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Our Entire Space Program Is A Hoax And A Massive Deception

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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 09:50 PM

Originally posted by blocula
reply to post by choos
Why? because being in low earth orbit,is not being in outer space and the so called space stations, space shuttles and astronauts in those space stations and shuttles,in reality,should be called low earth orbit stations,low earth orbit shuttles and low earth orbit nauts,because none of them ever went into outer space...

The exosphere is the uppermost layer of earths atmosphere and extends upwards and outwards from 310 miles to 620 miles and is the last layer before outer space >

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being in low earth orbit is the same as being in space, whether you are 200miles above earth or one million miles from earth the requirements are the same to survive. you are arguing over semantics, nit-picking over precise definitions.
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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 09:55 PM

Originally posted by eriktheawful
reply to post by blocula

Have you never baked anything in your oven? You make some cookies, baked at 350 deg F. When you reach in to grab the cookie sheet, it will be at that temp, yet you can reach in and grasp it with a simple pot holder, and it doesn't burn you.

How about cars? The liquid cooling system of a car is made up of water mixed with Antifreeze. The antifreeze will both help keep the cooling system from boiling over AND it will keep it from freezing solid. A single compound that does both.

Unless your cookie sheet, oven and car are fake that is......

We're not animals, we're creatively thinking creatures (the blocs don't know about that importance of biological existence.)
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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 11:01 PM
reply to post by MarkScheppy
The dumbed down,intentionally misled far astray,robotic sheeple,are dominated and controlled every step they take and live their entire lives imprisoned by fear and hate,while being relentlessly posessed by greed and materialistic illusions,as they unknowingly lose their souls in the process,while walking around in a trance half asleep,looking at the world through blinded eyes wearing rose colored glasses, thinking about reality with closed off,boxed in narrow minds...

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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 11:36 PM
reply to post by blocula

"Keep an open mind –
but not so open that your brain falls out"

- Richard Feynman

posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 11:42 PM
reply to post by paradox
"There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world and the worst of it is that half of them are true"

Winston Churchill

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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 11:44 PM
reply to post by blocula

It's a shame that this is not one of those lies.

Seems as though you have let your brain fall out since you seem to be ignoring/disregarding every logical argument brought to the table. When you are proven wrong, you just ignore that as well, along with questions that are asked to you.

I guess there is no hope for you.
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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 11:48 PM
Okay what started this was back a few years ago I got onto a website called Space-talk and it was a site with some ex-nasa engineers and what have you just to make some posts saying that although the science they did and do is real.

The whole thing is still a big sham and I recently found a few years later the site is offline.

I got called a scum bucket by RJ Grasser Haha. admittedly I was intoxicated when I did it so I was a bit of a boob for doing it but man I must have pissed off the right people.

Close encounter of the pissed off human black gov. kind

I, my mother, and grandparents witnessed a series of strange incidents over a several day period during our brief stay on our return home and it turns out a mother and daughter in another Texas town had a close up encounter with a craft as well that same night in a similar situation so we were not the only folks seeing high tech anomalies up close.

My mother and I were in the Airstream around 9:30 pm having some beer watching tv and talking.

I stepped outside the camper and maybe 50ft away on the edge of the property there is an old junked 1980 something chrysler mini-van.

Emitting out the front windshield was a bright blue LED style glowing light and I thought immediately of ET or government affiliated para-military as the emitting source was not visible at first and no one would have been inside it for any reason other than those reasons.

In that same few seconds upon realizing that something was shining this bright white/blue rectangular light from a junked mini-van's windshield out in the country side I turned into the camper and said mom come here you won't believe it.

She pokes her head out and I do as well and the light is still there at nearly the same intensity over the enitire windshield and she of course acknowledged that she saw what I was seeing.

We immediately got inside the camper and sat down for perhaps a minute or two and I said I had to go inside to tell my elderly grandparents of the light since whatever it was warranted that much at least.

So I sprinted into the house limping on my broke foot and the light was still clearly bright and visible though very slowly fading in intensity as it would continue to do over the next 45 minutes or so.

Upon informing my grandparents that I did not have too much to drink, I promptly told them what we had seen out in or on the van.

My gramps immediately said I was not seeing anything... (He was grumpy), and I said maybe so but come look out the front door and he did so acknowledging nothing then told me to just get some sleep and there was nothing out there.

