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Where is the Mahdi ?

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posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 01:24 PM
The world seems to be governed by evil (invariably male), and people always wonder where is "god" (a "mahdi") to lead them against evil. the jews (both types) proposed a homosexual "he" that thinks itself (and by implication, them) to be "right about everything", who will inflict vengeance on anyone who tells it to piss off. But the real answer is that SHE manifests NOT much thru "official" churches and creeds, but Rather thru whatever Goodness >YOU< as an individual thinker can manage to enact yourselves. Thus good people Collectively become the god you were looking for. the other "god" as a Alien "in the sky somewhere" is a dangerous Point entity that will damage your Perspicacity if you try to focus on IT. The full explanation is more complicated, but while you are working it out, never get "good" mixed up with "god", they are Not the same word, any more than "cat" is the same as "dog". To comprehend any sentence on ANYTHING, you must carefully DEFINE every word you use, in order to reach sensible conclusions, then just like science, all religious ideas CAN be forced into reasonable beliefs > IF < you are prepared to be maximally Objective, and Abandon subjectivity to Dogmatic "authorities" (both external, and inside your own head), while you search your Own experiences and feelings for "most likely" scenarios on what the word "god" means to you. But the overall truth is a bit shocking, and most people dont want to know when they get close to IT. all they REALLY want is a nice bedtime story for idiots, and "god" to give them a few million $.

The cognitive (and Cosmic) background planes (CBP) of that "Nothing" out of which "Everything" came, is frequently labelled "GOD" (capitals) even by scientists, but then rapidly gets mixed up with that other "god" (lower case) of the hebrews from Babylon, whose descendants use it as an extension of their own human EGOS. since that little 3-letter word can have serious Blocking effect on the minds of any thinkers who are desperate to "worship" it subjectively and beg favours, rather than Overstand it objectively, it is better to write g/o/d or "g-d" to discourage people from Not wanting to criticise anything about that word / concept / imagined person, and thereby NEVER get to comprehend how IT (and "they") were the original "sinners" in the cosmos, not us humans. the "Everything" (or Comos) contains the Universe of Matter, PLUS the many Planes of the "Etheric Realm of Souls" (ERS), and the "g/o/d" of the jews is just ONE (fallen into evil itself) >minor< Entity out of that Pantheon better described by the Greeks as "Zeus", an ALIEN participator in the ancient Clonings suggested in the bible when "the sons of god mated with the daughters of earth". "god" is NOT the same as "good", but is a form of evil itself, due to its Deliberate Failure to control evil Adequately, and should NOT be "worshipped", or you will unstabilise your mind, and end up in the religious loony bins of fanaticism and gibberish-spreading. ANY "spirit" that you think you can "see" or hear inside your head (especially "god"), is a DISTRACTION struggling to get your obedience to ITS ideas and "authority", rather than wanting to give you anything more relevant to your family needs (like money ! that makes "them" cringe and splutter about "christ" the quickest, haha).

If you can understand this introduction, you will be well on your way to Liberation, the rest is up to you. Goodluck, may the force of pagan Nature love be with you, it is written Not in books, but in the Wind, the Trees, Sunshine, the friendship of Animals, and in the intelligence of Dolphins. seek THAT, not the "promises" of lying hypocrit "popes" or bishops wanting your subservience, with no intention nor abilities to Liberate you from confusion. Kamanism 27/3/2012

posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 01:30 PM
I understood everything you said. That's why I consider it mental gymnastics. I pray you will meet Jesus.

posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 01:33 PM

the jews (both types) proposed a homosexual "he" that thinks itself (and by implication, them) to be "right about everything"

what are "both types" ? homosexual

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posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 01:34 PM
reply to post by icepack

I think he means particularized, or to a particular point of authority, governed by some creature or entity, am I right OP?

posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 01:38 PM
reply to post by NewAgeMan

lol, just got it, it like its/hers/his.

