all know 'The New Black Panther Party' lead by Mikhail Muhammad, has a $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman.

First and foremost, the NBPP has been denied, rejected, and called "illegitimate" by the members of the original Black Panther Party. The originals, say that their goals and ideals aren't even in line with them.

Second, we know the media has definitely been attempting to fuel a race war lately. I believed I've linked together enough pieces to say that they are now putting the plan into motion to get it started. A race war is war enough to warrant control under the false pretense of 'protection', you know "hey I got these (concentration) camps, and since such and such a group is trying to kill you all, come here and let the military protect you". ANYWAY lemme get into it.
Mikhail Muhammad is the protege of a fiery figure, by the name of Khalid Abdul Muhammad. Khalid Abdul Muhammad basically fathered the NBPP after he had a falling out with Louis Farrakhan and left the Nation of Islam.

During the earlier days of the Nation of Islam (NOI from here out) my mother and father were very active members in DC and Chicago. They knew and grew with Khalid Muhammad, up until the point when they moved on from the NOI.

I was speaking to my mother about why Khalid left the NOI (his reason was he didn't want to build bridges with the whites, and wasn't pro-integration) and she said that she remembers that he "disappeared" for 4-6 months, and came back with a different attitude. My father picked up the story from there, saying that after an arrest, he just disappeared, and reappeared as this fiery "let's kill cr*ckas" type of guy. This was at the NOI's turning point where things were moving toward a more bridge building phase. It is believed by some that he was arrested and either bribed, or "programmed" to continue the work of COINTEL Pro.

After he fell out with Farrakhan (whom he hailed as a father figure) he joined, and quickly became the national chairman of the NBPP. This was in the 90's (around 95-96). At this point, the NBPP became the new "aggressive black organization" since the NOI had simmered down, and taken a different approach to their goals. It is believed by the NOI that the NBPP is basically controlled by the remnants of COINTEL Pro.

Anyway, in 2001, Khalid A. Muhammad died, and HIS protege, Mikhail Muhammad, advanced to the role of the organizer of the NBPP after just a few years. Mikhail Muhammad has been described as a "reincarnation of K.A Muhammad," even allegedly inheriting his ties to the government.

It has also been said that he too has close ties with government agencies, and that's why he nor K.A Muhammad were ever arrested or charged with inciting hate/violence, or anything else. Mikhail Muhammad is the one who authorized the 10k bounty on George Zimmerman.

Just before the bounty was issued, the governments talking head, Obama, and various news outlets made sure national attention was focused on the Tray Martin case.

Just AFTER it was issued, CNN published an article that claimed to be an attempt to sway people from accepting the bounty, but was really just a photo shoot, and publicity opportunity for the bounty.

My point is, a man whom many claim is directly tied to shady government organizations by money, released a bounty just after Obama got the whole country looking in his direction.

Basically, as said, I believe this will only continue to spiral out of control, because Lord knows it's a whole lot of people who could use 10k.


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posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 06:29 PM

This is being discussed in numerous threads, for example:

Please add further comments to the ongoing discussions in the above linked threads.

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