I said sure maybe your right and as I was going out the front door I saw my mother blinking the mag-light at the van as I walked back toward the camper which was right beside the house all the while whispering stop that Sh*t and we stood there for a minute or so to look at the light and it had faded something like a fading bio-luminescent emission.

As it faded off the windshield we noticed it appeared to come from the drivers rear through that side window via a small dinner plate sized patch where some type of energy beam had struck it from above. I figured it came from above the trees since the rear of the van was right against trees and thick brush meaning of course either ET was watching our monkey asses or the government was here to tell me that I talk to much # about how it operates and who is behind it all online. (Whoops I won't do it again massa I's promise masta.)

We went back into the trailer to freak out about it as we knew it was either man or alien intelligence running that beast of a machine I suspected was stealthed nearby.

I know the goverment has been doing some heavy engineering of this sort of stuff relatively recently and I even saw one with my cousin when we were in our early teens.

The thing was floating 15ft above a densely populated urban area known as Kaiser in Salem Oregon.

We stared at the crafts lights which consisted of three lights equidistantly spaced with the body of the craft completely invisible which as far as I was aware at the times was again either the government or ET.

At that time I was unaware of Meta-Materials and as we watched this thing for 20-30 seconds or so it moves with no noise 40 or 50ft and then one by one each light dissapeared as though it entered a wormhole or the crafts human/alien occupants or AI turned the lights out in sequence.

What strikes me about that story is that humans manning that sort of thing would be quite unlikely to allow civilians to notice them let alone do it right over such an area unless it was just a strange sort of experiment to see how people would react to seeing such a thing.
Heck for all I know it was indeed ET there to pick up their latest government authorized slab of civi-meat.

People dissapear every year in this country and I doubt it's all for human slave traffic or "It puts the lotion in the BASKET!" types.

Back to the story at hand.

After 10 minutes or so I decided that if it wanted to hurt us it would have happened so I went into the house for more beer and some spaghetti quite nervously I might add and as I passed the light had faded slightly, yet lingered on.

Well after my mom and I were sitting there for 20 minutes or so I suddenly saw out the window my gramps walking toward the van with something in his hand and I said to mom "I hope he does not have a weapon, I have to go get him!"). I gimped myself out the trailer at high speed and caught him 15 ft from the van.

I said to him perhaps it's just the moon reflecting off some item in the van ( I knew that was bull# but I did not want him to move toward it.)

He just stood there looking at the van obviously as puzzled by it as I was. I said lets just go and get some sleep so we then turned and walked back toward our quarters.

That old man is color blind, he must have gotten up again after he told me to go to bed, went out there meaning he saw/suspected truthfullness on my part about the light from the house and went out alone with a crappy old flashlight. Thinking back on it I wonder why my crazy mother had that freaking curtain open anyways, but we had drank several beers a piece by then, so I had not even noticed what was occurring until my grandfathers movement caught my eye.

I went into the house a total of 2 more times after I sent the old man back in the house to sleep for beer and snacks and I was still a little leary and unsure of what to do other than deal with it and hope it did not attack or abduct then probe us with cold alien alloys.

I found myself mumbling out loud and proffering keystone lights toward the aliens while saying "just getting some beer if thats ok!" as if they might mistake my armload of boos for a weapon. (Silly looking back on it as they probably have scanners and sensors that can detect my balls retreating into my stomach instantly)

Well here is where the # hit the fan cause I had consumed many more beers by that point and I stepped right out the door thinking fark it whatever it was and then began pissing while facing away from the where the light had been pretty unafraid while performing and as I finished up I chanced a look over my shoulder looking at where the light had been and then up to the large tree directly behind it knowing that it was still stealthed there somehow.

Thinking if the craft was anywhere it was there or the craft had a unit on the ground as the beam had faded from the wind shield enough to see the entry point of the beam lingering but fading through the drivers side middle passenger window.( That beam of light somehow struck one window and then reprojected onto the windshield for what reason I am unsure although it did get my attention well enough which I suspect was the point.)

Note: (What kind of technology would you need to do that ? I mean do we have a theory on how they did that? I know from occasional science report articles that we are experimenting with ways to bend laser lights although to what extent we are capable I am unsure.)