posted on Mar, 27 2012 @ 01:41 PM
reply to post by MasterKaman

the word mahdi is clearly of powerful evil, mahdi mean gift given, so not only gift but more given to all
how an individual being given to all, this is all to individual destruction of any right, especially when it is about individual absolute right

posted on Mar, 28 2012 @ 04:35 AM
Hello my friends, a couple of things i did not clarify. mr.Icepack asks about "the jews (both types)", simply means OT jehovah Torah clutchers (old testament), plus NT jesus Bible hopefuls, both "father only" (#3) worshippers, no Mother Goddess (#2). Obviously they are radically different in attitude, the former insisting on Harsh 'justice', "eternal death" and WARS against enemies "in the name of love", and the Latter (human), tried to replace that with Compassion, Peace and promise of eternal Life. notably it was the OT sanhedrin (not the Romans) who demanded the torture of jesus (who actually died in Srinagar a long time later, not as Fabricated by Popes in the NT miraculous elevations to a non-human "christ"). Yuz Asaf was too soft a person to take up the role of "divine" Military Leader (which is what "messiah" meant in those days), to defend the jews against invaders, so they went rabid due to his preference to teach Peace, and accused him of "blaspheming" the Torah. Unfortunately jesus did not have harder and more calculated ideas about what "god" means, and fell victim to his own "devils" PRETENDING to be god, by merely assuring him they were "good". Altho his philosophy was deeply opposed to the violences of Jehovah, he completely failed to say so, and Deny the OT "god", even implying his "father" was the same god. He did not understand the Greek knowledge of the Pantheon of gods, and had been brainwashed (via Levy and David) into Akhenatenic assertions there is only "one" god (only one set of GOOD principles yes, but thats a different meaning). So poor jesus under threats of death and a blanket of Treacherous mind forces, was severely stressed and confused, and in Gethsemane when he had the chance to accept Peter's attempt to defend him by sword, he foolishly decided to abandon human Friendship (a great mistake), and trust that very "god" [a combination of devil + jews + his own ignorance + the "good" gods (SHE) who watched but did not help adequately], who were trying to kill him. So in summary his over-simplified Dualistic idea of "god" versus evil, caused him to swing away from Obvious evil ok, but then TOO FAR into the Treacherous not-obvious form of evil which is "god". if only he had realised there is a THIRD category of Scheming Powerful partly-good "gods", he might have ascended to the TIME (z) domain of "Kamanic Packetal Consciousness" (KPC), to see that the Jehovic "god" was almost as bad (more treacherous) as its own (more straighforward hate) devil(s), vectorially opposed, but of similar magnitude, down on the SPACE (x,y) plane of Observability, and with a Covert agenda of its own, to save ITSELF from the collossal debts it OWES to humans, and NOT so desperate to help anyone as it prefers to publish.

So that was the Conundrum amidst the "Human Cognitive Mechanism" (HCM) which jesus did not have the Will to solve, and by not separating himself adequately from his traditional Jehovic ideas of "one god" and acting instead as an independant HUMAN with more comprehensive conclusions of his own, he inadvertently became victim of his own Devil(s). The other major error he made was to teach people to "pray", a dangerous activity which encourages dependance (not independance) on "Activatable Mind Engrams" (AME), or "Goedelian Loop Dissipations" (GLD) inside the brain. this is too complicated to explain today, but its like people "talking to themselves" EXCESSIVELY, and thereby inviting Spirit POSSESSION and unexpected madness "in the name of god". obviously Yuz Asaf was TRYING to do Good, and that was Recognised by "Almost Silent Overseer" SHE, but again unfortunately SHE has a pile of problems of HER own in controlling the hoardes of idiot sub-gods who dont understand all this either. What a planet. while we all (gods as well) struggle to comprehend the Cosmos, billions get murdered or die of starvation and diseases.

mr.2XOHsurf seemed to say that "mental gymnastics" even when understood and accepted, are still not as good as meeting jesus ? ok the forces you have met (so have i ), were very nice /refreshing /offer hope etc, but i have been a lot furthur into the Cosmos and the HCM than jesus, and can assure you there is serious treachery amongst "the gods" (a bunch of Alien geneticists) with their "Scheme of Great Deception"(SGD); and their PRIMARY ambition has been (in the Age of Pisces) to save themselves from the COLLOSSAL debts (Karma) they aquired from the Emotional Contaminations of sex and violence which they inflicted on humans via Faults in their experimental Clonings of us from original earth apes plus their own alien Female genes. the chinese race is closest to their appearance (eyes). beautiful the gods were, but their genetic experiments got out of control, and instead of living harmoniously, the humans became victims of Pandoras Box, and embarked on millennia of wars and mayhem. More next post ......

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