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HUGE Krasnoyarsk Substation Explosion Video?

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posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 07:07 PM
This is probably just a substation explosion caught on video....but

WOW. That's one huge explosion!


Video of the series of explosions in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, on March 25, 2012, that knocked electrical power out to 100,000 residents. Russia’s Ria Novosti news agency reported the explosions were substations after a ‘dramatic change in weather conditions’.

A dramatic change in weather conditions?

“KRASNOYARSK, March 26 – RIA Novosti, Andrei Marmysh. The causes of the accident at the substation, “October” in Krasnoyarsk, which resulted in on Sunday night without electricity were 100,000 people, will be announced within ten days, reported RIA Novosti on Monday, “IDC Siberia.”

The accident occurred on March 25 at 02.32 hours local time (22.32 GMT) on overhead lines and substations of 110 kV. From the supply were cut off part of the Railway, the Central district of Krasnoyarsk and October – a total of 99.7 thousand customers. Socially important objects temporarily switched to self-powered. In the October accident was the result of the area of ??the pipeline break.

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posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 07:27 PM
That had the intensity of ten cities. I've never actually seen a sub station explode, but that doesn't exactly look like any explosion I've ever seen. More like a pulse of some sort.

posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by Mnemicrsl

I've never seen a substation explosion before, so I don't know if that's normal or not, but the intesity of the explosion is crazy. If it was a substation explosion, that is alot of electricty to do that.

posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 08:53 PM
reply to post by isyeye

Substation explosions can certainly be quite impressive.
Here's one from about a year ago:

Two explosions occur - one at 0:50 and the other at 1:40.

Quite similar to the Russian video.
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