Standing over this van is a rather large tree and some woods surrounding it and as I was zipping my fly up looking at the tree top suspiciously a smaller light (small dinner plate size and circular bluish/white pops on inside of 3 seconds at the top of this tree and the source is undetectable! Only the small white light source was visible for perhaps 3-4 seconds and my eyes went wide as I fumbled my zip up and kept staring at it saying (oh #...oh shiit.)

I was not scared at all really just surprised that I had not only guessed right but I could not believe that it was happening in such a manner and of course I had no way to know who or what was doing this.

Well this light inside of 1-2 seconds shot south over the tree tops not even 40 meters away and then slid smoothly down into the woods covering perhaps a few hundred feet in less than 1-2 seconds in one motion so silent and smooth that there was no mistaking that kind of technology. I tracked it through the trees as it went and the light shone through the trees so I know it at least relocated as a tactical move and hovered if not landed. I immediately said out loud "oh # they've landed and ran into the camper to inform ma".

(I still wonder that assuming it was ET did I frighten them (unlikely) with my look directly at them while they were stealthed and why would that be when they could have sat there forever with no one but the dogs knowing they were there had they not did the light show on the van. Aliens like to have a good time too poking fun at the primitive monkeys though huh and maybe they are just that wierd. At least I did not get an uncontrollable hard on and start flinging # or slugs at them cause that sort of thing is illegal on a civilized hunk of planet like this one.)

I did not approach it immediately after seeing it "land" since snakes were active as well as wild pigs and then there is that whole being dissected/mutilated/radiated thing not to mention the Federal Fark me in the Rear laws forbidding contact on any level, but hey "they" started the whole show so to hell with the laws! were it not for the snakes and pigs I would have gone down to say hello or at least beg them to take me off this # heap and load me of with some toys so I can come back and spank the # out of the owners of this planet for being bad..bad children on my planet.

We were in a natural depression and the cell phone reception was barely viable at best yet I dialed the operator and when it connected I heard a lady talking in spanish to another operator when she then abruptly stopped and asked me what I needed in english which I am slightly ashamed to say is my only language at the moment. (I got the processor power but god skimped on cheap memory for my mobo that cheap skate sun of a big bang, I know all about that job god did on that british kid that can learn Icelandic inside of 3 days.)

I said "I need the number for MUFON" then the signal broke and it hung up so I was immediately thinking oh no they jammed the signal! I made other calls right after to test the signal and it worked just fine with no dropouts while I called family and friends to retain a little hold on the outside world in case the aliens were gonna start some beef and we had a chance to make a cellphone call in the middle of that situation....just kidding really.

If it was ET #ing with us I guess that was one possibility, however I half-way suspect it was the human owners/operators and their goons having some fun with their world domination/big brother toys while most of the rest of the planet is currently living with growing rates of poverty and rapidly degrading environments.

(Whoever runs this planet seems to think that developing everything at all costs as fast as possible despite the likely collapse of the world's environments is somehow a good strategy for the planets living beings and surely it is for the owners and their well educated,resource rich servants. When it comes time for them to skim the cream of humanitys apex off the top they will be powerful beyond any normal persons wildest dreams and the rest of us get to clean up the mess while licking the boots of the people who stole the future of the entire planet and everything our ancestors did to get us all the chance at a better one.)

Now we had been visiting here about two months before on our way to Alabama to work a job and we had a wierd incident that may have been related to this.

It was around 1am and something bumped the trailer hard and kept doing so all night making thumping sounds on the side, scratching, clawing and once I pounded the wall not knowing what else to do hoping it was a pig or something that might scare and run.

The sum bitch pounded right back actually SHAKING the trailer so I stayed up all night with a river wood staff I had with me and I pounded the floor a whole lot while yelling that I was going to come out and kick it's ass whatever it was thinking that if it was just a typical South-East Texas animal, my playing big bad ape ought to do the trick.

It did not detur it to say the least and around 5am or so it seemed to have went away and I passed out.

Everyone sort of laughed saying it was just some dog or some local animal but I suspect it was something else. (I have seen Monster Quest so laugh if you like)

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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 11:49 PM
part 2 could not fit all that

I walked over the next morning to the van to look inside it and no way, no how had anything been inside it to reflect moonlight even though I knew damned well it was not moonlight.

Then I walked around it and looked for broken vegetation,tracks,strange scents and I then walked 6-7 feet through some vegetation to the trail and I looked down the path and up at the point where the craft powered up and descended and I was a little scared then cause only heavy duty AI intelligence can fly like that or humans with some advanced technology and a monstrous collision avoidence system as those woods and the trees had openings in the canopy but we are talking maybe big enough to fit a large civilian truck through maybe at best in that particular area.

I then spoke out loud as if they really were still there "you guys made me drop my joint! You owe me some space hash!" to no avail so then I walked back to the house empty handed but a little more in tune with what had happened the night before.

As far as me having any part in drawing attention from that thing?

We had been there 2-3 days before this sighting happened and I had been shooting my grandfathers Red Ryder rinky dink bb gun at simple can targets and the mini-van was tempting as the gun was low velocity spring and after 20 shots or so I broke the passenger side sliding door window.

I was shocked that it broke and felt a little bad about it but did not bother to tell anyone since the van was truly junked had all it's windows till I broke that one with a red ryder bb gun.

I had also shot bb's into the air and listened for them falling in the woods and heard a few do so and maybe they were sitting back there and happened to detect metal balls falling near them assuming they have a craft with # I could not begin to imagine on board.

(I suppose with the stealth abilities that craft had it is a fair bet it was watching me plink around a bit anyways)

Well that bb gun incident aside I had on a few of those nights after several beers (A common theme for me) shook the maglite at the sky a few times half knowing ET might see it but knowing full well I was more likely to drop dead than spot one after doing something like that.

Those are the only two incidents that might have drawn attention from that thing I can think of... besides my attempts to send telepathic messages into space for them to come take me off this #hole of a planet, I am fairly sure it does not work like that and then again who really knows.

So the 2nd day after the event and my unfruitful inspection of the scene I was in the house with my grandmother when I noticed the dog outside barking at the van and also looking up at the top of that tree while barking wildly at it for a few minutes straight. (strange that the dog was able to sense it as it was stealthed...would like to know if it scented it or what?)

I knew immediately then that the craft was still there floating silent and invisible so I turned and, informed my grandmother that it was still there and she immediately did not want to talk about it at all being as how she is religious (christian) and squeemish about things like that, attributing such things to evil demonic activities of some sort.

I tried to ignore everything that had happened (little other choice) by the 3rd day and I was not even going outside the camper at night and serveral times I heard the dog run barking toward the van in the middle of the night.

( I really did attempt to project those thoughts out into space and it either worked or I just happened to have one of the strangest coincidences of my life. I do feel I have psychic tendancies but I am sure as hell no miss cleo or FBI missing persons employable psychic.

I just see the future of my own life in my dreams sometimes and it is uncontrollable so I figured if there are beings watching our sorry asses often enough I figured it could not hurt.

Sometimes I wonder if it was not us humans who did this that night, did I miss my ticket off this planet for being scared of poisonous snakes and wild pigs or would I have been another missing body never to be found.)

Turns out a mother and her daughter caught a glimpse of some sort of craft in similar circumstances elsewhere in texas that night around 10-11pm and I learned that east texas is full of these sightings of varying types and magnatudes.

I do not know what it wanted and I watch tv so I knew radiation/dangerous situations can occur if you approach such close contact sites and the operators could be completely uncaring if the stupid earthling gets whacked from said radiation or defensive craft effects.

My only other idea is the operators were of human origin and in that case I get the last laugh cause I made beer runs while "aliens" were watching my monkey ass do the zoo/plantation routine.

Cattle mutilation makes me nervous with 50,000 cases and reports of human abductions and lets face it the government has been seen doing escort and valet parking for those craft so who knows if they are trading human cheeks and genitals for guidance on newer still high tech toys for all the good boys and girls with blackbudgets and the best talents they can scrape off this scab of a planet.

If I ever found out that was true I would have a new level of disrespect for the scum buckets who pull those strings unless they had a really great reason for selling out earthling parts in exchange for alien goodies, such as saving the planet from environmental collapse or something far more noble or perhaps a dire threat.

You know the day after the sighting I also got to begin the new series ancient aliens which I found to be a really awsome coincidence and over those days this all happened I learned much about the latest theories and observations and I must say I want to think they are friendly if ET and yet who wants to end up frog style on a probe gurney or lased monkey fillet due to the inability of their gooburnmint to stop the space aliens just for being a curious monkey.

I also had a semi-concious (I was perfectly concious though intentionally making my mind go into a meditative state) event while laying down that could have been sheer imagination, however it was like a complex and yet slightly jumbled (to my mind) patterns appearing in my mind very vividly and slightly out of focus but with definite form and geometry present like a buddist mandala changing color and geometric almost fractal patterns changing every few seconds trying to communicate but I could not decipher any message out of it since i'm not Steven Hawking or a Mayan calendar maker.

I purposely tried to let the imagery flood my mind and it seemed to work. I can only describe the visualization as strange fractal patterns within a circle matrix with fluctuating fractal patterns that reminded me during it of crop circle imagery but slightly fuzzy as though my mind was not sharp enough or powerful enough to process it into my own thoughts as far as making sense of it.

It was like a colorful mandala that flashed into different configurations and I suspect it may have been either human technology used to imput and read brainwaves or it was genuinely ET trying to say hello to me or at least tell me I had bad taste in beer. ( I was only drinking that keystone crap since my gramps likes it and I bought it for everyone to "enjoy")

It seemed to require alot of mental concentration and effort on my part to see the imagery/phenomena and after a minute or two I allowed it to end.

Now about a week later my mother and I packed up and went north toward the Pacific Northwest and home when as we were westbound towards Denver Colorado about midway through the state I was looking up at the sky and would'nt you know it.

Way out in the distance I could see a jet liner or two making it's way through the sky and suddenly a large ball of blue light appeared and sat there for several seconds perhaps 5-8 seconds and then it vanished and I said to my mother who was driving look it's them! but she missed it.

A few miles down the freeway after seeing that, there was an accident that was fairly bad looking involving a scion, the boxy looking toy car and it could not have been good for the occupants.

Colorado has had it's share of sightings as I recall so I am pretty sure that was another genuine sighting.

Have not had anything strange happen since and I guess if that was the gubernment flying it's toys around paying me a visit, you guys can go # yourselves in zero g with a bar of dehydrated "astronaut" ice cream and if it was ET....thanks for the show you crazy cattle mutilating, human abducting, fat headed, anal probing sums of bitches.

Just kidding about the fat headed thing and I really would like to meet up for tea and crumpets, perhaps in another life since our gov. hogs all the fun as usual.
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posted on Apr, 22 2012 @ 11:51 PM
reply to post by tek00n0


Nothing to do with the topic

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 12:13 AM
reply to post by paradox

Actually it does cause it all happened I believe from my posting claims of nasa being a cover up and a sham and this post is about that so whatever there champ.

All I am saying is that the person who started this thread is not too far off from some truths but we will never really know that for sure now will we.
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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by tek00n0
Damn,that was a lot to read and a lot to type,i read it all,just like i do everyones post...

The ufo and light that you mentioned may have been a three dimensional hologram,projected by either the secret military using reverse engineered alien technology or by the aliens themselves,who are the masters of our reality and the creators of this illusion we call life and tptb are implicitly involved with the aliens,both of whom perpetuate the myth and the optical lie we call outer space...
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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 12:25 AM
I could buy that if it were not for the dog knowing it was there and barking at it.

Holograms typically don't have scent although I wont deny it as a possibility.

One thing I did not mention in my account was that while we were passing through the bottom of Nevada our truck was stopped at night by an emp.

I got out and looked in the engine compartment and knew I was in trouble but I looked up at the sky and noticed the amazing scene above me for a second or two.

I got back in the car and my mother was upset but I tried the ignition and boom it started no problem.

Like I said I have been harrased several times by what I can only describe as cointel-tactics once at the VA hospital, once on that trip while buying beer in New and a woman followed me through the store and as I was walking toward the exit they said out loud "Do you want a ride home" and I gave them the finger.

I have not had any trouble since but I say trust your instincts when and if this ever happens to you.

It is possible to piss the wrong people off with this sort of posting that the OP started but to the extent that I did I gave up on it since it really is a dead end even if you get the same response I got which I took as "yes we do have these things and we can find you anywhere anytime and destroy you.

Message was well recieved to say the least.

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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 12:31 AM
reply to post by tek00n0
Have you ever seen this thread of mine? I though you might find it interesting,because you have mentioned a lot of different mysterious subjects within your last few posts...

World Governments Allow Evil Aliens To Capture Millions Of People In Exchange For Secret Technology

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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 12:42 AM

Originally posted by tek00n0
If I ever found out that was true I would have a new level of disrespect for the scum buckets who pull those strings unless they had a really great reason for selling out earthling parts in exchange for alien goodies, such as saving the planet from environmental collapse or something far more noble or perhaps a dire threat.

Unfortunately,the sinister deal between the aliens and tptb,might be a human souls exchanged for secret technology,a diabolical pact made in hell.So tptb can continue holding on to their wealth, power and world domination and the superior reptilians and insectoids can carry on animating their biological robots we call the greys,with human souls and could anything possibly be worse for us than that?
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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 12:48 AM
reply to post by tek00n0

this has nothing to do with this thread at all?? even blocula agrees that its irrelevant thats why he is redirecting you to a thread slightly more relevant.

are you sure you posted in the correct thread? because not once did you mention NASA or moon, i dont believe you ever mentioned space neither?

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 01:02 AM
reply to post by tek00n0
Check this link out and read its various theories about the possible origins of flying saucers and aliens...

UFO’s An Affair of the Mind? >

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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 01:07 AM
reply to post by tek00n0
Heres the most interesting link i've ever found and read about ufos and aliens...

UFO's-The Psychic Dimension >

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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 01:15 AM
reply to post by tek00n0
Maybe the aliens thought there might be a person sitting inside the vehicle and they were shining their scanning beam device inside of it,to try and detect a human presence and if someone was in it,you might have seen them dematerialized and abducted...

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posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 01:42 AM

Originally posted by blocula

Try going up far beyond the earths atmosphere and you'll be within temperatures that are -455 degrees below zero and you'll be instantly turned into frozen dust and nearly all molecular motion ceases at those kinds of extreme temperatues.Absolute zero is -459.67 degrees below zero...

This should'nt be ignored and dismissed,because like it or not,it isnt out of the question and its a very real possibility that i think and believe is true...
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Hi there Blocula,

I have starred and flagged your OP because my gut feeling (and understanding) has always told me that space travel requires another dimention to which human access has been blocked unless you have had the privilage to have had it opened.

Perhpas my post will get booed and baaahed and that does not matter to me at all.

If you look at the encounters by Robert Manro who travelled through space not in a vehicle, but by leaving his body and progressing past astral travelling to go a bit further than the confines of earth, you will understand where I am coming from.

Somehow the mind plays a vital role. Not in the way that Hodini (spelling?) uses his mind to bend spoons, in fact in excatly the opposite way. It is way more difficult to still the mind than to give it more strenth. Have you ever tried of really thinking about nothing?
I believe that when we can empty the mind of all thought (wich will always pertain to experiences in this world seeing as that is all we have) the greater truth, the other dimention, will come flooding in through the door that opens through the stilled mind.

I am absolutely not religious. But I would like to quote the Bible here: BE STILL, and know that I am God.

Is it not then possible that by being still the infinite comes rushing in, encompassing all of Him... His creation....?

Also: 'my Father's house has many Mansions'... does that perhaps refer to many many planes that reach way far beyond this world? So, in my view, you cannot access that which is of a nother dimension, through only using this dimension.

I believe humans have been excluded from percieving and accessing this other dimention through which we have access to more than just this planet. However, science refuses to look for answers within the human mind, and are only exploring the physical. You cannot explore something that emcompasses more than just the physical with only the tools of the physical. That huge part of the brain that we do not use, and do not access, might hold the key to true space exploration, and knowledge of the self.

Thus, I believe, and always have believed that the entire space program is a hoax.

Maybe taking the observation by the ancient and wise holds more to what man is able to understand:
"The macrocosm lies within the microcosm."

However, I would love to know where you got the info re the temp of the Van Allen Belt? (now I can't even remember if it is actually called the Van Allen belts or if I just lost access to another couple of brain cells.)

I searched a bit and found all sorts of stuff on the inner and outer belts but could not find the temperature info.

posted on Apr, 23 2012 @ 01:51 AM
reply to post by UnlimitedSky
I dont recall which link i found that information in,but its the temperature of outer space and no hand stitched space suits and flimsy looking lunar modules are going to be able to withstand those unimaginably freezing,near absolute zero temperatures and especially while supposedly traveling many thousands of miles per hour...

We are living under the spell of a magnificent illusion and a sinister deception...

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